Non-GMO Wheat Yield Surpasses 5-Year-Old World Record

Non-GMO Wheat Yield Surpasses 5-Year-Old World Record

Monsanto likes to feed the world – with lies, that is, not food. The commonly-propagated myth that genetically modified foods are needed to feed the masses was just shattered with an incredible non-GMO wheat yield that outdid the current world record just by a hair.

Lincolnshire grower Tim Lamyman has broken the British wheat yield record by harvesting one of the highest wheat yields ever – and he did it without using GMOs.

Lamyman exceeded the five-year-old New Zealand wheat yield record by 5%. While Mother Nature certainly helped by providing near-perfect growing conditions, the crop was harvested on Saturday (August 22nd) and adjudicators confirmed it had beaten Mike Solari’s 15.7t/ha achieved in New Zealand in 2010, and without genetic tinkering.

Mr. Lamyman also broke the rapseed record earlier in August with a yield of 6.7t/ha, cut on August 5th, beating New Zealander Chris Dennison’s 6.31t/ha previous record.

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What’s his secret? He said good seed, good growing conditions, and caring for his crop’s nutrition were the three factors which allowed him to break two world records in such a brief period. He says that it took five long years of work to achieve this goal, though.

Lamyman took care to feed his crops well throughout even a drought season, and his yields were tremendously high. We don’t need GM seed to feed the world. Record yields are coming in from growers all over the planet.

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