4 Solutions for Naturally Healthy Skin from the Inside-Out

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skin beautyEverything you ingest affects your body in some way, but when it comes to skincare, too many people look for outside solutions in expensive creams, serums, soaps, and cosmetics. Getting healthy skin from the inside-out may take more time, but it’s both less expensive and more effective than the alternatives.

Your skin is your largest organ. To think that diet has little or no effect on it is a bit silly. A nutritionally deficient diet is often apparent in the complexion.

Acne, dry skin, premature aging, dark circles, discolorations, patchy spots, and even eczema can be signs of a poor diet. Adjusting your diet to nourish your whole body, including your skin, can give you the glow you’re after.

Here are 4 things to help you promote beautiful skin.

1. Water

Perhaps the most important ingredient in a healthy complexion is H2O. If you’re not hydrated, your skin won’t be either. Add lemon if you don’t like plain water; drink it warm if you like teas; but just make sure you are drinking plenty. Like all living tissues, your skin needs water to survive, and there’s no better way to provide it than through consuming it.

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2. Healthy Fats

Fats found in fish, nuts, seeds, and vegetables like avocados are crucial in maintaining skin and scalp health. Gone are the low-fat-fad days. If you’re not ingesting adequate healthy fats, it will show.

“These fatty acids are responsible for the health of the cell membrane, which is not only what acts as the barrier to things that are harmful, but also the passageway for nutrients to cross in and out and for waste products to get in and out of the cell,” says Ann Yelmokas McDermott, PhD.

McDemott also says that these fats play a role in influencing a cells ability to hold water and maintain hydration, which leads to softer, more subtle skin.

3. Green Tea

Antioxidants are powerful protectants against oxidative stress. Oxidative stress leads to the well-known signs of aging, both externally and internally. Catechins, a type of antioxidant found in green tea, have been found to be particularly effective in anti-aging skin care. These compounds are able to increase oxygen flow to the skin cells, improve elasticity, and increase hydration.

4. Got Acne? Eliminate Wheat and Sugar

If acne is your problem, there’s a good chance dramatic dietary changes can offer a solution. Sugar, wheat, and other processed carbohydrates can wreak havoc on your skin and your health overall. These products can be hard to abandon, but give it a 30 day trial period to see how your skin responds.

Nurturing your skin, like caring for your overall health, is something you should do on a daily basis. And when your diet is right, you don’t have to spend a fortune at the cosmetics counter to get a healthy, glowing complexion.