Canada Presents First Cannabis-Dispensing Vending Machine

marijuana vending machine

marijuana vending machineNo ID needed. If you want marijuana, you can meander over to a cannabis-dispensing vending machine in Vancouver, Canada, the first of its kind installed at the headquarters of the BC Pain Society.

Just like a candy-bar machine, the new marijuana vending machine contains different strains and flavors. You can choose from Purple Kush, Bubba, Kush, and other sativa and indica strains. These varieties are meant to help your body with its own existing endocannabinoid system, not get you high. The machine sells nothing larger than 3.7 grams and you can only use cash to purchase your pot. Purchasing is totally anonymous.

You can see the video posted by the dispensary that shows how innocuous the machine truly is.

“It’s packaged up and sealed professionally. So you come in, you buy your product, it’s fresh, it’s quick and easy, and you’re out of here in minutes. Our regular members, they already know what they want, they can walk up straight up to the vending machine and get in and out quickly. They also know we’re not recording any of their sales, and they’re also happy with that.” –Chuck Varabioff,  BC Pain Society

Cannabinoid receptors in our brains are known for their pain-fighting abilities as well as a host of other medicinal qualities. They also affect our mood.  This is why cannabis has such far-reaching therapeutic potential. Furthermore, most studies outlining the medical qualities of marijuana do not promote smoking it, but rather eating it,  using its oils, and juicing without heating the plant, which destroys most of its medicinal value anyhow.

 “If you heat the plant, you will decarboxylate THC-acid and you will get high, you’ll get your 10 mg. If you don’t heat it, you can go up to five or six hundred milligrams & use it as a dietary cannabis….and push it up to the Anti-oxidant and Neuro-protective levels which come into play at hundreds of milligrams” – Dr. William Courtney

It is possible that vending machines could replace pharmaceutical dispensaries if regulatory agencies start to understand the true benefits of cannabis as a healing tool. With 20 states and counting with legislation on the books in the US to legalize, this could be the next big thing to install at airports and hospitals, and parks.