Are Pesticides Really in Breast Milk? Monsanto-Study Says No…

Are Pesticides Really in Breast Milk? Monsanto-Study Says No…
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A recent study from Germany found that 16 mothers in several different areas of the country tested for high levels of glyphosate in their breastmilk.

Moms Across America and Sustainable Pulse also released a study last year which found 3 out of 10 moms tested had levels ten times higher than were allowed in drinking water. But wait –Monsanto has conducted their own test through Washington State University, and found that American mothers’ breast milk is glyphosate-free.

In Germany, mother’s tested were found to have traces of glyphosate amounting to between 0.210 and 0.432 nanograms per mililitre. Approximately 0.100 nanograms is what is allowed in drinking water there. Yet we are to believe that in the US of A, where more glyphosate and GMOs are grown arguably than almost anywhere else in the world, mom’s are glyphosate free?

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That’s what Dr. Michelle (Shelley) McGuire and a team of researchers from Washington State University (WSU), including Monsanto, is telling us in a study that has allegedly found US mothers’ breast milk to be without traces of the chemical most often found in Monsanto’s Round Up.

In a WSU Press Release, Mcguire said their study:

“. . .strongly suggests that glyphosate does not bioaccumulate and is not present in human milk.”

This isn’t the first time WSU has sided with biotech, though one researcher from the University said that modified crops increases the use of hebicides – like Round Up. Conflict of interest anyone?

The McGuire family have long been very close to Monsanto and Dr. Shelley McGuire’s husband Dr. Mark McGuire, Animal and Veterinary Science Department Head at the University of Idaho, who was deeply involved in the scientific promotion of Monsanto’s infamous recombinant bovine growth hormone Posilac.

Sustainable Pulse also reports other nefarious ties:

“Dr. Mark Mcguire is also a close personal friend of Dr. John Vicini, Monsanto’s Food Safety Scientific Affairs Lead.

Dr Mark McGuire’s research is also funded by the Gates Foundation, which is strongly promoting GM crops and their associated pesticides including glyphosate, especially in Africa.

Dr. Shelley McGuire is herself the spokesperson for the American Society of Nutrition, which has disclosed massive conflicts of interest. The list of food companies for which they consult or advise includes Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, The Sugar Association, The National Restaurant Association, ConAgra, McDonald’s, Kellogg, Mars, and many others.”

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