Monsanto Resorts to Dumping Millions Amid Failed GMO Battle

Monsanto Resorts to Dumping Millions Amid Failed GMO Battle

Monsanto has utterly failed in convincing the public that their disease-linked genetically modified creations are ‘safe’, and the only option left is to resort to an assembly of dirty tricks.

Spending a whopping 8.2 million just to fight GMO labeling in Washington, we have really begun to see the desperate and clinging nature of the failing biotechnology giant. Because in reality, Monsanto simply cannot stand to allow consumers to know what’s in their food.

That is why we have seen amazing things happen when discussing the fall of Monsanto and the rise of activism. My article on the destruction of the legal immunity legislation known as the Monsanto Protection Act, for example, has rapidly climbed to over 23,000 shares on Facebook alone in just a few short days — a sign of the public’s readiness for real change. A sign that we are truly on the front lines against GMOs and Monsanto at large, and that we are making a difference.

After all, it will lead to an absolute decimation of sales figures once consumers realize what they’re putting in their mouths. That’s why we even see the ‘natural’ products industry remaining silent and deceptive on the issue of GMOs within the industry. It’s also why we see truly reputable companies rolling out verified ‘Non-GMO’ seals while many top companies continue to ignore the issue altogether. Over the next few years, we will now truly see which companies actually care about our health.

And perhaps more importantly, the companies that care more about profits and customer deception than informed GMO labeling will lose all credibility in the industry. Because while the Monsanto issue has already reached millions around the globe, it is only expanding. The companies that fail to properly meet the new demands of informed consumers who do not want a genetically contaminated dinner will be the ones who fail to see any success.

Monsanto certainly has a large amount of financial prowess, but they cannot stop the overall movement to regain the food supply and fight against overall corporate tyranny. At the end of the day, even millions of dollars funneled into propaganda and legislation-bending tactics cannot beat the power of activism and public opposition.