How Do You Like Being Exposed to 80,000 Unregulated Chemicals Every Day?

Toxins and Chemicals

toxicIn a new documentary by Ed Brown titled, ‘Unacceptable Levels,’ we can learn how the industrial revolution led to more than 80,000 toxic chemicals that are unregulated and untested by independent scientific bodies, while still being given the rubber stamp of approval by agencies like the EPA.

Companies are free to put these untested, carcinogenic, toxic chemicals in any product they wish without government oversight. Jennifer Sass, senior scientist at the Natural Resources Defense Council says:

“Almost all of our consumer products are made up of chemicals, and a lot of those chemicals are harmful.”

Jeff Sell, the VP of Public Policy and General Council for the Autism Society of America, points out that, “different chemicals, in different levels are getting into us in every conceivable way.” Andy Igrejas, a senior chemist calls the human body, ‘ground zero’ for this chemical onslaught.

These chemicals cause reproductive problems, interfere with our immune systems, induce cancer, interfere with child development, and cause serious cognitive disorders. Just one of these 80,000 chemicals, bisphenol A, causes severe developmental and DNA changes in fetuses. More than 232 chemicals were recently found in babies – brand new beings that have been on this planet for days. These chemicals were found in the umbilical chords, which means they were getting toxic ‘transfusions’ from their mothers, and the environmental chemicals they were exposed to.

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Just one of many other chemicals detected in newborns was a toxic flame retardant chemical called tetrabromobisphenol A (TBBPA), which permeates computer circuit boards, synthetic fragrances (Galaxolide and Tonalide) used in common cosmetics and detergents, and perfluorobutanoic acid (PFBA, or C4), a member of the notorious Teflon chemical family used to make non-stick and grease-, stain- and, water-resistant coatings for cookware, textiles, food packaging and other consumer products.

Many learning disabilities, cancers, cognitive diseases like Alzheimer’s, and auto-immune disorders are linked to these 80,000 chemicals, yet they are allowed by our governments. Some say we are being systematically poisoned so that corporations can continue to make billions from products that we don’t need, and that are choking the planet. Either way, the ‘system’ is so broken. It should be completely trashed so that we could start over, beginning with a ban on every single one of these toxic elements.

It’s time to raise some heck. With headline’s like these: ‘Nine Million Pounds of Toxic Chemicals Pumped into Ohio’s Waterways’ and this, ‘Company Admits Dumping Toxic Waste into Sewers,’ or this one, ‘Corporations Dumping Toxic Chemical Waste in Developing Countries,’ we need to act swiftly and radically. Corporations will kill us.