Letter to Obama Urges Him to Keep 8 Year Old Campaign Promise to Label GMOs

Letter to Obama Urges Him to Keep 8 Year Old Campaign Promise to Label GMOs

President Obama vowed he would make GMO labeling a reality when he was campaigning back in 2007. It is now 2015, and instead of keeping his promise, we’ve seen more legislation to block the labeling of genetically modified foods, not support it.

Doctors, scientists, and CEOs of major corporations have asked Obama to support GMO labeling, but there has been no change. Is it time to pen a national letter to the President to tell him that we expect him to make good on his campaign promise, or is that just wishful thinking considering many believe biotech corporations control our government?

Even the New York Times admits that 90% of North America wants GMO labeling – so why the hold up in the White House? Obama seems to use his ‘executive order’ ability for so many other issues. Why not GMOs?

A letter was recently penned to send to Obama at JustLabelit.org. You can view it here, but I’m afraid the problem goes beyond our government agencies.

Monsanto seems to have endless bravado when it comes to controlling the White House, Congress, and Senate, all tied into one. They even once said in an in-house newsletter:

“Agricultural biotechnology will find a supporter occupying the White House next year, regardless of which candidate win the election in November.”

With new elections pending, and Hillary Clinton practically throwing herself on biotech companies, what are we to do? I think activism is essential to creating change, but I think it’s going to take more than a letter.

I think that these corporations and their leaders need to be tried in a court of law for knowingly poisoning people. The tide is turning, but labeling is already a moot point. It’s much more serious than that.

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