Juicing: The Simplest Way to Pack in the Nutrition

carrot juice

carrot juiceWho doesn’t want to live a long and healthy life? The problem is, most of us would like to see old age with our wits about us, but we don’t do everything in our power to ensure we make it there. One thing, juicing, could potentially help you obtain that goal—especially when you pair it with other healthy lifestyle choices.

Over the past several decades, the popularity of juicing has come and gone, and come again. It isn’t a fad—it’s here to stay. And although blogs and health websites seem to come and go in time, a lifestyle of juicing is one worthy of the efforts it takes, and definitely worth keeping around.

There are several ways juicing could help save your life and even more ways in which it could simply make your life more enjoyable. It does this by:

Since juicing is among the most efficient and simplest ways to consume large amounts of nutritious food, all of these benefits can be yours with smart juicing.

So, what is “smart juicing”? It’s the acknowledgement that your juice is only as good as its ingredients. Obviously a juice chock-full of a variety of healthful vegetables (beets, spinach, etc.) fruits (pineapple, apples, etc.) and other goodies (ginger, parsley, etc.) will be far more beneficial than one purchased from the store. By choosing your ingredients wisely, you can get the most benefits from juicing.

Countless resources are available online that will help you choose the best fruit and vegetable combinations for juicing. From blogs to tons of different juicing books, there is almost a never-ending supply of information. But don’t only rely on other people to tell you how to juice—be creative and come up with juice recipes all your own. Other than having to clean the juicer, it can be really fun to discover recipes and combinations all by yourself.

If an unhealthy diet laden with processed foods can make you ill and create an environment hospitable to disease, a healthful diet of healing, natural foods can do the opposite. Juicing assists your body in doing what it was designed to do: not only survive, but thrive.

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