Is Bill Nye Monsanto’s Latest Sell Out?

Is Bill Nye Monsanto’s Latest Sell Out?

Bill Nye ‘the Science Guy’ has entertained and educated thousands on his television show and website. He also used to call biotech and companies like Monsanto into question for creating genetically modified foods that contain Bt toxins, and countless other shady modifications, to say nothing about the chemicals which are used to grow them. But it seems his feelings toward biotech have changed.

As Discover magazine has reported, Bill Nye did a segment on GMOs for his TV show a decade ago. His approach was weightily anti-GMO. Many in the bought-and-paid-for science world accused Nye of being one-sided and of not looking at the ‘science’ behind the ‘safety and importance’ of GM crops – much like Seralini, or anyone else who has gone against the biotech industry and their seemingly, infinitely-filled pockets.

Then – Nye toured Monsanto and has mysteriously changed his stance 180 degrees. Nye hasn’t told the public what went down at Monsanto’s headquarters, but we do know the company spends millions on disinformation campaigns and might even have an entire department that actively discredits and marginalizes dissenters, especially scientists.

Why would someone who stands for ‘science’ support a company that has monopolized the global food supply? It is up to you to decide.

Why has Nye so prominently changed his mind about GMOs, when he even used to warn children about the difference between real food and GM food?

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