Huge Win: Mainstream GMO-Free Baby Formula is Coming!

Huge Win: Mainstream GMO-Free Baby Formula is Coming!
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In line with Targets recent proclamation to offer more ‘green’ and ‘non-GMO’ foods to their customers with its Simply Balanced brand, global health care company Abbott will soon sell a GMO-free baby formula at Target called Similac Advance – the very first mainstream baby formula that will not contain genetically altered ingredients.

With all the petitions circulating with thousands of signatures protesting genetically modified ingredients like soy and corn in baby formula, the announcement that a non-GMO baby formula will be available is a huge victory for our food supply and our smallest members of society.

Considering that Similac is currently one of the biggest sellers of baby formula in the United States, this is a significant change. It will likely inspire other baby formula brands to go GMO free in order to compete.

According to the New York Times, Similac’s parent company Abbott said it would first offer a “non-G.M.O.” version of its best-selling Similac Advance, followed by a non-G.M.O. version of Similac Sensitive. If sales are good, then Abbott may offer other formulas free of such ingredients.

Chris Calamari, general manager of Abbott’s pediatric nutrition business, commented:

 “We listen to moms and dads, and they’ve told us they want a non-G.M.O. option. We want to make sure we meet the desires of parents.”

More likely, the major brand was observing the decline of their sales for GM-containing baby formula, and decided to make a change before going bankrupt. There are numerous brands that still contain GMOs, and parents are not too happy about it.

In a recent study, Monsanto’s GMO corn was found in baby formula in Portland, Oregon, but Enfamil, and Gerber (parent company Nestle) also make formulas containing genetically modified ingredients.

You can see a short list of GMO-containing baby formulas to avoid here. Other great suggestions are made by moms themselves who are concerned about feeding their babies GM products that are questionable in nature and may cause health issues (especially to small, developing bodies).

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