How to Treat Sciatica Using these 5 Herbal Remedies

How to Treat Sciatica Using these 5 Herbal Remedies

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Sciatica is a health condition caused by an injury or unhealthy pressure to the sciatic nerve, sometimes the product of our modern, sedentary lifestyle. According to VirtualMedicalCentre, sciatica could be occurring in 1 to 10% of the population, with individuals aged 25-45 being mostly affected. Extended sitting can cause pain, numbness, and weakness in the buttocks and leg that’s then exacerbated by cold or humid weather. But if you’re looking for how to treat sciatica using natural solutions, you’re in luck.

Natives of the Patalkot valley in India have a wealth of herbal knowledge, especially pertaining to pain relief. Such wisdom is often confined to their tribes—until now. Here are 5 herbal remedies for sciatica and pain relief.

How to Treat Sciatica – 1. Jaquirity

Also known as Crab’s Eye or Ratti to locals, this analgesic perennial plant flowers in pink or purple, and is applied topically to help with sciatica. Crush 50g of Jaquirity seeds and simmer in 200ml of any cooking oil for 15 minutes. Once warm but not too hot to touch, filter the seeds from the oil and rub over pained areas up to three times daily for one month. You can add crushed garlic cloves (see below) to the concoction while simmering for an even more effective application.

2. Garlic

Garlic has many health benefits; treating sciatica is one of them. Boil 40g of peeled and crushed garlic cloves in 500ml of milk until half of the moisture has boiled off. Drink half in the morning and half in the evening to use the painkilling properties of garlic.

3. Turmeric

Is it a surprise that this popular root for cancer prevention also works for inflammation, pain, and sciatica? Make a paste of turmeric, ground up long pepper, and garlic cloves and apply to pained areas three times daily.  After a month, you’ll be relieved of much of the pain.

4. Long Pepper

For five minutes, boil 15g of long pepper seeds in 100ml of water, making a decoction of 10ml. Add to the mixture a pinch of camphor and ginger powder (or boil initially with ginger slices included). Apply to pained areas.

5. Night Jasmine

Locally known as Harshringar, night jasmine can be obtained from specialty stores in supplement form. Boil 200g of the bark of night jasmine in 3 liters of water. Add 10g of powdered ginger (fresh is also good), 5g of garlic cloves, and 15g of camphor. Boil the mixture down until only a quarter remains. Once warm but not hot, apply to pained areas.

Remember that treating sciatica must be approached from multiple angles, not least of all avoiding the sedentary lifestyle that caused it! Consult a professional to explore types of exercises and additional natural therapies you can implement into your daily schedule.

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