Follow-Up: Exposing Fluoroquinolone Antibiotics, Plus 7 Solutions

Fluoroquinolone antibiotics
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Fluoroquinolone antibioticsThis is a follow up on an earlier Natural Society article exposing fluoroquinolone antibiotics that injured and disabled many patients unaware of their dangers. Many who had experienced adverse effects from fluoroquinolone-based antibiotics expressed gratitude for disclosing this medically caused (iatrogenic) epidemic.

But some who expressed gratitude didn’t agree with the suggested solutions. That’s why this follow-up was written, to update the offered solutions.

There are some shocking and nasty adverse effects that can occur from fluoroquinolone (FQ) antibiotic use.

Some of people have even become disabled with symptoms similar to the worst adverse reactions of Gardasil, short of death. But some fluoroquinolone adverse effect sufferers went there too, by committing suicide to escape the constant misery and pain.

You can view the list fluoroquinolone based antibiotics by scrolling to the bottom of this linked page.

This follow up is intended to provide information about natural remedies and sources for vaccination adverse reactions. It is not an attempt to give medical advice.

A Forum with Warnings and Advice for Whom Warning is too Late

Nikki’s “Surviving Cipro” forum site has hopeful healing information from her agonized journey. Some will be summarized here as well as some from other sources.

  • 1. Nikki had some positive results from oxygen therapy. If you can find anyone that knows how to administer ozone therapy, that would be ideal. She got the idea from other FQ victims who had used ozone therapy, which is difficult to get in the USA, land of the medically unfree.
  • 2. Instead, Nikki found pharmaceutical or food grade H2O2 was more readily available. It can be purchased at 35% to 12% by volume. The higher percentages require more caution and less concentration in distilled water. But she managed to experience a lot of relief, especially mentally, from her FQ lasting side effects using food grade H2O2.
  • 3. Nikki had also discovered a homeopathic “cipro cure” formula. Although she had good results, she didn’t achieve a full recovery because she had taken the wrong dose amount for too long. She recommends finding a homeopath who is familiar with treating FQ toxicity to monitor doses over time. Homeopathy is only as effective as its practitioner. It’s a bit tricky for most of us.
  • 4. She had some favorable results from consuming organic apple cider vinegar (with the “mother” ) daily. Others have reported positive palliative (helpful relief but not complete curing) results. At least two tablespoons daily in purified water can help symptoms.
  • 5. Nikki also had a Myer’s Cocktail administered. It’s an IV infusion of various vitamins and magnesium. Only a few practitioners know of this treatment. Here’s one to offer what’s in the cocktail.
  • 6. She also had excellent results from glutathione injections. Thanks to LET (liposomal encapsulation technology) you can get orally ingested products that simulate or exceed IV infusions of magnesium, glutathione, vitamin C, and others. All are helpful for treating FQ symptoms. Here’s a helpful guide from a reliable source to help you find good liposomal supplements.
  • 7. The most effective therapy Nikki experienced for herself, as reported, is very unusual and may not be available in most areas. It is Chinese Energetic Medicine as created by Dr. Kam Yuen. I’ll leave you to explore Nikki’s suggestions and tips with what has worked to improve her condition from a horror show to almost normal again after three years since being floxed (poisoned) by Cipro.

Otherwise, completely avoid all fluoroquinolone antibiotics. Insist on reading the inserts if any doctor prescribes one. Better yet, try using various natural antibiotics.