Tea Could Help with Weight Loss

Tea Could Help with Weight Loss

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With obesity being rampant in America, one might suspect that Americans consume an inferior diet compared to the rest of the world. It’s true, Americans indulge in the worst of foods and seldom consume what is necessary for not only a long-lasting, feel-good life, but also for a healthy, maintained weight. One thing that people could start consuming to burn fat is tea.

Drink Tea and Watch the Fat Disappear

Tea has been utilized for weight loss for a very long time. The compounds in tea which help with fat absorption are called theaflavins and theraubigins. Studies have shown that rats on a high-fat diet stopped gaining weight and experienced reduced fat once given these fat burning compounds. Another German study showed that white tea’s ability to burn fat is not all it is capable of in the weight loss department. White tea not only helps weight loss by burning fat, but it also reduces the growth of new fat cells. The factor behind white tea’s potency and effectiveness is most likely due to it’s highly unprocessed, natural state when consumed.

Tea may be fantastic beverage for weight loss, but it is only effective is consumed without added components. By adding sugar to your tea you are adding a spoonful of potential health complications, and the extra sugar will only go against the goal of reduced fat. One other addition to your tea you may want to think twice about is milk. It has been shown that protein in cows’ milk neutralizes both the tea’s ability to burn fat as well as it’s ability to help with cholesterol.

Other Health Benefits of Tea

The benefits of tea don’t stop at burning or reducing fat. Consuming white or green tea, due to their highly unprocessed and natural states, can help treat various health conditions such as breast cancer and heart disease. The high antioxidant levels found in teas are especially healthful and help with the aging process by reducing free radical damage.

If you love tea, then do not hesitate to gulp it up. Tea is substantially better than any soda, fruit juice, or energy drink. If you want to experience fantastic health benefits, including reduced fat, start drinking unprocessed, natural tea right now.

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