Green Tea Naturally Promotes Graceful Aging, Health Independence

Green Tea Naturally Promotes Graceful Aging, Health Independence

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Looking for a real solution to age gracefully that doesn’t deal with synthetic chemicals sold at a premium price tag? Green tea seems to be the answer, with new research finding that those who drink green tea are more agile and medically independent as they age. The study examined thousands of participants, highlighting the power of the plentiful amount of antioxidants packed into green tea such as theanine.

What’s more is the study found that these same antioxidant chemicals can help to protect your body against cell damage — the same cell damage that spurs disease and general health-impairing effects. Published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, scientists looked to discover whether or not green tea played a major role in preventing frailty and disability in aging individuals. Following nearly 14,000 adults aged 65 and older for 3 years, study leader Yasutake Tomata of the Tohoku University Graduate School of Medicine and his team found the answer.

The Many Benefits of Green Tea

The team found that those who drank the largest amount of green tea were the least likely to develop age-related disabilities that interfere with everyday actions. This includes physically hindering basic needs, such as dressing or bathing. Numerically, 13 percent of adults who consumed less than 1 cup of green tea per day developed function disability, while only around 7 percent who drank at least 5 cups per day were equally affected.

But the benefits of green tea far exceed protection against age-related illness.

Powerful anti-viral components within green tea also help to slash your risk of flu infection. In a study examining more than 2,000 elementary school students, it was found that those who drank the most green tea were actually significantly more protected against flu infection. The research concluded that drinking between 1-5 cups per day slashed flu rates, though the benefits stopped after 5 cups. Green tea is a natural method of sustaining your health independence along with a nutrient-rich diet and plenty of pure water. Make sure to purchase high-quality organic tea for the most potent effects.