Couple Cooks Up a Feast for Louisiana Flood Victims

Couple Cooks Up a Feast for Louisiana Flood Victims
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Although the recent flooding in Louisiana has tragically taken somewhat of backseat to the Olympics in national headlines, more light has been shone on this event when one couple took it upon themselves to serve up a huge barbecue for flood victims and those in need.

The flooding in the state has damaged over 40,000 homes and has taken at least 13 lives. But Christian and Amanda Dornhorst hoped to be a light in the lives of those living in a temporary homeless shelter by serving them up a feast. [1]

Christian Dorset said the idea for the beautiful act of kindness came to him at 7AM that morning while he was at work. He asked his boss for the day off so he could volunteer to help flood victims, which he was graciously granted. Ready to make a difference, Dornhorst and his wife, Amanda, headed to their local Sam’s Club where they spent $850 of their own money on 108lbs of meat and supplies.

The pair started cooking by 11AM, though Dornhorst encountered a hitch in his plans: he had no idea where to take the meat. He knew the brisket had to be smoking by noon if it were to be ready to feed people at dinner, but who was going to receive his meal?

Unsure of what to do, he pulled over into a parking lot where he and his wife attached a cooker to the back of their truck and began cooking the meat. A local business owner saw what was happening and questioned Dornhorst, who told him of his plans to feed the hungry. He was immediately directed to the Celtic Media Center, a local movie studio that works on Hollywood blockbusters, which is temporarily serving as housing for those displaced by the flood. [2]

Amanda and Christian made their way over there and had the food ready for dinnertime. Those living at the temporary shelter were so incredibly grateful to the Dornhorts and found their cooking delicious. It only took 20 minutes for the crowd to devour it all, meaning the Dornhorsts had to, sadly, turn some people away.

Inspired by the rousing success of his act of kindness, he phoned his boss to see if he could return the next day, if someone could help him pay for the meat this time. He was also asked to cook for military and National Guard volunteers who are assisting with flood relief, which he proudly did the next day.

Currently, over 11,000 people are residing in state shelters due to the floods, while 2,400 of them are living in the Celtic Media Center.

Christian Dornhorst said of his efforts, “I didn’t do this to draw attention to myself. I have already received more than is warranted for this small gesture.” [1]


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