Inspirational Video: How one Man Cooks for 170,000 Flood Victims

Inspirational Video: How one Man Cooks for 170,000 Flood Victims
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There is food scarcity everywhere – yes, even in the U.S. Recently, this problem reached a completely new level during the recent floods in Chennai, India, a city which experienced a deluge worse than any it had seen for more than 100 years of the annual monsoon season. Thousands were stranded without shelter or food, but a single man managed to feed 170,000 people in a bout of non-stop cooking and altruism.

Santhosh Muruganantha emerged as one of many of Chennai’s local heroes to help feed the masses during their greatest time of need.  Muruganantha owns a take-out restaurant, and prepared all the food himself, battling nature’s storms with resilience and determination that would make the best comic book hero pale in comparison.

Muruganantha went without sleep for four days, cooking non-stop to deliver food boxes to 170,000 people. When word spread of his good dead, though, help arrived in droves. He organized an army of volunteers – 300 of them – who showed up at his door to send care kits to people in remote villages that had been affected by the floods.

People also contributed to the cause via Milaap, a social platform that connects people on a funding platform. “Eighty-percent of the credit goes to the contributors,” said Muruganantha.







Eventually, Muruganantha did go home and finally sleep, a new hero to the people of the Tamil Nadu region, and a shining example of what just one person can do in the face of challenge.

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