Conventional Food May Soon be Sterilized with ‘Microwave Zap’

Conventional Food May Soon be Sterilized with ‘Microwave Zap’

microwavezaptechnologyIf you are among the millions who avoid ‘nuking’ food with microwave radiation in your own home, you may soon have yet another reason to avoid most conventional food items. Using the ‘recent emergence’ of salmonella and E.coli in food as a scapegoat, the corporation known as MicroZap is seeking to make its way into the food supply with its new ‘microwave zap’ technique. The technique effectively hits food with a super high level of microwave radiation, killing all living bacteria (including good bacteria that is necessary for digestion and proper overall function).

The company says that by using ‘MicroZap’ technology, food can be ‘sterilized’ and mold-free for 60 days. Food that is zapped will not rot, as the food is completely ‘wiped clean’. Zapped for a set period of time, such as the example of 40 seconds for jalapeno peppers, the company is also seeking to hook up with the United States Pentagon for a contracting bid. The super microwave zap could be used to sterilize food like bread and therefore make it incapable of rotting for more than 60 days.

‘If it Rots, It’s Good for You’

Numerous health practicioners have been known to utter a saying along the lines of ‘if it rots, it is likely good for you’. I don’t necessarily agree with this saying when considering that conventional food rots and is loaded with pesticides, GMOs, and other problematic substances, but the root of the saying holds very true. The reason that rotting food is good for you is that these foods contain beneficial bacteria that is absolutely essential for your overall health. Fermented foods are often the quickest to go bad, and it is no coincidence these items contain the most bountiful amount of probiotic bacteria.

Scientific research in recent times has confirmed time and time again that bacteria (through influencing gut health) is absolutely essential for proper immune function, and it even directly impacts your mental health. That’s why the rampant use of antibiotics is fueling mass mental illness and chronic conditions as doctors prescribe antibiotics for everything from the common cold to the seasonal flu — without even recommending the addition of probiotic bacteria. Is it any wonder that the immunity of most individuals is seriously compromised?

There’s another popular saying: ‘health starts in the gut’. And that one I fully agree with.

And by sterilizing all conventional foods of key bacteria content through mass ‘nuking’ of the products, the issue is only exacerbated. And it’s already being done through irradiation of the food supply, pasteurization techniques, and more. Now, this microwave zap technology seeks to promote profits through desecrating the food supply even further.

As if you needed another reason to avoid conventional foods full of GMOs, additives, artificial sweeteners, and other problematic substances – well MicroZap may soon give you another.