Call to Action: Tell EPA to Deny Monsanto’s Latest Toxic GM Corn, MON 87411

toxic corn

toxic cornWant a healthy helping of corn that contains pesticides never before tested on human beings, which is about to be planted and grown like wildfire across the farms of the U.S.? Monsanto is ready to serve it up – RNAi Bt toxic corn, coming to a town near you. Unless of course, you give an ear-full to the most hated corporation in the world during the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) open comment period.

The active ingredients in this particular strain of Bt corn are:

  • Double-stranded ribonucleic acid (dsRNA) transcript
  • DvSnf7 inverted repeat sequence derived from western corn rootworm (Diabrotica virgifera virgifera)
  • Bacillus thuringiensis Cry3Bb1 protein
  • Genetic materials (vector PV-ZMIR10871) necessary for the production of MON 87411 corn

The above are just some of the many things that shouldn’t be in the corn you eat.

If you haven’t already heard, there are studies showing that Bt toxins are indeed toxic to mammalian blood, and at levels that are far lower than what we are already exposed to via Monsanto and other of biotech’s Bt crops. The toxins have been documented to be potentially deadly at levels above 270 milligrams per kilogram (parts per million).

Bt toxins, otherwise known as Cry toxins, are known to bioaccumulate in fat cells. Bt toxins Cry1Aa, Cry1Ab, Cry1Ac, and Cry2A had toxic effects in the blood of mice. The new corn proposed by Monsanto hasn’t even been tested on human subjects!

When biotech created GM crops meant to withstand glyphosate and other agri-chemicals, they hoped to kill just insects. In these pests, Bt toxins exercise their effects by breaking holes in the gut and rupturing the cells. In mice in the aforementioned experiment, Bt toxins caused red blood cells to rupture. Who knows what this new crop would do to human beings.

Furthermore, if it isn’t enough that Monsanto will be allowed to manufacture and sell MON 87411 Bt corn, it will not be labeled and you won’t even know you are eating it!

Please take a few moments and make comments for Monsanto and our regulators to see in the clear light of the anti-GM fight.

You can comment here:!submitComment;D=EPA-HQ-OPP-2014-0293-0001