NY Police Seize HUGE 8-Foot-Tall Marijuana Plants in Big Bust

NY Police Seize HUGE 8-Foot-Tall Marijuana Plants in Big Bust

Police in East New York recently busted a man for growing marijuana, but not just a few plants. While this may be standard fare for many cops, these police were shocked by the size of the ganja plants. The suspect had been nurturing over 80 pot plants, some that were over 8 feet tall.

The New York City cops were searching for another suspect for theft near Miller Avenue and New Lots Avenue. About to give up, they saw him jumping over some of his neighbors’ fences. He eventually took refuge in a neighbor’s house in her daughter’s bedroom. The neighbor, who wanted to simply be identified as Pamela, gave him up relatively quickly. [1]

While arresting the initial suspect, they came across a treasure trove of pot – a man growing a virtual forest of marijuana plants in his backyard. Police cleared them out and placed them in their vans, while neighbors stood aghast. Some joked that they looked as big as Christmas trees, whilst others made cracks about Bob Marley about how upset he would be to see all of that Mary Jane go up in smoke.

The original suspect was apprehended, and the owner of the marijuana forest, 18-year-old Abdul Francis, has received a summons to appear in court. He will likely be charged with criminal possession of pot. [2]

There is no word on what the police will be doing with the pot since they’ve apprehended it.

At the moment, marijuana is not allowed for recreational use in the state of New York. However, over 7,000 people have been approved to use the new medical marijuana program, using it to help abate a variety of ailments and symptoms. [3]


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