Breaking News! Monsanto’s DARK ACT Stopped Dead in its Tracks in Congress

Breaking News! Monsanto’s DARK ACT Stopped Dead in its Tracks in Congress
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HR Bill 1599, also known as the DARK ACT (Monsanto’s favorite bill that would effectively ruin the food supply and halt GMO labeling initiatives) has been stopped cold in Congress. After thousands of letters and activists railing against this dangerous legislation, no anti-GMO labeling provisions were allowed in the must-pass Omnibus spending bill.

What’s even better? A provision requires the FDA to develop labeling guidelines before it’s sold in America. Though Bill 1599 was titled the ‘Safe and Accurate Labeling Act,’ it is nothing short of a way for Monsanto and Big Food companies to keep Americans from observing their democratic right to know if their food contained genetically modified ingredients.

This bill would have also blocked states from having their own laws which would either force GM labeling or GM bans, affecting Vermont, Connecticut and Maine, who have already passed such legislation. This is why Natural Society, along with numerous other organizations, launched separate petitions to halt the DARK act from moving forward.

This is a huge victory!

“We are very pleased that Congress has apparently decided not to undermine Americans’ right to know about the food the purchase and feed their families,” said Andrew Kimbrell, executive director of Center for Food Safety. “Adding a rider to the budget bill that would nullify state laws requiring labeling and even forbidden federal agencies from mandating labeling would have been profoundly undemocratic and nothing short of legislative malfeasance. We will remain vigilant over the coming days and into the next legislative session to ensure our right to know is protected.”

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