Juicing: Boosting Your Nutritional Wealth Without Supplements

Juicing: Boosting Your Nutritional Wealth Without Supplements

juicingAs time goes on, Codex Alimentarius suppression of nutritional supplements keep creeping toward America for existing trade laws to enforce nutrient and supplement limiting “harmonization.”It could be months, or it could be years. But if you start juicing now, you’ll have a source of nutritional boosting as long as you have access to organic or locally grown pesticide free vegetables and fruit. You won’t need supplements.

I’m not talking about buying juice off the counter. This is about making your own juice (juicing) with a juice machine (juicer) and consuming the juice fresh each time you make it. You’ll take in the nutrients from more veggies and fruits in one drink than you could eat at one sitting, all easily digested and assimilated from a liquid. More importantly, you’ll receive all the enzymes you need intact that are normally cooked or pasteurized out of foods.

More than just compounds that help digest food, enzymes act as catalysts that enable your cells to metabolize minerals and vitamins. A catalyst is a compound that starts or enables a chemical reaction without becoming part of the reaction’s product. Without enzymes, minerals and vitamins are simply free floating waste that begs to be eliminated. These enzymes are arguably more important than minerals and vitamins.


There are two juicing techniques: Juice fasting and/or juicing along with your regular diet. Again, you should use only organic or locally grown pesticide free produce. Be sure to check out the new ‘dirt dozen’, 12 fruit and veggies to always buy organic.

The best type of juicer to use is an easy to clean juicer so you won’t get discouraged and quit – it seems that most people don’t juice solely because of the cleaning process, even though it only takes a couple minutes. A slow speed masticating juicer is better than a high speed centrifugal type for maintaining nutrient and enzyme integrity.

These qualifications are met by Omega’s 800 series horizontal single auger juicers. Champion and Huron may have similar products as well. I’ve been using the same Omega 803 that’s selling for under $250 since 2005.

The Gerson Therapy

Dr. Max Gerson introduced his therapeutic approach for TB and cancer in Europe during the early 20th Century before he came to the USA. It focuses on intensely juicing daily. His protocol calls for a high-priced, high-volume masticating mashing combo machine to handle several patients at once. But you won’t need equipment as expensive.

Dr. Max Gerson’s daughter, Charlotte, continues the Gerson legacy in Mexico just over the border from San Diego. At around 90 and still strong and mentally astute, she really is a testament to the benefits of juicing. Along with Charlotte, thousands of cancer and other terminal disease patients who have successfully undergone the Gerson protocol also show that the therapy works.

Jay Kordich survived his terminal disease with great health in 1948 at the Gerson Institute when it was in New York. He went on to become a juicing preacher nationally with books and TV appearances. Here’s a demo of him juicing apples and cranberries when he was 88.

The therapy is so successful, in fact, that the Gerson Institute had to be moved into Mexico to escape the vengeful wrath of the Medical Mafia’s cancer industry.

A few Juicing Tips

When you juice, it’s a good idea to use several carrots and one or two whole apples with whatever greens you’d like to incorporate. And be sure to definitely research the various benefits of different veggies. The carrots and apples have nutritional merit and help offset the bitterness of greens like kale, which is highly nutritious.

You can also use beets as a sweetener, and celery adds more to your total juice in many ways. I’ve even added peeled ginger root and garlic cloves occasionally. You can also juice cilantro, proven to detoxify heavy metals, including mercury. There are several combinations you can try as you learn the benefits of different vegetable and fruits.

When it comes to juice fasts, most folks go for three, seven, or ten days. But here’s an upbeat inspiring trailer from the documentary Fat, Sick, and Almost Dead where a chipper Aussie went 60 days on his juice fast to lose 100 pounds and get off many meds for his chronic illnesses.

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