The Health Benefits of Clary Sage Essential Oil

clary sage
Food as Medicine

clary sageClary sage (Salvia sclarea) is a short-lived perennial native to the Mediterranean and Northern Africa. But for those of us who don’t live in those regions or who don’t have a green thumb, the plant is usually seen in its essential oil form. The clary sage oil has a wealth of benefits and is one even the budding aromatherapy user should consider adding to their arsenal.

The scent is often used in perfumes, but it is capable of much more than just adding a pleasant aroma. It’s said that the plant offers euphoric sensations, increasing joy, confidence and even sexual drive while combating stress and depression.

Clary Sage Oil and the Many Health Benefits

The list of clary sage benefits is long, but includes:

  • Headache relief
  • Lowered blood pressure
  • Improved digestion
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Eczema-soothing
  • Wrinkle-smoothing
  • Reduces frigidity and impotency
  • Strengthens skin and gums
  • Reduces stress
  • Improves mood
  • Regulates hormones

Because of its potential hormonal effects, women who are pregnant and those who have breast cancer are advised to steer clear of the oil. However, no concrete studies, to date, have definitively linked clary sage oil to serious hormonal disruptions. This is just a precautionary measure.

Rubbing the clary sage oil on your temples can soothe your mood and your mind. When you need to relax, whether you have a headache or are simply stressed out, this oil may offer a simple (and inexpensive) solution.

Applied on eczema spots, clary sage can also reduce irritation. Combined with a carrier oil, like jojoba, it can be used on larger areas of the skin to reduce wrinkles and improve tone and texture.

Further, a few drops can sooth stomach and digestive ailments. Added to an herbal tea, the oil can soothe respiratory issues, and problems in the urinary tract and intestines.

Some forms of clary sage essential oil are edible. Look for those that are “therapeutic grade” to ensure there are no dangerous additives.

The next time you see essential oils (not just perfume oils) and are curious where to begin, clary sage is definitely one of a handful of oils that should be in your regular rotation.

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