Antidepressants Found to Worsen Depression

Antidepressants Found to Worsen Depression

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Antidepressants, which given to more than 1 in 10 Americans, have been found to worsen depression — the very condition they are intended to ‘treat’. According to the new research concerning antidepressant trials, around 1 in 5 patients on popular Cymbalta and other related pharmaceuticals may actually feel worse than those given placebo pills. The research adds to the long list of scientific literature questioning not only the effectiveness of antidepressant drugs, but their safety.

Involving around 2,500 participants with major depression, the researchers combined data from 7 different studies that randomly assigned patients to receive Eli Lilly’s drug Cymbalta, other antidepressants, or a placebo pill for two months. Eli Lilly also created the antidepressant drug Prozac, which studies conducted in the 1980s linked to suicide and adverse health reactions. Despite the evidence, Eli Lilly managed to cover up the evidence until a Harvard psychiatrist leaked the information into the press. The psychiatrist, Martin Teicher, stated that the American people were being treated like guinea pigs in a massive pharmaceutical experiment.

In order to cover up their scandalous actions, the company set up false drug trials in an attempt to prove the safety of Prozac. Teicher explained how the company interfered with the research to produce false conclusions:

“They culled patients from their worldwide trials, they cherry-picked the studies, leaving out the trials showing problems.”

Identifying the Cause | Natural Depression Solutions

You may be aware of the groundbreaking research linking excessive antibiotic usage to mental illness. A report published in the popular journal Nature revealed that antibiotics are permanently destroying beneficial bacteria within the gut, a condition scientists link to mental illness. Given this research, it seems that pharmaceuticals (antidepressants) are actually being prescribed to treat mental illness brought on by the consumption of other pharmaceuticals (antibiotics).

While this relationship is quite concerning, natural solutions do exist to help combat mental illness rates, which are continually climbing. In fact, the numbers are so staggering that now more than half of all Americans will be diagnosed with at least one mental illness in their lifetime. The key to healing gut health lies in the restoration of health-promoting probiotic bacteria, also known as the ‘good’ bacteria. You see, when you have more ‘bad’ bacteria than ‘good’ bacteria as a result of antibiotic use or improper diet, your gut health can really suffer.

Through the consumption of probiotics, you can restore beneficial bacteria that has been damaged or depleted. It is possible to do this through either supplementation or the consumption of probiotic-rich foods, though you may find consuming such foods to be a challenge. Fermented food items such as sauerkraut, tempeh, miso or kefir are all rich sources of probiotic bacteria.