93-Year-Old Bodybuilder Beats Others Decades Younger (Video)

93-Year-Old Bodybuilder Beats Others Decades Younger (Video)

93 year old bodybuilderCan you perform 57 dips, 61 chin-ups, 48 abdominal crunches and 50 push-ups? How about if you only had 45 seconds to complete each one? In an inspiring display of what the human body can do when properly nourished and challenged, a 93-year-old bodybuilder recently did just that during one of his many championship performances. Perhaps even more impressive, however, is that his strength actually surpasses many 20, 30, and 40 year old individuals whose body he describes as an ‘old car’ that hasn’t been taken care of.

At the age of 93, exercise enthusiast and bodybuilder Dr. Charles Eugster became passionate about improving his body only six years ago at age 87. Proving to the world that you really can change the way you feel at any point during your life, the retired dentist gets in 3 or 4 workouts per week. While he includes a significant amount of strength training to build and maintain muscle strength and mass, he also gets in around 150 minutes of aerobic activity such as fast walking or cycling every week.

And it all started when Dr. Eugster decided that he wanted to change his body image. Plainly stating that he was ‘getting fat’ and wanted to do something about it, he hit the gym and hired a professional personal trainer to get him started.

Since then he has won several world titles thanks to his activities and has even gained a few rowing medals. Once a competitive rower in his younger years, Eugster was forced to put away his athletic life in favor of putting in extra time at his dental practice. Time he now seeks to regain through his training.

But is Eugster a rare case, a genetic super human with tendons of steel? Dr. Eugster will be the first to admit that absolutely anyone can decide to change their body and commit to a routine. In his words, it’s like trading in an old car for a new one. If you have maintained your used vehicles properly through oil changes, tune ups, and so on, then you will receive a larger amount for trading it in. In the event that you have treated your used car badly, you will receive a lower price. In the end, it’s varying degrees of difficult to get that new shiny car.

But you don’t have to workout for hours in the gym to make a difference when it comes to your physique and overall health. Even brisk walking can slash your risk of heart disease, stroke, and extend your life. As Dr. Eugster states, anyone can do it.