7 Home Remedies for Kidney Stones – Natural Foods & Herbs for Kidney Health

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lemons in treeHave you ever experienced kidney stones, or are you experiencing them right now? While these stones generally don’t cause any permanent damage, they can cause some of the most sharp and intense pain you’ve ever felt. You may want nothing more than painkillers while you guzzle down water to help the stones pass, but know this – they aren’t required, Actually, there are numerous home remedies for kidney stones that can hasten this uncomfortable and painful process.

The kidneys, along with our other detoxifying organs, including the liver, stomach, intestines, skin, etc., help to withdraw toxins from the blood so that they do not pollute the body. Unprocessed minerals and salts, like calcium, become crystallized and form into small spike-like balls that must then pass through the ureter, which can be very painful. In essence, kidney stones form when the kidneys are not able to process toxins efficiently. These stones can also cause a blockage of urine flow, which is a primary way the body rids itself of toxins as well.

Home Remedies for Kidney Stones – 7 Natural Solutions

The following home remedies for kidney stones can and have been used for not only kidney Stone removal, but also for prevention as well as tonics for the kidney organs.

  • 1. Lemon Juice, Apple Cider Vinegar (with the Mother) and Olive Oil – This folk remedy is quite possibly the most effective solution for kidney stones. Mix 2 ounces of organic olive oil with 2 ounces of lemon juice – also organic. Drink it as is, and follow with at least 12 oz of purified water. If you are already taking some of these herbs that increase urine production, that will also be helpful.

    Wait around 30 minutes and then drink water which contains the juice of ½ of an organic lemon as well as 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with the mother – ACV with the mother is full of digestive enzymes that are highly beneficial. Repeat just the lemon juice and apple cider vinegar water every 60 minutes until you feel better. Start as soon as symptoms arise to have the best results. This remedy works to dissolve the kidney stones and helps to painlessly rid them from your body.

  • 2. Kidney Beans – If you have ever heard the old wives tale – foods resemble the organ they support – its true at least in this case. Kidney beans are beneficial for the kidneys because they help to get rid of sulfite build up. Sulfites cause oxidative stress in the kidneys and make it harder for them to do their job of toxin processing and removal.
  • 3. Celery – Organic celery and celery seed are known diuretics, which means they help to create more urine and easier urine flow. You can use celery seed as a spice, or just munch on the stalks to keep your kidneys healthy. Although not among the most effective home remedies for kidney stones, it’s still a tip to consider.
  • 4. Magnesium – Although you have to be careful not to take too much magnesium, the does benefit from a healthy amount. Most of us are deficient in magnesium, which can strain the kidneys and increase the risk of kidney disease. In many studies, participants who took a small dose of magnesium daily had up to 93% fewer cases of kidney stones. Just 300 mg of magnesium orotate is recommended.
  • 5. Uva Ursi – This amazing herb can treat any bladder infection, urogenital tract issue or help prevent kidney stones. It’s cheap and works fast, and has been used for centuries to help cure these types of ailments. If you take Uva Ursi, however, you may need to replenish your potassium since it increases urine flow.
  • 6. Horsetail – Used for bloating (endema), bladder and kidney stones, as well as burns, horsetail has a cooling effect from an Ayurvedic standpoint. Also called Shavegrass and ToadPipe due to its interesting look, the herb can support healthy kidneys, and rid the body of parasites as well.
  • 7. Dandelion root – Often considered a weed or wild flower by many, this beneficial herb grows all over Europe, Asia and North America. Its dark green leaves are excellent for providing vitamins A, C, B-Complex and D. Native Americans used dandelion to treat kidney problems, and had much success due to its diuretic qualities, as well as high levels of potassium and ability to promote urine production.

Which home remedies for kidney stones have worked for you? Don’t forget to share your experiences with others.

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