How to Remove Dark Circles Naturally – 5 Simple Methods

How to Remove Dark Circles Naturally – 5 Simple Methods

Although having dark circles under your eyes isn’t a critical reason to see a doctor, having these dark circles can be very unappealing, and are oftentimes a sign that the body is in need of something. Learn how to remove dark circles naturally, and remedy the underlying health condition responsible for causing this unappealing look.

How to Remove Dark Circles Naturally

1. Up Your Water Consumption to Remove Dark Circles

Dehydration is potentially the number one reason for dark circles under the eyes. The reason is the close proximity to the skin underneath the eye in relation to the underlying bone. When the body does not have a proper amount of water, the symptoms are often evident in this specific area. Hydrating yourself can be a quick fix to this, and will also help prevent thousands of other health conditions. Aim for 10 glasses of pure water daily, and avoid contaminated water sources.

2. Address Your Nutrient Deficiencies, Lower Salt Intake

The skin, being the largest organ of the body, requires a number of certain nutrients to synergistically restore and maintain its health. Vitamin E, C, K, and B stand out amongst the rest when it comes to health skin. A deficiency in vitamin B12 can result in dark circles, and can be restored quite easily through supplementation. The dark circles under your eyes may be signaling you to increase your vitamin intake, rebuilding skin cells and repairing past damages.

Excessive salt intake can cause water to be stored in strange places, such as below the eyes. Limit your salt intake to a healthy level, and avoid processed foods as a whole. Try and substitute table salt for healthier salts such as sea salt or Himalayan salt.

3. Stop Smoking

Smoking can lead to the destruction of previously discussed nutrients, such as vitamin C. It also leads to vascular problems, that can cause the blood vessels to have a much more prominent, bluer color. These vascular problems are also linked to serious conditions that lead to death. Smoking not only goes against how to remove dark circles naturally, but also will stand in the way of obtaining optimum health.

4. Ensure You’re Getting 8 Hours Of Solid Rest

This is the most common advice given to those suffering from dark circle under the eyes, and it sometimes can serve to help remove them. While dehydration seems to be the largest cause of dark circles under the eyes, a lack of solid sleep is most likely a close contender. Turn all of the lights off in your sleeping area, and use light-blocking curtains. Light will interfere with the sleep process, and even tiny lights can be the cause of interrupted sleep.

5. Thickly Sliced Cucumber Strips

Taking thickly sliced cucumber strips and placing them over the eyes is a very popular method of alleviating dark circles. However, this method of how to remove dark circles naturally can sometimes be covering up the true nature of the problem. For example, the underlying issue may be dehydration.