3 Tips to Reduce Carcinogens in Your Home

cleaning spray
Toxins and Chemicals

cleaning sprayThe average American household likely contains hundreds of toxic chemicals. We are a nation obsessed with “clean” and have come to associate harsh smells and caustic formulas with being germ- and dirt-free. But our clean habits are misguided. Not only do some germs and dirt actually help us stay healthy, these chemicals used to clean can cause serious harm, even cancer. Cleaning out the janitor’s closet under your sink and in your laundry room could be the next best thing you’ve ever done for the collective health of your family.

1. Throw Away Cleansers, Detergents, etc.

The first step in reducing toxic carcinogens in your home is to remove the detergents and cleaners you no longer need. Get rid of the powdered bathroom scrub, the liquid toilet bowl cleaner, the dusting liquid, and the floor soap. While you’re at it, throw out the air freshener and bleach.

Many of these products can be replaced with things you make yourself. A vinegar and water solution makes a great all-purpose liquid cleaner and can be put in a spray bottle for easy use. Baking soda is another green cleaning solution, perfect for the tough jobs like bathtubs and countertops.

If you lament the loss of your air-freshener, try a simple, natural potpourri using orange peels and cinnamon bark. Here are 5 ways to replace your toxic cleaners, and another 5 ways to replace your toxic home cleaning products.

2. Reduce Radiation in the Home

Radiation comes from several sources inside the home, particularly the microwave and wi-fi. Whenever possible, limit the wireless connections in your home, using wired computers instead. We know it’s old-school but the electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) emitted from your wifi router and your cell phone can adversely affect your DNA overtime. Of course there are numerous products on the market that offer radiation protection as well.

If you are still using a microwave, it’s time to let it go or at least reduce your dependence on it. It’s controversial, but microwaves are no good for your health. They only became popular within the last 50 years or so. Before that, we used the stove. Get back to basics and reheat your foods in the oven or on the stove-top. It may take a little longer, but these methods even preserve the taste better than “zapping” does.

3. Detox

Even in a house with reduced carcinogens, it’s important to detox your body from time to time. Adding foods like chlorella and parsley to your diet can do wonders for maintaining a detoxed body. But an occasional juice fast will help ensure the pollutants in your home are not taking up residence in your body.