3 Reasons You May Not be Getting Enough Vitamin D this Summer

3 Reasons You May Not be Getting Enough Vitamin D this Summer
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Vitamin D has finally become accepted by the mainstream medical community to be a powerful nutrient that is necessary for proper health function. Vitamin D has been found to slash the risk of multiple cancer types (including skin cancer), aid in fat loss, and even prevent diabetes. Why then, is the population so horribly deficient in vitamin D that we are seeing a resurgence of the rickets? Here are 3 reasons why even informed individuals may be severely deficient in vitamin D this summer:

Reason #1: You Rely on Vitamin D Fortified Foods or Poor Quality Supplements

Sadly, many individuals rely on ‘fortified’ foods like milk, which openly state on the food packaging that the product is ‘fortified’ with vitamin D. Oftentimes (99% of the time), this is actually vitamin D2 — a synthetic version of vitamin D that can actually be toxic to your body. Even if it is in the form of D3, which is highly preferable, it is most likely in very low amounts. In many cases, it is around 100 IU or less. This level is not even scratching the proverbial surface of the daily recommended amount now presented by health professionals. If the sun is out, take advantage of it!

Supplements and fortified foods are no alternative to natural sunshine. If at all possible, take advantage of the opportunity and head out into the sun — sunscreen free!

Reason #2: You’re Lathering on the Sunscreen

Vitamin D production is extremely limited when sunscreen is used to protect the body from natural sunlight. One report found that prolonged use of sunscreen can lead to vitamin D deficiency, due to a lack of production and absorption. In addition, those who did not use sunscreen and frequently tanned had higher bone density.

Reason #3: Vitamin D Cannot Penetrate Glass

For those who enjoy sunbathing in a glass patio, or soak up the sun through a closed glass window, it may be time to head outdoors. UV rays cannot pass through glass, contrary to popular belief., and so vitamin D will not be generated.

Other facts about vitamin D:

  • Vitamin D is produced by your skin in response to ultraviolet radiation from sunlight.
  • Sunscreens block your body’s ability to create vitamin D. Even the lower SPF sunscreens, such as SPF 8, hamper your body’s ability to generate vitamin D by 95%.
  • It would require ten tall glasses of vitamin D fortified milk to reach the minimum daily levels of vitamin D into your system.
  • Vitamin D3 can be purchased in supplement form, and is vastly superior to vitamin D2, which your body has trouble breaking down and absorbing.
  • Most of us are deficient in vitamin D.
  • Many reputable health experts recommend taking around 5,000 IU vitamin D per day, but this amount varies. The only accurate way to gauge how much you should be taking is to get a blood test.