Eating Foods in Season: 5 Superfoods for Late Summer

Eating Foods in Season: 5 Superfoods for Late Summer

Foods in Season

When you eat foods in season, you are more likely to be able to find them locally. Sure, you can go to the big chain grocery and get a tomato in January, but it will likely be from somewhere in Central America and taste like cardboard. In addition, you won’t know what the farmer used on the plant or how it managed to stay bright red, perfectly round, and so shiny while in transit across the miles. Knowing which foods to target for eating in season and then seeking those foods out at your local farmer’s market or even growing them yourself is a major step in better health and in sustainable agriculture and good environmental practices.

So, what are the best foods in season for this month? Here are 5 foods with extra nutritional potency.

5 Super-Foods in Season for Late Summer

1. Tomatoes

Their time is running out as cooler temperatures descend later in the month, but tomatoes are perhaps one of the best summer selections around, so get them now while they are juicy and ripe. Packed with lycopene and other antioxidants, tomatoes should be bought now and frozen or canned so you can enjoy them all year without hitting the tasteless variety at the grocery store. Remember to buy organic, as organic tomatoes have been shown to significantly outrank conventional tomatoes.

2. Apples

Among the most delicious of the current foods in season, ppples are the stars of autumn, and they begin making their appearance this month. They are good for your teeth, and great for your waistline. Try selecting a variety of apples from your local farmer’s market. If you have kids, make nutrition fun by slicing up several kinds and having an apple-tasting to compare flavors, textures, and colors.

3. Peppers

Like tomatoes, soon the peppers will be gone until next year. Bell peppers, particularly red ones, have more vitamin C than citrus fruits, not to mention vitamin A and potassium.

4. Blueberries

Definitely a superfood, blueberries are loaded with beneficial antioxidants and vitamins. From cancer prevention to lowering the risk of diabetes, berries are a potent addition to any diet. To stretch out the season, freeze some berries now. (Tip: don’t wash the berries before freezing as the moisture will turn them to mush. Put them in the freezer and wash when you are ready to use.) Check out blueberries benefits for more useful information.

5. Cucumbers

Like you, cucumbers are mostly water. They are great raw on salads or in sandwiches, but now is also the perfect time of year to begin pickling. As with other produce, it is especially important to buy organic cucumbers. Cucumbers have made the Environmental Working Group’s recent ‘dirty dozen‘ list, meaning it is among the most contaminated vegetables out there.

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