3 Metabolsm Boosters for Maximum Weight Loss Results

3 Metabolsm Boosters for Maximum Weight Loss Results

By: David Dack

Natural SocietyIf you’re looking to boost metabolism levels as a means for speeding up the weight loss process, then look no further. Speeding up metabolism can not only be done with the proper food consumption, but can also be achieved through exercise. Increasing metabolism levels is a matter of practicing the right training strategies over the long haul, so even if you’re suffering from a slow one; you can beat the odds and unstuck yourself from this dreadful limbo. Here are 3 metabolism boosters.

Interval Training

According to many studies, an exercise strategy known as high intensity interval training, or HIIT, is a type of training which boosts metabolism faster and longer than the majority of other training programs. Not only that, interval training sheds more weight, sculpts the body, and improves endurance and performance levels both on the running track or on your job.

An interval workout consists of alternating between high intensity intervals—such as speed running, cycling or jump training, and low intensity periods for recovery and rest. The length of each interval depends largely on the type of workout and your fitness level. Pick the right training approach for you and continue to build on that.

Eat 4-5 Small Meals

Skipping meals, especially breakfast, and eating larger meals can have a negative effect on your metabolism. If you regularly skip breakfast, or any other meal, then expect a slow metabolism alongside a myriad of other performance and health troubles. Be sure to eat throughout the day. Aim for 4-5 small meals with each meal containing no more than 400 calories, every three to four hours. Doing so will help you keep hunger levels at bay and ensure the constant delivery of energy to your body.

Drink more Water

Water is critical for performance and keeping metabolism levels running high throughout the day, and is not there just to soothe you in times of thirst. Water is actually an amazing substance,  with much research revolving around the liquid. To achieve the greatest benefit from water, drink one half of your body weight in ounces daily. If you weigh 128 pounds, you need 64 ounces of charged distilled water daily. That is eight, eight ounce glasses per day.

Your water intake needs will depend, for the most part, on your physical activity level, body type and weather conditions. The more exercise you engage in under hot weather conditions, the more fluid intake you’ll need.

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