Video: 11-Year Old Gives the Low Down on GMO Foods

ted talk

( Birke Baehr has been traveling since the ripe age of 9 with his family, being ‘roadschooled’ about sustainable farming practices including permaculture, vermiculture, and other organic farming techniques.

He has taken what he learned on the road and turned it into a passion for educating others, which led to a TED Talk before they closed the discussion, possibly aligning with Monsanto to keep the news about GMO from spreading. (You can read their official stance on a letter that started all the controversy here).

Besides being absolutely adorable, and well-spoken in his less-than four-foot countenance, he delivers the hard line the way only a child can – with utter truth and a no-nonsense approach to dispelling Monsanto lies about organic farming.

He breaks down exactly what’s wrong with our food system, explaining that keeping farms far away and out of reach keeps kids (and adults) from really understanding where their food comes from, and the agricultural practices that are used to grow it.

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He believes everyone should have a right to know where their food comes from, how it was made, and what exactly is in it. He believes greening and localizing food would be one way to stop the Monsanto monopolies, and help to fix the broken system.

The video has already had over 1.4 million views. You should consider watching Baehr’s edifying commentary yourself, and spreading them to others, no matter their age, to help stop Big Ag monopolies from controlling the information that is disseminated to the masses about agricultural practices.