11 Ayurvedic Supplements Recalled Over High Lead and Mercury Levels

11 Ayurvedic Supplements Recalled Over High Lead and Mercury Levels
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Eleven Ayurvedic supplements found to contain high levels of mercury are being voluntarily recalled by a New York company.

Butala Emporium Inc., of Jackson Heights, New York, pulled 11 Ayurvedic (dietary) supplements due to excessive levels of the metals, which can cause severe adverse events in humans, particularly infants, young children, pregnant women, and individuals with underlying kidney disorders. The recall was prompted by the New York City Department of Health laboratory and the Food and Drug Administration. [1]

Ayurveda is a form of holistic medicine developed in India millennia ago.

Mercury exposure can cause short-term health problems, such as kidney, stomach, and intestinal disorders. Using the contaminated supplements for a long period of time could result in psychiatric and personality disturbances, loss of coordination, vision and hearing loss, and other neurological conditions – especially when exposed in utero. It can also sometimes lead to death.

Children and pregnant women who are exposed to elevated lead levels may suffer permanent damage to the central nervous system, learning disorders, developmental delays, and other long-term health problems.

The recall applies to the following products:

  • “Baidyanath brand Saptamrit Lauh–Batch No. SPL-04, Expiry Date 4/2018
  • Baidyanath brand Rajahpravartini Bati–Batch No. RAJ-15 0 & 126, Expiry Date 1/2019 & 07/2016
  • Baidyanath brand Sarivadi Bati–Batch No. SRI-09, Expiry Date 04/2018
  • Baidyanath brand Shankh Bati–Batch No. SHN-02, Expiry Date 08/2018
  • Butala-EmporiumBaidyanath brand Marichyadi Bati–Batch No. 200, Expiry Date 08/2017
  • Baidyanath brand Agnitundi Bati–Batch No. 018, Expiry Date 02/2016
  • Baidyanath brand Arogyavardhini Bati–Batch No. 018, Expiry Date 03/2017
  • Baidyanath brand Sarivadi Bati–Batch No. SARI-015, Expiry Date 01/2019
  • Baidyanath brand Brahmi Bati–Batch No. HGB-18, Expiry Date 03/2019, Batch Nos. 244 & 242, Expiry Date 03/2017 (products without Batch No. or Expiry Date are subject to this recall)
  • Baidyanath brand Gaisantak Bati–Batch No. GAI-09, Expiry Date 08/2018 and Batch No. 141, Expiry Date 10/2017
  • Baidyanath brand Chitrakadi Bati–Batch No. 193, Expiry Date 02/2018″

Butala is warning consumers not to take the affected supplements, which were distributed in New York through retail stores and online in California, Connecticut, Florida, Hawaii, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Washington, D.C,. and Puerto Rico.

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