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Turmeric Spice Used by Woman to Overcome Cancer – Researchers Stunned

Anthony Gucciardi
July 8th, 2012
Updated 11/02/2012 at 4:32 pm
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turmericspicepiles 235x147 Turmeric Spice Used by Woman to Overcome Cancer Researchers Stunned

While expensive cancer drugs linked to premature death and mega-tumors are pushed by many mainstream doctors as the only option outside of chemotherapy, a growing number of informed individuals are consistently opting to instead utilize natural methods that are known to conquer cancer cells and effectively negate the disease — without harsh side effects. One such person, Vicky Stewart of Britain, chose such a path when she refused mainstream medical cancer treatments and instead began consuming powerful turmeric spice.

Despite excessive warnings from MD’s who insisted that Vicky would surely not recover using superfoods that are commonly touted as ‘woo’ and ‘ineffective medicine’ by pharma-backed doctors, Stewart found amazing success by altering her lifestyle and taking in extra amounts of supefoods like turmeric each day.

Stewart recalls to The Telegraph how her doctor repeatedly voiced concern over switching to a healthy diet full of turmeric spice to fight the cancer (one of many turmeric health benefits), telling her that it would do virtually nothing:

“The doctors absolutely will not say that the diet is going to do anything to help the cancer in any way.”

Four years later, she is still cancer free with no signs of it coming back. At the age off 44, Stewart is now the center of a major research project led by scientists who are downright fascinated by what she has done.

Research Shows Turmeric Spice is a Natural Cancer Fighter

While it is indeed fascinating, it should come as no surprise that Vicky healed herself naturally using turmeric spice and other lifestyle changes. In fact, copious amounts of research highlight the anti-cancer properties of turmeric (in many cases due to it’s active compound curcumin), and countless individuals have used it to aid themselves in the fight against many diseases.

Not only has peer-reviewed research by the UCLA shown that turmeric can naturally block the growth of cancer cells, but in more than 9 studies it was revealed that turmeric can reduce tumor size by a whopping 81%. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. So why is it so fascinating that a spice that has been used for thousands upon thousands of years by many South Asian and Middle Eastern countries as a ‘heal-all’ substance can actually stop cancer naturally?

As Stewart explains, turmeric has a unique ability (along with other great superfoods) to essentially cause cancer to regress in a number of ways. As she puts it, it essentially caused the cancer cells to ‘commit suicide’. Stewart explains to The Telegraph:

Turmeric kind of makes cancer cells commit suicide and ginger and garlic are great to cook with.”

Mainstream Health Organizations, Doctors Continue to Ignore the Evidence

Even in the face of such overwhelming evidence (whether it be studies that have been available for decades, stories like those of Stewart’s, or the prominent role of turmeric spice in multi-national cultures), mainstream health organizations and traditional medical doctors continue to cling to radiation and dangerous cancer drugs as the only possible option to ‘treating’ cancer. Just as Stewart’s doctor warned her that diet would do virtually nothing despite saving her life and eliminating cancer from her body completely, these individuals will continue to assert that all alternative medicine is a joke.

In the same vein, cancer researchers will continue to be paid by charity walks and expensive non-profit events to ‘find the cure’ through invasive surgeries and pharmaceuticals. Turmeric spice, a dirt cheap alternative along with other nearly-free suprfoods, are blatantly ignored as they cannot be patented and sold through Big Pharma’s proverbial commodity gates. Thankfully, millions worldwide are waking up to this ‘old paradigm’ of health full of pharmaceuticals, surgery and sickness. In turn, they are utilizing life-saving techniques and foods to further their health without sacrificing both their finances and their health.

About Anthony Gucciardi:
1.thumbnail Turmeric Spice Used by Woman to Overcome Cancer Researchers StunnedGoogle Plus ProfileAnthony is the Editor of NaturalSociety whose work has been read by millions worldwide and is routinely featured on major alternative and mainstream news website alike, including the powerful Drudge Report, NaturalNews, Daily Mail, and many others. Anthony has appeared on programs like Russia Today (RT), Savage Nation, The Alex Jones Show, Coast to Coast AM, and many others. Anthony is also dedicated to aiding various non-profit organizations focused around health and rehabilitation as well as the creator of the independent political website Storyleak

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  • kittyisretard

    If anyone is serious about putting Turmeric into their health regime, there are a few things that you should know. Use the Turmeric root, that way you are sure that you are getting the real pure thing. It is more work but it is worth it.
    Boil the roots in water for 40 minutes and peel skin off with a potato peeler. Slice into strips and let dry in a cool dark place, with good ventilation for 5 to 7 days. Break into small pieces and use a grinder to turn it into powder.
    Here is the important part. Turmeric has a drying and heating effect in the body. It is very stressful on the liver, when taken by it’s self.
    It must be offset by some cooling spices.(Coriander and Fennel seeds) Grind the seeds and mix six parts of each to one part of Turmeric, also add fresh ground black pepper (also has a heating effect in the body) Store the mixture in a glass container, in a dark place.
    This mixture should be taken with food with some fat content, or Coconut oil and Almond milk (stay away from dairy products).

  • kittims

    Diet is one aspect of good health but another one is the power of the mind and the beliefs we run on. I suggest you look into Bruce Liptons work and his book, Biology of Belief.

  • researchstuffok

    here is a link to pubchem showing the anti cancer proerties

  • suz

    i have been taking 12,000mg of turmeric daily for 6 years. why did my breast cancer come back? i don't understand.

  • Linda

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  • Anonymous

    Stop and think a minute you rather go to a MD who know little about your body than fix the problem on your own. I do not care if this post is True or not the natural way is always the best.
    Turmeric has natural properties that stop the growth of cancer cells.
    so before you judge look for any side effects.

  • rohana miller

    I am a stage 3 ovarian cancer survivor – first diagnosed in 1981 at age 35. Massive chemo doses, much higher than what is used now, failed to erradicate the cancer. NCI/NIH reviewed my case and said I had max'd out on chemo, it would not work for me and my only chance was radiation (rarely used for ovarian cancer in the US). I got maximum (massive) dosage of radiation to my torso, front and back daily for 6 wks – and was told I could not have any more and that cutting me open to see if it worked would be too dangerous due to internal radiation damage. They had nothing left to give me other than checkups (pelvics) every few months. I am now 67 yrs old. The chemo ruined my kidneys, but much more slowly than other patients, who either died of kidney failure or of their cancer. The key to why I am alive is I followed Linus Pauling's book "Cancer and Vitamin C" as well as megavitamin therapy, from the very beginning. I pretty quickly went from 6 grams daily of C to 40 grams daily, plus other important vitamins. I ate organic food as much as possible, craved broccoli (long before anyone ever wrote that it was good for cancer patients) and often just ate it raw. I used visualization. My docs were amazed that I was only radiation patient without skin burns and had no need for a colostomy, as other patients often did. And the kidney damage from the chemo was not diagnosed until 25 yrs later when I was in stage 4. With the use of turmeric (curcumin), careful nutrition, high dose probiotics to help my colon support my kidney (probiotic brand specific for kidney disease is Renadyl) I slowed down my kidney disease for 6 yrs without dialysis (my arm veins were ruined by the chemo). I just got a kidney transplant 3 mos ago – my wonderful son donated one of his to save my life and it's a miracle! Every so-called miracle remission I have seen in other cancer patients (I have worked in the cancer field) in my support groups, etc., all made big lifestyle changes in nutrition and stress management etc. Sure, they had chemo and radiation, but they were diagnosed in stages 3 and 4 and are still alive many years later to the astonishment of their medics – who call it spontaneous remission!

  • @grumble_weed

    The brief mention in this article of "One woman recently hit the mainstream headlines by revealing her victory against cancer with the principal spice used being turmeric" omits the minor detail that this woman (Google "Victoria Stewart") underwent a mastectomy, radiation therapy and chemotherapy to supplement her "turmeric". You'd think that was an important piece of information! Her "victory is that she has, so far, managed 5 years of remission without taking tamoxifen. Color me unimpressed.

  • pam johnson

    I have stage 4 breast cancer….gone to my liver! I am on turkey tail mushrooms! Seattle cancer care is doing this along with chemo…can you imagine that >?? So off to the store to get turmeric ! Keep posting good ideas for me. My Onc has given up :) Get off this site if you are Not a positive person. We don't need to be discouraged….We need Hope and honesty and faith in our creator who made all these natural herbs Am I not right ? Pam from Seattle

    • Jennifer Long

      You should also try Papaya leaf extract. You can take as much as you want, it is excellent in combating cancer. You need to stop chemo, it will make your cancer far worse.

    • cpmt

      You can check several places or treatments, try more than just one 'thing' or therapy: Youtube has several videos you should watch and listen : run from the cure' -rick simpson, baking soda to keep your body alkaline (very important, to eat and drink alkaline food and water (PH 7.4 to 8.8 ) the Essiac tea, etc… there are several doctors that are good with alternative treatments : herbs, roots, barks etc… watch ' cancer the forbidden cure". check, etc etc.. the quicker you start the better. Just begin with green uses (if you can find wheatgrass, you can make a juice but only take 2 onz. x2 day.) Chlorofill is great to help immune system, raw green juices x3 or 4 times a day: 1/2 cucumber, 1 garlic 1/2 inch piece of ginger, kale, celery, parley, etc etc.. buy a juicer or a good blender.
      try to eat as much raw food (veggies) as you can AND FORGET ABOUT MEATS, FISH, EGG, AND SPECIALLY MILK PRODUCTS (only ricotta cheese with flax seeds powder freshly grind) NO FRUITS the first few months, then only small quantities of berries, green apples, etc. try to go to a gym that has infrared saunas CANCER DON'T LIKES HEAT; .
      or BUY A ,I think, is type of infrared blanket in the internet . Walk every day at least 30 to 60 min. ,suet , detox your body,
      Cancer doesn't like OXIGEN; get away from any negative stressful situations, at home, work, family memeber or… be as much positive you can. stop watching the news, videos with violence etc… listen to soft relaxing music etc… laugh at much as you can… try to be happy and GOOD LUCK.

    • Sue

      get "Cancer — Step outside The Box' by Ty Bollinger @ Amazon. THE best book on alt cancer treatments! It may even have those turkey tail mushrooms. Totally worth the money…

  • jiinu

    is this trues? i love your article.bthanks you for this, i have a dobtes regarding surgery. is this is applicable for aged one means 80 aged, if ok then any problem with that , replay to my email,got mpre results from net like

  • Buy Herbal Incense

    Can men used it as well ? Or is it for only woman ?

  • Melly

    It is difficult to OD on turmeric. I have read a report that it would take more than a pound of turmeric to slightly OD. I don't think anyone can eat a pound of turmeric a day. I take 1/4 teaspoon twice a day and it helps me be pain free.


  • Bud Happy

    Better keep this quiet, or next thing, Tumeric will be classified as a schedule 1 drug!

    • Pamela H.

      omg, I totally agree! I hope the powers that be do not, eventually, wipe out all of our health food stores and access to awesome, natural products. I'm so thankful for what God has provided to us all!

    • Pamela H.

      Some people think that just because a person hasn't gotten an education on medicine through a college that their voice on the subject has no merit. Anyone who chooses to read and do medical research for years can obtain more information on health than Many of the docors who "practice" medicine. Not to say that there are not many great doctors. I'm sure there are plenty doctors who take all kinds of natural herbs and supplements (including turmeric) but would never divulge that information to their patients–knowing, full-well, that they are inhibiting cancer from forming. Do your homework. It can save your life!

  • Phivo Christodoulou

    Here is our results. In ten days we got rid of a large cyst on little Mishka's tail. Once you have watched the video, please click on the link to read the background story. It should answer most questions.

  • Healthy Guy

    I see alot of people adding opinions about what they think based on their beliefs here and not alot of people who have actually tried Tumeric or Curcumin therapy. I have. It works. I experienced immediate results, the pain in my pancreas and accompanying symptoms from my pre-diabetic condition have vanished, gone. I feel normal, whole and stable again. My digestion is back to normal, no more cramping, no more issues. I am not 100% sure about the cancer treatment side but I tend to believe it will kill cancer cells and I will continue to eat Tumeric and dose with Curcumin to help prevent diabetes as well as a preventative for cancer which is in my family. The key here too is prevention, be proactive, don't wait until you are sick or sicker, start doing these things now if you know you are high risk especially, why wait until it is too late? cancer can be stopped, but when or before it starts way easier than after you are already stage 4, it has spread and it is terminal. Don't wait, there are alot of good things to stay healthy you can be doing now to stay healthy. Diet, supps, exercise, sleep, lower your stress any way you can, get educated, avoid the pharmaceutical poisons, live long and prosper. Good luck to everyone.

  • kim wally

    kim wrote

    i have been reading about natural medicine for over 30 years,I have hundreds of books and now of course- the internet.

    I do not believe in the methods used to cure cancer that either burn,cut or poison. And I don't believe that people should "cherry pick" facts to try and support a particular view.

    I have learned, there are many proven "cures" for cancer, Gerson,Budwig and many others- the ones that work involve a lifestyle change that most are not willing to accept.

    There is no simple Pill or Potion that will erase a life spent eating the wrong diet,drinking the wrong fluids,and abusing the body and mind God gave us. Wrong way go back-is the sign people should take note of. It won't change until you do.

  • Abby

    I am a firm believer in the power of natural medicine so am thoroughly disgusted that this article states, wrongly, that the woman used natural therapies to cure her cancer. She used surgery and chemo and then chose to abstain from taking a drug typically used by the medical world to reduce the likelihood of reoccurrence by blocking oestrogen in the body. Instead, she used diet and turmeric for only the oestrogen blocking part of the process.

    I was hoping to find out facts and truth, not hype and sensationalised bullshit. And before you get hot under the collar about this comment, READ THE ARTICLE and find out the truth, which is the opposite to what this article states. I’m not dissing natural therapy, just commenting on how WRONG it is to publish crap like this which is not true.

    …and in agreement with others: why publish something like this without also, at the very least, linking people with information regarding her dosage of turmeric and diet? Instead, publish something that is truthful and factual, and provide people with the resources to heal themselves.

  • Fariba Heidari

    I,m a

  • Kay.

    Kyla Elizabeth Sentes THe article's a bit misleading. Consuming turmeric would not produce these results. The research from UCLA is actually about taking curcumin, which is the extract from the spice, so at much, much higher quanitities. Eating the spice alone won't do anything. It's also misleading to say it's being ignored by mainstream medicine. THe main doctor in Italy working on this is very well-respected by the medical community, it's just that at this point it's still experimental–larger studies need to be undertaken to find out exactly how it works and what the risks are (for example, if you have any blood clotting issues, curcumin can kill you). It's one of many options that will be important to cancer patients in the future. Sadly, the herbal producers and 'natural' industry are already exploiting sick people just as badly as the pharmaceutical industry on this one–they've shot up the price of curcumin extract 300% since positive results first started coming in. While turmeric is cheap, curcumin is not.

    • Anonymous

      some people just do not get it…

    • Anonymous

      So when you get cancer just choose chemo.

      • Anonymous

        Chemo kills the patient. It's effective rate is less then 1%. I have seen it time and time again with my own eyes.

    • Anonymous

      If chemo was my only choice and big pharma paid people like you spread lies like you do into chemo is the only way then i would say good bye and commit suicide before i every added a dime to there pockets. The lady is alive and you say the article is misleading? Oh by the way my tumeric supplement says it has curcumins.

    • Anonymous

      what are you talking about these people who were using turmeric for thousand of years where all wrong. so only now that industry make turmeric extract is good, really !!!!!!

    • response to Kay

      Kay, so for the last 6,000 years people have been eating Tumeric and NOT recieving the bennefits? So you are saying that it only became useful once we learned how to make an extract?

      I would propose that eating the tumeric in full would act synergisticly (forgive the spelling please, no ginko today) to give a far greater effect than just taking the active ingrediant.

    • cpmt

      Yes, and i some sensitive people can damage their liver. So people taking high amounts, should check their liver enzymes. Some one in this forum said that you can get 500mg of the extract @ "good nutrition' (?) still, their nutritionist/alternative/holistic practitioner should check on this… just in case.

  • Bhenry

    Here is info from The National Library Of Medicine. Over 600 papers on Tumeric (curcumin) and cancer..

  • David

    This article is misleading and damages the credibility of this site. The Telegraph says very clearly she 'underwent chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery'. When you omit such obviously important facts, you resort to propaganda, not balanced reporting.

    • Anonymous

      Hey David, try using turmeric as an anti inflammatory, just once, instead of aspirin, Tylenol, ibuprofen etc..and see how it works for starters. Go ask your health food store person how much you should take for what ever it is that is bothering you. Once you realize that it is effective, you will start to think differently.

      • Jennifer Long

        Chemo makes the cancer far worse. Tumeric (Curcuma) is what cured this individual despite the chemo.

    • Anonymous

      Your the one who is misleading! How dare you! Most people that get there radiation, chemo and surgery then die and she is alive. Had she not taken the tumeric in high enough doses to get the curcumins, then she would have gotten worse and had to do yet another round of chemo and then death.

  • Penelope

    I really appreciate it that the Natural Society gives space to comments like these. It's difficult to find many people (neighbours, acquaintances, friends) who are interested in this kind of discussion. General attitudes tend to be polarised, but I've learnt a lot by reading your postings.

    Thanks y'all.

  • cheri

    Turmeric is easy to take in water, doesn't taste bad at all. You have to put it in the glass before you add the water, or else the powder likes to stay on top. As it is fat soluble, also take some good fish or other oil capsules, a spoonful of coconut oil, some avocado, whatever.

    Buy certified organic turmeric from the bulk section of a health food store -it is way cheaper than the same purchased in bottles. Transfer to glass at home, as it seems to react with plastic bags after a while, creating a strange oiliness on the outside of the bag.

    It's probably about a 1/2 tsp to a tsp I put in there everyday, or 2x/day, as a tonic and preventative. To you troll-types above, who like to attack with stupid questions (what do you think this page is – the ultimate guide to the cure??) -you would have to research what the proportion of curcumin is in the powdered root, and what would be considered a therapeutic dose by those who claim success, and go from there.

  • Noah Sweat

    The stuff works, period. I passed at least 6 tumors. I told my dr. and he asked, 'why didn't you bring them in', and I say, 'because I would have let you talk me into doing chemo and all that crap', and he says,'all that crap'. I say,'Yeah, If I'm killing cancers that you didn't know I had, why would I submit to the tortures of chemo at the hands of someone who is using me as an unpaid consultant'. There is no dosage. Drugstore grade has 50mg of root extract and 450mg of inert matter, that's crap, look for 500mg of root extract in a gelcap, not cellulose. I found organic with 537mg of root extract at Good Nutrition in bulk and they also sell the blank capsules if you want to take it that way. I just put it in a empty spice bottle and put it in all my food all day. Great for lower leg pain by taking yelo mustard or drinking dill pickle vinegar both with tumeric and mustard seed combo.

    • cpmt

      And where did you get this idea to mix with dill pickle vinegar and mustard seeds? Did you read it some where that thise combination is better and can help?

  • Charles

    Be advised that you should consult your Physician if you want to try turmeric as it is a natural blood thinner. Those who are already on anticoagulant medications can thin their blood too much which can cause other ailments you do not want.

    Turmeric may not bode well for some cancers. Bladder cancer for one. Tumors in the bladder can cause blood to pool in the urine, which will form into clots, and cause extreme pain when trying to pass them and/or block urine passage completely. Turmeric will thin the blood and create more bleeding and form some clots larger than silver dollars.

    Your Urethra is not meant to pass that kind of object.

    Do your research before trying natural or orthodox medicines and you will be much better off. Some work, some don't, and each persons scenario can be unique.


    • harry ash

      I havnt been to a doctor in ten years n i am 66yrs…I wudnt trust those programmed pricks to give me a free meal…If i get run over by a bus, well I,m obliged to go to a surgeon…who is a fancy plumber…other than that psychiatrists n doctors are th problem…itsa bit like george bush lookin for terrorists…He is the terrorist!

      • Charles

        PS: Only a left wing fruit like yourself would come up with a response like that. You deserve to wallow in every pathetic disease possible! As a Republican who respects and admires the Bush Family, I have just this to say to and idiot like you: Drop Dead Twice!

        • Gina


          Tacky and shameful! Does the whole world have to think just like you or drop dead? How egotistical!

        • Fran

          Do your research… what I believe you stated…you might think differently about your lovable Bush family if you did.

        • Stanislouse Puppingh

          You, sir, are a stoneground knucklehead who admires a shameful family of traitors that shouldn't be allowed to remain in this country (unincarcerated) for one more minute. George Bush is a terrorist who conspired with the Saudis on 911 and then, when every American was grounded and couldn't fly he told the FBI to shove it and had his Saudi friends spirited to safety out of the country. What a corrupt, bankrupt unreconstructed weasels all the Bushes are. F$%# them and the horses they rode in on.

        • s

          The bush family murder cabal

        • Helen

          How can you respect a family of war mongerers who are more interested in their oil cartel than they are in the people of their own country? You are a very narrow-minded individual who needs to wake up & realise that politicians, as a whole, are greedy & untrustworthy.

        • Majjhama

          Bush family if you can call them a family … Satanists evil slime cult !!!
          Sorry !!! This does not really belong on this thread of comments.

      • Bill


        You and I would get along great. Don't let the negative comments rankle you; anyone who admires the Bush family is just a duped sheep not worthy of your attention. And I'm far from left wing.

      • Stanislouse Puppingh

        More power to ya Harry. Yer right on about Georgie and his Saudi pals, he certainly is the terrorist and now he's gone and bought himself an hacienda in Paraguay! What a patriot!

        I'm glad to see somebody else who knows what a load of cra& and sh$% doctors feed us. Educated morons, everyone of them. I wear a tag around my nec tht says NO DOCTORS.

    • Charles

      Just to be clear, the charles that answered below is different from myself where I discussed the Blood thinning effects of Turmuric above.

      I wouldnt stoop to disrespectful quick answres like that about anyone opinion.


  • BlueyBlogger

    Doctors are NO different than mechanics.

    Trained all their lives on ONE type of paradigm, but when ANYTHING new comes along, it is automatically ridiculed, with huge backing from the media after the various sick-agenda lobby groups put some spin on the information.

    The same goes for the Bio-Diesel fuel people….there are MANY out there, but only the people who study and are also diesel mechanics, KNOW the Truth.

    It is also proven that many doctors out there also use Naturopaths for their own medical woes.

  • seeker

    For those who want some dosage info. Everyone is different, you have to know your limits. For example, I can eat all kind of peanut products, as much as I want. Some people got a life-threatening allergic reaction to just the smell of peanut on the dining table.

    I know some people swear they will gain weight if they touch bread, or sweet food. I can eat all the sweet food, all the breads all day long for weeks and months at a time, I won't gain weight. The thing is, I often skip meals without problems, and I won't over-eat. I have hardly eaten much meat products (compare to others I've seen around me).

    Some people can drink milk all day, on the other hand, I have a terrible time with plain Milk. but not so bad with ice-cream, milk-shake, sweet-breads with milk…

    As for tumeric, the Indian people eat curry dishes just about every meal. That's right, tumeric is part of the "curry dishes". I don't make anyone eat curry food, but you should know that those Indian people don't measure the tumeric in-take dosage at all. I also don't claim that Indian people are cancer-free in anyway.

    By the way, tumeric isn't the only thing either. There are many other info out there. Try searching youtube for

    Cancer the forbidden cure

    also, look at various related videos there. Lots of info to absorb. Do your research.

    • cpmt

      Yes, I agree. Some people smoke and never get cancer and others die from it. each body is different for some some therapy will work and the same therapy will not. Some scientist and doctors 'study' you individually, and give you the proper plan and treatment based n you only. And I also agree that someone who is fighting cancer should follow more than one treatment… you must try several protocols and 'things' it make sense to you. Because some of the many many treatments and possible therapies you can follow, are fake or wrong or don't work.

  • MellowYellow

    Curcumin, the yellow pigment in Turmeric, increases the rate of apoptosis for a given concentration of TNF (Tumour Necrosis Factor). In simple terms, it makes cells more sensitive to the "kill cancer" signal molecule.

    As well as making a given level of TNF result in a higher rate of cancer cell death, a useful side-effect is that background levels of TNF (presumably maintained to kill randomly mutated cells before they can become cancerous) become lower as less TNF is needed to weed out mutant cells. This results in less TNF-mediated damage to healthy cells including brain cells. This is consistent with the lower incidence of dementia in cultures that consume a lot of Turmeric, especially in conjuntion with black Pepper, which greatly increases the bio-availability of curcumin.

  • seeker

    For those who want some dosage info. Everyone is different, you have to know your limits. For example, I can eat all kind of peanut products, as much as I want. Some people got a life-threatening allergic reaction to just the smell of peanut on the dining table.

    I know some people swear they will gain weight if they touch bread, or sweet food. I can eat all the sweet food, all the breads all day long for weeks and months at a time, I won't gain weight. The thing is, I often skip meals without problems, and I won't over-eat. I have hardly eaten much meat products (compare to others I've seen around me).

    Some people can drink milk all day, on the other hand, I have a terrible time with plain Milk. but not so bad with ice-cream, milk-shake, sweet-breads with milk…

    As for tumeric, the Indian people eat curry dishes just about every meal. That's right, tumeric is part of the "curry dishes". I don't make anyone eat curry food, but you should know that those Indian people don't measure the tumeric in-take dosage at all. I also don't claim that Indian people are cancer-free in anyway.

    By the way, tumeric isn't the only thing either. There are many other info out there. Try searching youtube for

    Cancer the forbidden cure

    also, look at various related videos there. Lots of info to absorb. Do your own research.

  • Don

    Max Gerson cured cancers in the 1920 '30's and 40's. His secret? good food! He was curing people with terminal cancer by way of organic food and lots of organic fresh squeezed juices.

    Watch The Beautiful Truth (on youtube) and also the Gerson Miracle

    You will find all kinds of people saying it doesn't work but you find many more people saying it does, as they tried it to cure their cancers.

  • Craig

    this article oversimplified, and is totally bias, saying things like tumeric cures cancer and its only big pharma that doesn't want you to know about it is a gross oversimplification and is dangerous to people who actually have cancer. It makes the article seem written from a bias perspective and actually harms the validity of any scientific research that proves that tumeric is capable of this.

    If you want to actually prove this make an article carefully explaining how this works and leave out the politics, all it does is serve to alienate readers who will immediately dismiss this as hippy nonsense.

    You are HARMING the movement with this whether it is true or not.

    • Dwayne

      "…it is a gross oversimplification and is dangerous to people who actually have cancer."

      So you're alleging this woman didn't actually have cancer?

    • Alex

      You're an idiot. It's been proven to work. Get YOUR facts straight.

    • Anonymous

      Craig, we are smarter than that. I understand that when they hired you to browse the internet that the job does not pay much, but really you need to better than that when you make your posts for your big pharma boss.

      • Anonymous

        That was hilarious. Thanks for the laugh. Some of the comments on here go a little bit too far to try and dissuade people from even looking at the evidence when considering adjunct or replacement therapies which would be effective.

        When they can barely string sentences together, it has some obvious and funny results.

    • Anonymous

      Harming what movement? Your the one who is dangerous one by making people think science is only for the white coats in ivory towers. People can make up their own mind. You imply that our behavior here will slow up things is bull. Do you propose we dont have the right to free speech?

    • TorontoSaurus Ex

      Seems to me you are trying awfully hard to invalidate plant medicines.You and these like you are IMO like "sheep"-being guided down the path that organized fundraisers in collusion with Big Pharma and Allopathic practitioners.Their agenda is all about treatment and not "cure". If you blindly follow advice without doing your own research,that is your problem, but do not expect to convince me that "hippies " are spreading this nonsense; it makes no sense to me that following advice without question is the tenet of "the Right". Fascism also is like cancer,it spreads quick if it is left unchallenged.
      Consider the possibility that this entire" Conquering Cancer Industrial Complex" is all about MONEY !!! Of course they will try to debunk anything that may risk their revenue streams from continuing.These "researchers are all making six figure salaries ; it would be a terrible day indeed when the "Cure" is discovered.

  • Rob watson

    I wanted to take more turmeric than I could eat in food and found this video on filling gel caps with the powder. Easy as pie, no equipment to buy and make 100 in less than an hour and costs about 3 cents per cap filled. I add black pepper to make the turmeric work better. Here is the address
    but if that is not allowed on this site go to youtube and search "sutlaf and turmeric gel caps". Be healthy!

    • Gary Sellars

      You should investigate Swansonvitamins. Their regular price for 240 capsules is .03955 and they regularly have various sales including half-price on selected items (which vary somewhat)..

      So, right now, you're valuing your time about a $1 an hour.

  • Tartan

    Interesting Article and Tumeric does work alongside a natural healthy eating style.

    Fruit and Vegetable diet cutting out sugars and certain food such as meat and dairy.

    I have just come through two yrs of C situation with my sons father. Bowel C that went on to Liver C, that spread to both lungs.

    HE did have nine months chemo by the way, but, we started on the greens by way of homemade soup using only fresh vegetables straight away to combat the effects of the chemo.

    Mostly green and with most of all the other types.

    He drank the soup three times a day.

    The antioxidents definatly do go a way to helping cleanse the body.

    He still adheres to a healthy diet, exercise by way of walking. Drinking only green tea and takes no sugar in any form.

    He has been in remmision for the past 6months, and the doctors are a little surprised

    by his progress.

    The comment made, we don't know what you'r doing, but, what ever it is… keep doing it.

    Tumeric… cayene pepper and cinammon are all good for the blood and circulation.

    Great to read this article and best wishes to all who consider changing their diet and lifestyle to combat illness.

    I also used a lot of Onions when making the soup… Cancer does not like sweet… Pickled onions and all pickled foods, vinegar and applecider vinegar alongside Lemon, all make for an alkaline environment.

    The tumeric is great used in a mild chicken or fish curry sauce… or vegetable curry.

    We definatly found out the hard way, you are what you eat.

    • eve

      As a raw food counsel. I would say to include as many raw foods as green as poss. and add soursop leaves and the fruit as well as tumeric and garlic to kill any cancer cells

      • cpmt

        what is SOURSOP LEAVES? AND WHERE CAN I FIND THEM? Does anyone knows?

    • cpmt

      well you wrote this 21 weeks ago.. long time, I hope you can still read these comments and answer questions. My question is what kind of soup you make that is good for the immune system and tx. of C. ?? I mean, can you give us a recipe?. And how came you say that vinegar, pickled foods, are alkaline?? Did you give raw veggies? or raw veggies and soups?

  • JayandE

    dan says:

    July 8, 2012 at 6:38 pm

    I’m always suspicious of these health claims for food and then there is no amount to take..that makes me think it’s malarky….


    Would you take the word of an article for the dose if it was given?

    If you are going to take charge of your health at least do your own research, learn how to use search engines so you get the right information on the first two pages or so, keywords that refine your choice.

    • Anonymous

      everyones body is different. some don't need to take as much as others. figure out what your body needs :)

    • Alex

      You are wrongly trying to equate food with pharmaceuticals. Break from that mindset. Of course pharmaceutical drugs require dosing. Too much and you can die, too little and you may not relieve the symptoms.

      We've all been brainwashed by big pharma. Don't you get suspicious of drugs if you read about the side effects? Or, take enough chemo so your hair falls out and you are so near death that the cancer loses interest for a while.

    • Anonymous

      Agree – Read the original article here… Which clearly states she had chemo and radiotherapy – this nonsense misinterpretation must be dispelled!!

    • cpmt

      This is an spice used in Indian cooking… therefore it is very simple to follow.. just see the recipes. It is also used as medicine mixed with other herbs and plants… by doctors in herbal med. (in the orient)

  • JayandE

    Turmeric is a FOOD, some cultures use spoonfuls a day, curcumin is the active ingredient if you are interested look it up. Last time I did there were 125 university studies on curcumin with very favourable results for many ailments.

    I have been treating a PSA of ninety five over three years ago with alternatives,including turmeric, refusing a biopsy as that spreads it (look it up) Conventional treatments, by long term studies, are no better than no action for prostate cancer.

    I have no symptoms now, and the tumour has receded, but the catch 22 is if I survive another two years, for medicine that is considered a cure, but I cannot claim that as it was never diagnosed as cancer (although a PSA of 20 is given an 80% likelihood of cancer).

    That is why you won't find cancer cures by alternatives in the literature, if they weren't diagnosed by biopsy they were 'never' cancer. If they were, the biopsy would spread cancer cells, which is why chemo. is generally the immediate rush, to kill the cancer cells released into the bloodstream, then the claim is that the patient had chemo, and that was the 'cure'.

    • Michele

      I agree about biopsies spreading (or at the very least causing inflammation, making the tumour agressive.)
      I found a lump almost 30 yrs ago when I was 17. It was diagnosed (with no biopsy and no ultrasound) as a cyst. I ignored it as I was told to do.
      In the late 90's I had a biopsy on it (they failed to do an ultrasound then also) and they said it was fibrocystic disease of the breast. The problem with the biopsy was that they pushed the needle through it and out the other side, therefore taking a sample of the wrong part of my breast.
      In 2009 I was diagnosed as having cancer (same lump, it just gradually grew much larger and invaded alot of the inside of my breast) and immediately after the biopsy, the tumour grew much much larger and became very painful.
      I have removed part of if using black salve. I refused all treatment except an MRI which I know is safe because it uses magnets. I was told that if I didnt have immediate treatment I would die.
      The problem is that chemo likely would have shrunk my tumour, but then again, a change of diet did the same thing – the biopsy caused inflammation as it does in many cases. The fact of the matter is that it would have shrunk on its own anyway with the right diet as most tumours would have.
      I'm quite angry with myself for allowing them to do yet another biopsy on me but if I hadn't I wouldn't have had the cancer diagnosis. All I can do is hope that they haven't spread the cancer further into my body. It appears to be almost gone now but I dont know for sure. I look as if I've had a mastectomy but I haven't.
      As bad as this sounds, these doctors just don't seem to know what they're doing.
      My consultant even tried to argue with me when I refused a mammogram telling me that they contain no radiation!

  • mukti

    As far as dosage goes, I don't think it really matters to follow a specific dosage. When I am sick with a cold or flu or anything similar, I take huge amounts of vitamin c. The key is to introduce it to your system in large doses, giving your body the stuff it desperately needs. I'm willing to bet the reason no dosages were specified was because no dosage is needed. Just consume a lot of it.

    • Abbass

      Same here re the vitamin C and colds/flus. I start taking massive doses of vit-C at the first hint of symptoms and have not had an obvious symptom of an actual cold or flu for about 25 years now.

    • Kathy, LPN

      That method works for Vit. C because it is water soluble and your body uses what it needs, then eliminates the rest in your urine. (Note the bright yellow color). However, you must be careful with other supplements, (vit. A, for example) which may not be eliminated and instead build up in your body and create problems.

    • vanita

      as for vitamin C you should take supplements or citric fruits but quite often in the day, not all at the same time. Look up moxibustion too which is an Asian method to improve the defenses of the body… I am going to try these things too.. good luck, a hug

  • Anonymous

    How interesting that you guys did not mention she was treated with chemo and radiation too

    • Debbie

      It states in the article that she wasn't at all treated with either. If you have proof to support otherwise, please share.

      • kimberley

        She did have surgery, chemo and radiation.. The article states that as a fact. She chose not to take Tomaxifen for five years and use diet instead…

    • frank

      Watch THE WAR ON HEALTH and THE BEAUTIFUL TRUTH on you tube, for more essetial knowledge.

    • Abbass

      How interesting, a debunker making a false assertion about an article he evidently did not read. I'm sure the cancer industry appreciates your efforts.

    • tom

      and you really think that was what cured her..the chemo and radiation? Really?

  • medea

    How about posting the diet? That would seem like the logical thing to do if you really wanted to help people suffering from cancer.

    • Abbass

      The logical thing to do if you know so little about natural health methods youthink that's a valid suggestion would be to do some more research now you've been given a clue. This single article can hardly be considered all anyone needs to know to cure their cancer. Do you seriously think people should just read one article like this and then go straight out and start the cure with no further ado?

  • Lous

    In the book "The Prevention of all Cancers" the author

    Hulda Regehr Clark, Ph.D. lists 30 references to Tumeric in the Index.

  • Cathy

    I love articles like this but they never tell you the dosage, for different stuff. I have a whole bottle of organic and the capsules but I don't don't know how much to take.

    • guy

      + / – 250 mg per day

      pepper, increases bioavailability by 10000

    • cpmt

      YOU SHOULD take 1/4 tsp. with any warm/hot food – no salads or cold foods.- it is better the food to have some fat: oil since it is better absorbed. eating to much turmeric can affect your liver (in some people) so watch out -(can have liver enzyme test). In India have been used for centuries to treat cancer and other illnesses. Improves immune system, helps with arthritis, etc etc…

  • dan

    I'm always suspicious of these health claims for food and then there is no amount to take..that makes me think it's malarky….