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Will Obama Fulfill His 2007 Promise to Label GMOs? (Video)

Anthony Gucciardi
November 7th, 2012
Updated 11/07/2012 at 3:43 am
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obamagmolabeling 245x153 Will Obama Fulfill His 2007 Promise to Label GMOs? (Video)With the passing of election day 2012, massive awareness was spread throughout the country thanks to the California GMO labeling bill known as Proposition 37. While the bill did not pass through California legislation due to the many dirty tactics employed by the ‘No on 37′ campaign such as falsely using FDA backing and even sending out fake voting flyers, it has truly invigorated the discussion on proper GMO labeling. Labeling that was promised back in 2007 by the newly re-elected Barack Obama.

Back in 2007 during his campaign tour, Obama addressed the serious issue of GMOs with a promise that he would immediately ‘let folks know’ whether or not they are consuming GMOs through proper labeling. You can hear the statement yourself in the video below:

Now more than 5 years later, Obama has not addressed the issue of GMO labeling — at least not in the way you might think. Instead, Obama appointed the former Vice President of Monsanto Michael Taylor as a senior adviser to the FDA back in 2009. Taylor is currently a Deputy Commissioner for Foods for the FDA. These are the facts, and this is not a partisan issue. I am not a republican, nor am I a democrat. I am, however, against Monsanto and tumor-linked genetically modified organisms. I am also for the direct labeling of genetically modified foods, an initiative that was promised 5 years ago by Obama before he took office for the first time.

Meanwhile, concerned citizens around the country has been demanding GMO labeling through numerous outlets. Polls indicate that anywhere from 93-95% of United States citizens are in favor of labeling GMOs. After all, if the general public actually knew that most of what they are consuming contains GMOs they simply would no longer eat them. Ultimately, corporations using GMOs would go bankrupt if they did not phase them out. This is exactly what corporations do not want, which is why they have contributed over $50 million in fighting Prop 37′s GMO labeling initiative.

It is essential that we continue to bring the issue of GMO labeling to the forefront of the political spectrum and demand that legislators honor the fundamental right to know what you are putting into your body. It is also essential that we highlight the promises made by Obama and others to initiate GMO labeling. This is not a partisan issue — it is a human one.

About Anthony Gucciardi:
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  • Lourdes Vargas

    I didn't see a petion to send Obama attached to this blog…..

  • Anon

    As for ORGANIC food companies, here is some very practical, ‘actionable’ information:

    Which, so-called “organic” food companies are fighting Prop 37 in California, to stop

    GMO-labeling, and which organic food companies are funding/supporting GMO-labeling (ie, your right to know)?

    Boycott the Organic and ‘Natural’ Traitor Brands Whose Parent Companies Oppose Your Right to Know

    Which Mega-Corporations own which “organic” food companies?

    Download the “NON-GMO Shopping Guide” here:

  • Anon

    Oh, that's right – he made A WHOLE BUNCH OF PROMISES –

    ALL of which he never kept. This is just ONE of them.

    • Kathleen

      He never intended to keep any of the promises he made. Rather, he told everybody what they wanted to hear regardless if what was said to group A was in total opposition to what was said to group B.

      He was questioned by a worried elitist in Canada when he was "campaigning" back in 2007, who expressed concerned that Obama was going to go against the elitist Agenda. He told the elitist that it was just campaign rhetoric and nothing that was said was true. That time, I believe, was only one of the times he actually told the truth.

      He is deceitful and cannot be trusted.

  • DD

    Google *Monsanto position vs. Federal position image* This chart reveals some interesting facts. It's no wonder the fight is so difficult to label GMO's.

    It a complete conflict of interest.

  • Patricia P Tursi

    After appointing 27 Monsanto persons to be in charge of our FDA USDA (all of our food, drugs and water) and harassing small farmers and raw milk producers, you still believe in his promises? After flooding MO land and then giving some of the prime land to Suros, and other feats of courage, you still believe in his progressive beliefs? I cried when he was elected in o8 because I believed in him. I am now sure that there is no mainstream candidate running for president and other offices that aren't owned by the plutocratic fascist system.

  • Gintaras

    No. Obama is a liar and a schill for the medical/pharma industry. Look this posting up and see that in 2016, GMO's still have no label.

  • george bourne

    please send info on GMO monsantos