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Why I Always Opt Out of the TSA’s Naked Body Scanners

Anthony Gucciardi
December 20th, 2012
Updated 12/20/2012 at 12:56 am
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tsabodyscannersradiation 260x162 Why I Always Opt Out of the TSAs Naked Body ScannersThe TSA’s naked body scanners have created mass congestion and humiliation within every major airport at which they are installed, but leading radiation experts say that they are also causing mass waves of cancer — the exact number of which is impossible to calculate. You may or may not remember, but in November of last year a bombshell report linking the scanners to cancer actually led to a TSA press response in which they promised to re-test the scanners through independent trials.

As you may have guessed, they of course decided not to proceed with the testing after promising to do so. If they had actually done so, of course, then it would reveal to travels just how much radiation they are being blasted with when travelling through the ‘harmless’ scanners.

It was actually back in 1998 that radiation experts, much like one leading radiation expert I spoke with in a video below, actually projected that the scanners were causing cancer deaths thanks to the emission of radiation. This of course was back in 1998, long before the widespread usage of the scanners. With these machines being rolled out nationwide and having millions pass through each year, the estimate of 100 or so deaths per year back in 1998 can actually be expanded to the thousands (if not more). Even John Hopkins scientists warned similarly that the scanners can wreak havoc on the body.

I spoke with Dr. Edward Group, a practicing radiation expert of over 20 years and the founder of Global Healing Center specifically to address the dangers of the TSA’s naked body scanners:

TSA Scanners Emitting Around ‘Three CT Scans’ Each

Even the TSA has admitted that they have no idea of the radiation levels emitted by the scanners, being forced to admit that they produced around ’10 times’ more radiation than expected. Of course this may actually be even much higher, with some radiation experts (as detailed by Dr. Group) saying that it is equivalent to around 3 CT scans. Scans that have been linked to cancer on their own. This also does not even include the radiation taken in from the actual plane ride.

Also, oftentimes with multiple flights and frequent fliers, individuals are going through these body scanners on a routine basis — often more than a few times in one trip.

And what about the TSA employees themselves? As it turns out, they have actually been getting cancer themselves. As TSA employees from Boston call it, they were hit with a ‘cancer cluster’ from operating the X-ray machines day after day. Unsurprisingly, the TSA heads themselves decided to ignore the cancer cluster in employees and instead dismiss it as nonsense:

“After Union representatives in Boston discovered a “cancer cluster” amongst TSA workers linked with radiation from the body scanners, the TSA sought to downplay the matter and refused to issue employees with dosimeters to measure levels of exposure.”

In other words, the TSA heads tend to treat their own employees as many TSA agents choose to treat passengers. In my own experience, I have also dealt with my fair share of TSA abuse and even ridicule for daring to ‘opt out’ of their cancer-causing scanners.

Don’t Like Cancer-Causing Naked Body Scanners? You Must be Insane!

As you may have already experienced, choosing to opt out of the TSA’s cancer-causing naked body scanners may seem logical to anyone who is informed as to the dangers, but to some TSA employees it’s comparable to labeling yourself as a terrorist. Little do these employees know of course that they are actually giving themselves cancer by operating and standing within about 2 feet of the machine itself.

In my own experience just this week I chose to opt out of the scanner (which can be done by telling them beforehand you’d like to ‘opt out’) and was met with a militant agent who questioned why I would ‘ever do such a thing’. After explaining how the radiation is actually causing cancer in passengers and employees alike, the TSA ‘agent’ then told me that the machine actually emitted ‘no radiation’ and that it was a conspiracy theory. He then said I can choose to ‘believe conspiracy theories’ If i’d like, but that I would have to stand in the ‘designated area’ until they could find a male TSA employee to pat me down.

Of course when choosing not to have your entire body irradiated you are treated like a criminal with something to hide. You are told to stand in a designated area away from passengers, many actually asking me if I was in trouble. These same individuals would then proceed to go into the body scanner and follow their instruction, with a large percentage being ‘selected’ to be pat down anyway — the same pat down procedure that ‘opt outs’ go through.

After standing in the ‘designated area’ and being watched closely like a convict, it often takes upwards of 45 minutes to even be patted down. A procedure that involves a man or woman touching your genital areas very thoroughly, testing you for explosive material, and of course ensuring that you do not move a single muscle without instruction. These TSA employees also have been busted again and again for handling child porn, abusing women, sending rape victims to the emergency room, saving the naked images of passengers, and much more. And again, this procedure is actually given to a large number of those that actually go through the scanner.

Do you feel safer?

In the history of the TSA, they also haven’t caught a single ‘terrorist’. Even amateur hobbyists are able to get through the TSA scanners by placing weapon-like materials on certain parts of the body, rendering the billion dollars worth of scanners entirely useless.

The naked body scanners simply are not safe, and they are not making us any safer. And if the TSA had not been ‘above Congress’ as they so boastfully claim, they may not even exist today.

About Anthony Gucciardi:
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  • Bill Eng

    The PRO ADT Scanner operates on Microwave Frequencies (30GHz-300Ghz).

    They call them “Radio Frequencies” because the majority of people perceive Radio as safe technology, but they are indeed Microwaves.
    Link to PRO ADT website:

    The TSA I spoke to said it is safer then a cellphone.
    Less then a glowing endorsement for cellphones.

  • Lydia S. Creech

    I always believed that people being X-Ray at the airport for the security protocol would have health repercussions. Government warned us against dental x-rays but not airport x-rays. X-Rays should be limited to containers and baggage.

  • Ben

    I was told to get used to radiation in the Seattle airport. Here's my story:

  • Brian

    I've been 'opting out' since they started using these machines. I travel more than the average person, probably about 1 round trip flight every month. The most I've ever had to wait for opt-out pat down was 20 minutes. While I'm waiting for my pat down, I continually see pregnant women go through the scanner, which makes me really sad. Seems like at the very least, they should not allow pregnant women to go through this things. It's just shameful.

  • Leslie

    Unfortunately, we have only ourselves to blame. We’ve allow the government to nanny us to death.

  • Av8or

    I'm a pilot and luckily we don't go through the body scanners, but I think the metal detectors aren't much better. I wish the TSA would just be disbanded.

  • janean

    Does anyone have any info on the ProVision ADT body scanner? At 2 different airports I was told that they are not x rays. I opted out anyway… the TSA were rather baffled. I was the only one who didn't go through on both trips! I have looked on the internet for safety info but have yet to find anything.

  • guest

    Go to social flights and join, private flights are the way to go and if tons of people join, the costs of flights will go down, this is private flying folks. Or better yet get your pilots license and share a small plane with other pilots . It is a fact that if eveyone says No this TSA baloney, this ridiculous radiation and molestation of American citizens is over, it really is that simple, there are 305 million of us if we say NO as a society we mean NO.. Further you do know they are already found in many train stations and bus stations and on the highway, and they plan on also molesting and radiating you before you enter malls and grocery stores, you do know that right? You WILL eventually encounter them everywhere! The TSA is working on making that the future everyday! If we don't say NO they are here to stay ! But when we all say NO they are gone. Radiation causes cancer, CT scans are cancer causing if a person has them repeatedly. There will be masses of cancer over the next few years over this. Not to mention the cancers from GMO's and chem trails. If we do not take back our country and our freedom to pursue life, liberty and happiness we will lose it and with it our health and country! The time is now the word is NO, I am an adult and a free person in my own country, you have No right to harass, molest or radiate me and I will NOT allow it!

  • Dana

    I have refuse to step foot into an airport since summer of 2010 when they installed the scanners at LAX; I rufuse to be radiated or molested by some TSA worker! If anyone tried to "pat" me down I'd have to punch 'em!

  • JJ88

    sounds like me as well, i cannot stand the TSA at all. their scanners have been known to cause cancer for over two decades, they don't care.

  • Johanna

    The TSA is dreadful. To make matters worse about the radiation issue they also violate our rights entirely. I opt out every time as well.