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Insanity: US Approves Bee Death Pesticide as EU Bans It

Anthony Gucciardi
May 12th, 2013
Updated 05/08/2014 at 10:57 am
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bee pesticides epa 263x164 Insanity: US Approves Bee Death Pesticide as EU Bans ItCorporate politics is business as usual inside the United States, as I am once again shocked to report the EPA has sided with industry lobbyists over public health in approving a highly dangerous pesticide that the European Union recently decided to ban over fears of environmental devastation. Not only have neonicotinoid pesticides been linked repeatedly to mass bee deaths, also known as Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), but the continued use of such pesticides threatens other aspects of nature (and humans) as well.

What’s even more amazing is that the decision not only comes after the EU publicly discussed the major dangers surrounding the use of the pesticides, but after the USDA released a report surrounding the continued honeybee deaths and the related effects — a report in which they detailed pesticides to be a contributing factor.

Just the impact on the honeybees alone, and we now know that these pesticides are killing aquatic life and subsequently the birds that feed upon them, amounts to a potential $200 billion in global damages per year. We’re talking about the devastation of over 100 crops, from apples to avocados and plums.

And there’s countless scientists and a large number of environmental science groups speaking out on this. The EPA has no lack of information the subject. And sure, there are other contributing factors to bee deaths, there’s no question about that. We have an environment right now being hit with Monsanto’s Roundup even in residential areas, we have chemical rain, we have insane amounts of EMF — but it’s pretty clear that neonicotinoid pesticides are at least a major contributing factor. And beyond that, they have no place in the food supply to begin with.

The Pesticide Action Network (PAN) details the EU ban that came right before the EPA acceptance of the death-linked  pesticide:

“The EU vote comes after significant findings by the European Food Safety Agency that these pesticides pose an unacceptable risk to bees and their use should be restricted. Along with habitat loss and pathogens, a growing body of science points to neonicotinoid pesticides as a key factor in drastically declining bee populations.”

So why are they approving this pesticide to now pollute the United States in what potentially amounts to an even larger capacity than the EU? A move that will ultimately escalate the price of food worldwide due to the likely nature of continued bee deaths and subsequent crop impact? That’s the power of phony corporate science.

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  • Jiminy

    I have no idea why I'm posting this, because I know it will fall on dumb, deaf ears, but the article implies the EPA recently approved this during the same time the EU banned it. Read facts, people. All neonicotinoids were approved in 1984, not exactly a year that could be called "recent." The EU only just banned it in April, meaning it was considered safe until then (by their standards). As cited on the EPA's own website,

    "The neonicotinoids are a class of insecticides with a common mode of action that affects the central nervous system of insects, causing paralysis and death. All of the neonicotinoids were registered after 1984 and were not subject to reregistration. Some uncertainties have been identified since their initial registration regarding the potential environmental fate and effects of neonicotinoid pesticides, particularly as they relate to pollinators. Data suggest that neonicotinic residues can accumulate in pollen and nectar of treated plants and may represent a potential exposure to pollinators. Adverse effects data as well as beekill incidents have also been reported, highlighting the potential direct and/or indirect effects of neonicotinic pesticides. Therefore, among other refinements to ecological risk assessment during registration review, the Agency will consider potential effects of the neonicotinoids to honeybees and other pollinating insects."

    The EPA is currently reviewing their stance on this pesticide. The EPA, on their own website, admits that this poison is part of the CCD epidemic. I have personal frustrations with bureaucracy, and in this case, that means we won't have a decision until 2016 at the earliest, but it's still a far cry from the portrait painted in this article, suggesting the EPA as a bunch of evil suits collecting suit cases of money from other evil suits to approve a problematic pesticide. If any of you have proof of that, please step forward. You'll probably make the cover of Time magazine.

    Throughout the comment section of this article, I have seen (aside from the rampant, appalling lack of proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation), a quote from Cicero which has nothing to do with the EPA, pesticides, or Monsanto, a hyperbole-filled rant by Donna Sims claiming to know many people with excessively vague symptoms that could indicate hundreds of various medical problems (but she pins them all chemicals and big government), and far too many one sentence replies that add nothing of merit to the conversation. I'm serious people; this is not discourse. This is not progress. Those two things involve confronting facts, sources, and ideas you don't like, and diving head first into them. I'm assuming you all claim to keep an open-mind, but yet I'd bet dollars to doughnuts you only read the same biased blogs for your information. This is nothing but a giant cesspool of confirmation bias. I'm am nothing but a lower-middle class, blue collar guy who enjoys science and facts. And I already know I'm going to be called a paid-off shill of Monsanto. And even if I'm not, I know some of you will think it. Fine. That's your brain rationalizing something it can't understand. Your conspiracies only slow down the progress of humanity.

    If any of you drove a car, or rode a bus/taxi/etc today, then you contributed to Monsanto (10% of gasoline is subsidized ethanol, mainly GMO corn). And the use of GMO's means a massive decrease in pesticide input. There is no black and white, here. It's all gray. Good and evil can exist within the same entity. I'm not exactly a fan of Monsanto, not at least when it comes to their legal tactics. But science is science. Facts are facts. This article does everything it can to make you think that some sort of puppet EPA has just approved this pesticide, which is simply not the case. If you have to lie to make your point, then what kind of point are you making?

    (And for the record, I will not comment or reply to anything else on this thread. I'm done. Say all you want. I will bookmark this to laugh at the replies to my comment, but I will not argue with a brick wall. And also for the record, I'm fairly liberal. I'm not all "CAPITALISM!!! GUV'MNT!!!! AMERICA!!!!!!" I can be very counter culture, just not when it comes to facts.

    • Deb

      What you don't seem to understand, Jiminy, is the appalling fact that every federal agency (at least at SOME level) is compromised. It's all a bunch of back scratching horseshite.

      "And the use of GMO's means a massive decrease in pesticide input." WRONG

      "Overall, pesticide use increased by an estimated 183 million kgs (404 million pounds), or about 7%. " [source: ]

      "suggesting the EPA as a bunch of evil suits collecting suit cases of money from other evil suits to approve a problematic pesticide. If any of you have proof of that, please step forward.You'll probably make the cover of Time magazine."

      If you knew anything, you'd know this is not the kind of news that makes the cover of Time. Here are some links for you about EPA if you're interested:

      (EPA Lags Again as Parts of California Contaminated for Decades by Cancerous Toxic Vapor)

      (EPA Relaxes Public Health Guidelines For Radiological Attacks, Accidents)

      (EPA Grossly Misrepresents The Toxicity Of Corexit Used In Gulf Of Mexico)

      (EPA to Help Mainstream Media Obscure The Truth About Radiation Exposure to Americans)

      You know that saying where there's smoke there's fire? I hate to sound snarky but the EPA's been compromised for at least a decade now. America is a Corporatocracy – for corporations BY corporations. You sir are at BEST, ill-informed and how DARE you attack the other posters here. Keep eating your GMO/glyphosate buddy, I'm sure your internal organs will thank you. Have a nice day. LOL

  • Energetic Advantage

    Any thoughts on how to gather to change this? Please let me know… It's really time to take back our planet!!!!

  • freehumanity

    Saying that the cause is merely corporate greed is terribly naive. There's a coordinated satanic plan to exterminate about 90% of mankind (and enslave the rest). There are more agents to carry out the monstrous idea: destruction of family values, hormonal imbalance through chemical exposure, homosexualizing culture, chemtrails, biological bombs, nuclear bombs, contaminated vaccines, false pharmaceutics, hunger, war, genocide, murder, expensive food, contaminated water, aspartame, GMOs. It's evil because it ultimately comes from the source of pure evil (by the way, Monsanto means: MySatan). I'm totally furious that the GMO poison has already come to Latin America. The real objective is to depopulate the earth by poisoning as much people as possible. Monsanto is backed by a satanic sect called the illuminatis who, believe it or not, are implementing the plans of Lucifer on earth. That is a FACT. Go ahead, google it. Just don't search in the mainstream media, because they only tell lies. Read only independent and ethical blogs, and find the horrifying truth, but do it before the Stellar project is complete, because after September the government will know anything and everything that anybody does in the internet.

  • Bio-Don

    I'll tell you what will inevitably happen if there is NOT a ban. It's nasty, it's horrific and it's inevitable. It's called eco-terrorism. Watch for it… But in the meantime help turn the tide by writing MPs, MNAs, friends, and so on. Get the word out there that as the lowly bee goes, so do we. Believe that, as that's the way it IS! People will react once they feel their very lives and the lives of their children are threatened. As bees drink pesticides, so do we in effect. Get it? Don't wait for someone else to do it for you. Do it – whatever you feel you have to do, and in whatever way – to turn the tide. Become engaged, even enraged, in anyway that you think will make a difference. It about YOU and your family…for a start. It' s about survival. ACT!!! It's about 'honey', not 'money'. No pollination– no food. No food– no you. Become an eco-terra-ist!!!

  • Ann

    I think it will take more than marches and some people boycotting foods that have been GMO modified and full of toxins. Most people don't have a clue what they are eating and their profits aren't hurting much with just a few people boycotting.
    Governments are not listening to reason and only care about the profits of these large corporations.
    I really don't know what the answer is. I hope that someone comes up with an idea that is going to work and work NOW!

  • denpage

    Everyone needs to read, 'The World According to Monsanto' by Marie-Monique Robin. This is a very in depth account of Monsanto's past cover ups and what lengths they go to to get their way. It is horrifying what greed will do to a person. And that is the most basic motivation this company has. They want control of the food supply, so they can drive the prices. If they get control of our food supply, we will continue to get sick and then they can eventually control the drug companies. And so on. This company has nothing in mind but profit, with the help of lies, deciept and cover-ups. This, all at the expense of peoples health and well being. And the future of our environment. Contact your congressman!! Do what ever it takes to bring this company down!!!! With people like that in our midst, we don't need enemies elsewhere. I WILL MARCH!!!!!

  • oneofthosewomen

    It appears the United States is doing everything it can to eliminate it's entire population. It has polluted the Food Chain with GMO's which has Awarded it the Title of Being the SICKEST MOST OBESE AND MEDICATED COUNTRY OF ALL AFFLUENT COUNTRIES.

    even with the Research that is CLEAR AND DOCUMENTED what GMO's Pesticides, Herbicides, rBST, BPA etc are doing to the people, they continue to force they into our atmosphere. NOW they are going to KILL THE BEES that pollinate the plants that produce the Chlorophyll that we need to breath. SOUNDS LIKE A LIFE OR DEATH situation not just for the Bees but ultimately for everyone in this supposed to be civilized country.

    It is also too clear that the United States is OWNED and OPERATED by MONSANTO who has former staff members in every office that regulate what we consume, how it is produced, and determined to be safe or not (FDA, USDA, EPA) and the only things they are VALIDATING ARE LETHAL TO ALL LIFE FORMS.

    Find a March near you or coordinate one.

    But for those who want to take care of their health prior to the USA fixing this mess if ever then Moringa Oleifera being the Super Super Food providing Total Nutrition is the answer to the Health Issues. Find Me on Facebook for more information. CynthiaOOTW

  • Donna Sims

    This is what is making everyone sick, breathing problems, flue symptoms, etc. I know too many people in different states which have the SAME type of symptoms. Any you sorry pieces of humanity are approving IT! What you are doing is killing people and animals for your sorry chemicals Surely their is some type of legal action that can be taken, i.e. a Class Action Suit again you) to stop this.
    I wondered what was "in the air" causing this and I "thought" the government, or some "big industry" was behind it, at least I know I am NOT crazy, it is true. You all need to stop out of human decency if you have any that is. Believe, with this now out, we the people should ban together and attempt to stop you at least. No one wants to die for you to get richer, and produce toxic products. Big business has gone too far for too long. Donna Sims

  • Terry

    I just can't grasp what is wrong with these people?!! A handful are deciding the ruins of the masses… Daniel Beck, you are so right…so sadly right.

  • Leanne Hinton

    What is the name of the neonicotinoid pesticide that was just approved by EPA and banned by EU? What is the docket number at EPA, so that we can write to them about it?

  • Daniel Beck

    “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear. The traitor is the plague.”
    Marcus Tullius Cicero

  • thegreenwebb

    Don't worry, Monsanto has genetically modified bees that can withstand this stuff and genetically modified plants that pollinate through telepathy and they've decided that forests and other natural ecosystems aren't important after all since they are not Roundup ready, and oxygen doesn't grow on trees; and they are the experts after all, so everyone stay calm…hey have you seen the latest from grumpy cat? Stay stupid, America, you're in good company.

  • whatamImissing

    Exactly where in the report does it say that the EPA has approved neonicotinoids? I read the whole thing and I'm just not seeing it.

  • KreexRamoo

    Washington is fighting for gay rights and such nonsence when the United States has REAL problems to be taken seriously…. This is a National Crisis and money is corporate wallets are the only focus….Might be time to move to Europe ASAP if you want to live in a greener Earth… Soon The USA with be an uninhabitable wasteland…. so sad that for such a promising species.. humans are soooo stupid

    • teknooh

      Gay rights and such nonsence? Wow. You're right. Humans ARE soooo stupid.

  • Michael Drew Prior

    The U.S. is environmentally and spiritually ignorant–and most americans do not realize it.

  • Live2BFree

    Where there is life there is hope. Perhaps, if enough people come together, we can shut these corporations down. Don't buy anything from farmers who use this. If the entire population can be strong enough to fight it by boycotting anything that poisons us and the environment, maybe we can protect the future generations from this travesty.

  • Ragnar

    Tar and feather Monsanto's scientists and lobbyists

  • jim

    we r now so far gone that human survival isn't even on the table anymore. Wake up the damage may continue but it is already too late. Sad legacy for us to leave our children. Greed and selfishness at the extreme once again only now its is justified in our own demise.

  • itsonlyausername

    Probably trying to compensate their corporate buddies in Bayer and Syngenta for the loss of business in the EU. Well hey you got a big country so it won't make a lot of difference. Until the food prices climb through the roof and people in a developed nation go hungry. After all the speculators will benefit too. A win-win all round for the fat cats. More Famine =More profit. Its what the deregulation of food and fuel by Maggie Thatcher and Ronnie Reagan was designed to do. Or have you forgotten

    • gypsyrose

      Wrong. More regulation = more burden on small business = more profit for big business.

      More famine = less people. That is a goal of UN Agenda 21 which is what brought us all the nonsense about sustainability and green energy. They've taken legitimate concern for environmental protection and created a monster that cannot coexist with the Bill of Rights.

      • jester

        gypsyrose, Did you just fall off the back of a turnip truck and hit your head? OMG.

  • A Dude

    "So why are they approving this pesticide to now pollute the United States in what potentially amounts to an even larger capacity than the EU?"

    Because our Govt is run by a bunch of incompetent greedy assholes who could give a f*** about nature.

    • Riverdivine

      Agreed. Ours in the only species that is stupid enough to make choices which threaten our own survival as a species. Human beings like to think of themselves as the 'most evolved', but, in fact, we are the least evolved- ethically, emotionally, and physically. We use our brain to destroy our own survival as a species (i.e, we allow corporations to eliminate clean food, clean water, clean air..for profit, and for "convenience") . We kill off others because we are incapable of controlling our own violent urges, and call it "2nd Ammendment Rights". The instinctual nature and intelligence of other mammals is far superior to our won. Clearly….we are also the least evolved mentally.

      • pizza guy

        yes, i agree with everything said. but remember how the "rich assholes" see it: we are a species of 7 BILLION STRONG. no species has ever done that. in the interests of our own survival, we need to shed off some excess fat, if you catch my drift.

        in summation, they see us as overpopulated pestilences, which in fact, to them AND to mother earth, we are. in the interests of human long term survival, the numbers simply need to fall.

        • pizza guy

          EDIT: there are some species that are 7 mil, i bet. but still, overpopulation is the drift of my message

          • Robert Park

            Also interfering with our own environment; we are undoubtedly about to eliminate ourselves; no survivors.

      • Pascal

        Aliens run your country , not humans !

  • Riverdivine

    Its absolutely sickening. Pure evil. What further can be done?

    • Pascal

      food sovergnty …. water security .. energy independance , seclusion , personal security ….therefore ending your reliance apon comercial goods….and whims of zealots