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Turmeric a ‘Superfood Secret’ for Healthy Fat Loss

Anthony Gucciardi
July 19th, 2012
Updated 11/18/2012 at 2:27 am
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turmericheart 235x147 Turmeric a Superfood Secret for Healthy Fat Loss

A super spice known for its numerous anti-cancer properties and an impressive ability to positively influence over 586 diseases according to peer-reviewed research from leading universities, turmeric may also be one of the most powerful substances when it comes to healthy fat loss. Over 1,543 scientific journal entries are now centered around turmeric’s beneficial properties, but a bounty of new research is now hitting the limelight that demonstrates how this powerful spice can actually serve to combat unwanted fat by conquering insulin resistance and blood glucose levels alike.

The fat-vanquishing nature of turmeric and curcumin (a compound within turmeric that is believed to be responsible for many of its benefits) has even generated significant interest within the mainstream medical establishment. Looking to capitalize on the fact that turmeric is increasingly being known as a whole body solution to a number of issues, researchers are now seeking harder than ever to essentially ‘pharma-tize’ turmeric into a pharmaceutical-type drug in which major drug titans can patent as sell off at a premium price to suffering patients.

Peer-Reviewed Research Highlights the Role of Turmeric in Healthy Fat Loss

Thankfully, you don’t need to purchase expensive patented pharmaceutical drugs to enjoy the benefits of turmeric spice. Research is continually finding that both inexpensive high quality liquid extracts of turmeric as well as the actual food product itself are both readily available and powerful obesity fighters. In one such study from the Xi’an Jiaotong University School of Medicine, it was found that turmeric can even ‘counter’ the negative effects of a ‘junk food’ diet.

Amazingly, the study found that curcumin (once again, a compound within turmeric found in extracts and the food itself) consumption directly decreased levels of insulin resistance and leptin resistance — two factors heavily linked to fat gain. In the conclusion of the research, study authors state:

“By diminishing the sediment of fat, relaxing the lymphatic return, and refraining the apoptosis of beta cells, the curcumin might significantly decrease the level of insulin resistance and leptin resistance caused by the high fat diet.”

More than 13 other peer-reviewed studies have also reached similar conclusions, finding that turmeric intake is directly associated with increased healthy fat loss and decreased insulin issues. What’s more, the spice does not come with the harsh side effects that come along with the use of historically-dangerous diet drugs. Instead of resorting to such drugs, try adding turmeric into your daily lifestyle. To make it even easier, here are many turmeric uses and some great recipes I’ve outlined in a previous post.

Additional Sources:

PubMed Database on Turmeric

About Anthony Gucciardi:
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  • ease

    Which brand is the best. so many online

  • Huong

    I had heard
    about its anti inflamatory properties and I thought I’d try it for pain. Well,
    to my surprise I lost 6 lbs! I did a lemon juice cleanse for one day( juice of
    4 organic lemons 8 tblsp Pure Maple syrup, about 1/4 tsp Cayenne pepper and 64
    oz of spring water) to help get my liver cleansed out a bit and WOW! I am
    definately going to take Turmeric everyday. I think it’s giving me more hot
    flashes though. Is that possible, since it revs up the metabolism?

  • Guest

    I had heard about its anti inflamatory properties and I thought I’d try it for pain. Well,
    to my surprise I lost 6 lbs! I did a lemon juice cleanse for one day( juice of
    4 organic lemons 8 tblsp Pure Maple syrup, about 1/4 tsp Cayenne pepper and 64
    oz of spring water) to help get my liver cleansed out a bit and WOW! I am
    definately going to take Turmeric everyday. I think it’s giving me more hot
    flashes though. Is that possible, since it revs up the metabolism?

  • Ashley

    Amazing information regarding turmeric for weight loss. In the information it is given that turmeric have anti-cancer properties. I recommend to all of those who want to live fit and healthy. I also live fit and healthy with the use of turmeric. I want to tell everybody who want to loss weight.

    Thanks and regards,

  • Jana

    I've been taking a once daily curcumin capsule and my joint pain is 90% better in a few weeks.

  • Carlos

    Get it in organic root-form. I found out that the powder in stores is irradiated with nuclear waste (cobalt-60).

  • Noxolo

    Apparently you must not boil it. Heat destroys the active ingredient. You can drink like tea just don’t boil it. It works better with oil so coconut oil is suggested and Sonia black pepper for best results

  • Abba

    Take 1/2 tsp tumeric with black pepper in warm (water or milk) first thing in the morning. Apart from all the uses already listed (Indian dishes etc), it tastes great in mashed potatoes.

    • Nita

      I will try this in the morning. Will it give me an energy boost? Is that why it should be drank in the morning?

  • chris


    Take it with black pepper! It increases its effects!

    I believe the reason being is that turmeric gets decomposed in the small intestine normally , where black pepper prevents it.. or something of the sort. Please google for more.. But they do taste fine together, I just had it on my salad.

    • Nita

      Thanks, I will try the black pepper along with the turmeric.

  • Barbara

    Good recipe from Dr. Gupta – 1 cup almond milk heated up, add 1/2 teaspoon turmeric, 1/2 teaspoon ginger, 1 teaspoon cinnamon, and 1 teaspoon honey. Stir and enjoy.

    • Nita

      Thanks I will try it.

  • Nita

    Is there a certain amount that should be ingested to get the fat loss?? How much is too much?

  • Nita

    How much do I use for weight loss on a daily base?
    How much should be used daily for health benefits?
    When should it be added to food? Before cooking? During cooking? After food is cooked?

  • Nita

    How much do I use for weight loss? How much should be used on a daily basses for health benefits?
    Is it best to add it after food is cooked? Or does it matter?

  • Reks


    Can you give an example how they took turmeric? A store by my house sells fresh root, not sure how to use it :(

    • Anonymous

      Juice it with tomatoes and ginger

  • Joyce Garforth

    Yes turmeric is the thing to take, it helps to cleanse the liver and therefore the liver can do a better job.

    My father told me this, he was 99 years old, his sister was 103, and a great aunt of mine was nearly 110 years. Could turmeric be the cause???

  • Brittany

    I have an Amish store just 10 min. from my house with this and many other great herbs to keep you healthy at literally half or less the cost of our grocery stores! I have just been using the powdered because pills and my gag reflex dont mix, you don't smell or even taste it on anything! I add it to my salads all the time!

  • Joan

    When I learned about it a few yrs ago I just startede sprinkling it on almost everything except fruit of course. it is bland and not hot, I can't even taste it.

    But,if it does what they say it does that good enough for me. I do not take killer medicines only health products.

    I sprinkle while I'm cooking or after or sometime both cant hurt ya.

    I like the bag suggestion, I will have to find an Indian store tho.

  • abinico

    This article would have been useful if it answered:

    1. how much tumeric do you need

    2. how about tumeric extract supplements

    3. does cooking heat destroy the active components

    #3 is especially important to understanding what you are getting – I suppose if in doubt you can always add

    tumeric after food is cooked.

  • Betsy

    Better yet, go to the Indian grocery and get a large bag of it. It's much cheaper there than other places. Then go to the health food store and get empty capsules. Fill with turmeric (may be called Haldi in the Indian grocery). MUCH cheaper than buying pre-filled capsules, and exactly the same thing. Will only cost you some time.

  • Jim @ SFP

    Good article. Really glad to see turmeric getting a lot of attention lately. I'd be interested to hear how you like to use it. Aside from the obvious curries, I put a little in most stirfry and tomato dishes. It also goes surprisingly well in scrambled eggs or omelette. I've also found parsley in the same dish really softens the flavor.

  • medea

    How can a human get enough Tumeric to do all the great things it does? How much daily do we need and what's the best source?

    • Anonymous

      Eat Indian food. There are ready to cook ones but I would find an Indian grocery in the city, buy turmeric powder. Saute vegetables and rice on a pan with salt and pinch of turmeric. Eat and enjoy.

    • mike

      you can go to any local health food store and bu it in pill form…i've been taking it for about a month now after reading some of the effects of it. If it works great, if not no harm done.