As the Senate moves to vote on the DARK Act legislation that could ban mandatory GMO labeling in the United States, it’s time to demand that President Obama keep his 2007 promise to label GMOs.

It was in 2007 that, as you can see in the video above, President Obama declared that he would label genetically modified foods upon becoming President. In his own words, he says that we have the ‘right to know’ what we’re eating. This promise has not only failed to amount to any form of action over the past several years, but may soon be trumped by Obama signing off on the DARK Act bill that will make GMO labeling a dream of the past.

Officially titled the ‘Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act’ and nicknamed the ‘DARK Act,’ this is a bill I’ve been warning you about since its inception. I’ve published articles, key videos that have been shared by thousands, and even created memes to bring awareness to the issue. Now, the fate of the bill sits with both the Senate and President Obama.

In the event that the Senate passes the DARK Act (which may very well happen considering the breakdown of politicians who are receiving massive funding towards such ends), it’s all up to Obama to veto the bill. The same President Obama that so dearly promised us GMO labeling back in 2007.

The tables have truly turned, haven’t they?

Now is the time to spread the word about the DARK Act and tell President Obama that he needs to keep his 2007 promise on GMO labeling. Because there’s nothing that goes against the promise to label GMOs more so than signing off on a bill that makes the very act of requiring GMO labeling illegal. The DARK Act is perhaps the largest attack on what I call ‘food intelligence’ in recent history, in that it clearly reduces our ability to make informed decisions about what we are eating.

Ultimately, it also shows that Monsanto and processed food manufacturers are extremely desperate in their attempts to silence opposition towards their GMO-loaded products. Since the World Health Organization declared that Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide is in fact causing cancer in humans, even many GMO proponents have begun doubting the safety of Monsanto’s products. Quite frankly, they have lost the war for public approval (and the DARK Act is the response by their lobbying groups).

Don’t let multi-national corporations ban your right to know what you’re eating. Tell Obama: don’t make GMO labeling illegal!

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Post written byAnthony Gucciardi:
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