The Simple Carbohydrate that Prevents Damage from Cigarettes

There just may be a way to mitigate the damage caused by smoking cigarettes, and the result could be a financial blockbuster to anyone who patents it.

Revolting Footage Shows Blackened Lungs from Smoking

In light of smoking dangers, a series of gross videos of damaged, blackened lungs have recently been released as part of another anti-smoking campaign.

Cannabis Continues to Eradicate Disease Despite Efforts to Suppress It

Despite government resistance, cannabis is slowly gaining the reputation it deserves – a healing plant with much medicinal value.

3 Cigarette/Tobacco Facts You May Not Know About

Here are 3 little-known facts about smoking that you may not be aware of—facts that could further convince you to drop the habit for good.

4 Natural Anti-Wrinkle Solutions

Taking care of your skin can help you retain a youthful, wrinkle-free appearance throughout the years. Here are 4 ways to reduce wrinkles naturally.

Will NJ Become First to Ban Smoking in Parks, Beaches?

Some say a proposed law that would ban smoking in New Jersey public parks and beaches is for the betterment of all, while others say it is just too much.

Mental Illness Comparable to Heavy Smoking in Reducing Life-Expectancy

A new study shows that serious mental illness is just as bad for our health as heavy smoking – sometimes taking an entire decade off our lifespan.

Analysis: 8 Million Lives Saved by ‘Smoking Controls’ Since 1964

A new analysis shows that smoking controls over the past 50 years have saved 8 million lives and increased the average lifespans by nearly 20 years.

Calamus Root – The Natural Remedy to Kick a Smoking Habit

Calamus root can calm the nervous system. Just by chewing on the root, it can take the edge off of cigarette cravings so that it is easier to stop smoking.

Thirdhand Smoke Causes DNA Damage, ‘May Cause Cancer’

Do you know about the dangers of thirdhand smoke? Studies have indicated that thirdhand smoke can lead to DNA changes and cancer.

How Cigarette Smoke and Chemtrails Contribute to Worsened Health

Did you know that cigarette smoke AND chemtrails are poisoning your body with toxins and heavy metals? Don’t worry, though, there are solutions.

5 Ways to Boost Your Happiness NOW! (Part I)

Happiness means different things for different people, but it’s important for everyone. Here are 5 simple things that may improve your overall happiness.

5 FAQs About Recreational Marijuana in Colorado

Colorado’s recent legalization of marijuana has led to many questions. Here are a few things you need to know about pot in Colorado.

The Herbal Remedy to Kick the Smoking Habit & Repair the Lungs

Once banned by the FDA, lobelia, or Indian tobacco, has been used as an herbal remedy for generations to help smokers quit cigarettes and heal their lungs.

Pfizer Falsifies Data for Suicide-Linked Anti-Smoking Drug, Gets Away with Murder

Drug companies falsify data and get away with murder, as evidenced by Pfizer’s smoking cessation drug Chantix and its link to suicide and homicide.

What Big Pharma is Afraid Diabetes Patients Will Find Out

Did you know that up to 90% of diabetes sufferers can treat the issue themselves through lifestyle choices? Big pharma does NOT want you to know this.

Photographic Proof that Smoking Causes Premature Aging

We’ve long been told that smoking causes premature aging, but a new study involving twins offers photographic evidence that the habit makes you look older.