Bernie Sanders Calls Out US Policy on GMOs, Slams Monsanto

Senator from Vermont and Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders seems to be fighting for food freedoms, food sustainability, and GMO labeling.

Big Food Trickery? SmartLabels to Act as ‘Real’ GMO Labeling

The Grocery Manufacturers Association and Big Food companies are trying to trick consumers with SmartLabels to bypass GMO labeling.

Kroger Supermarket in Ohio Gives Free Fruit to Kids

A supermarket in Greenville, Ohio, gives free fruit to kids, and the community response has been overwhelmingly positive.

Judge Tells Chobani to Pull Misleading Ads Calling Out Dannon and Yoplait

A District Court Judge has ruled that Chobani must halt its negative ad campaign against Dannon and General Mills’s 100-calorie Greek yogurts.

Crawling Around Crop Fields, Chinese Spy Caught Stealing Millions of $$ Worth of GM Seeds

A Chinese spy was caught reverse-engineering GMO seeds in the United States, and attempted to steal millions of dollars’ worth of them.

FDA (…Sort of) Bans GM Salmon Until Labeling Guidelines are Finalized

The release of GM salmon to the market has been placed on hold as the FDA finalizes guidelines for the safe consumption of the fish.

Supplement Shake Mixes Found to be the Cause of Salmonella Outbreak

An outbreak of salmonella in Minnesota has been traced back to supplement shake mixes, and may have caused outbreaks in other states.

Inspirational Video: How one Man Cooks for 170,000 Flood Victims

After floods in Chennai, India left thousands of people in despair, a single man managed to feed 170,000 people in a bout of non-stop cooking and altruism.

Grocery Chain Aldi is Expanding Organics to Meet Consumer Demand

Aldi’s move toward all-natural, affordable foods has made it a fierce competitor of Whole Foods and even Walmart because of its ridiculously low prices.

Action Needed: 20K More Signatures to Convince Congress to Stop Wasting Food

Landmark legislation was recently introduced to combat hunger and reduce food waste, but it needs help getting Congress’ attention.

Weed-Killing Robot Developed: No Herbicides Needed

A new robot called BoniRob, developed by the German company Bosch, can travel through fields and remove weeds without the use of pesticides.

Vending Machine Offers Only Fresh, Organic Salads Instead of Candy Bars

Twenty-seven-year-old Luke Saunders set out to create a vending machine offering organic, restaurant-quality salads and snacks. It’s called Farmer’s Fridge.

Dole Recalls Listeria-Riddled Bagged Salad After 2 Sickened, 1 Dies

A Listeria outbreak that sickened 12 people and killed 1 in the summer of 2015 has been traced back to a Dole production plant in Ohio.

How Scotland’s “Organic Ambitions” Plan Will Shift the Future of Food and Farming

Scotland will launch an initiative next week aimed at boosting the country’s organic agriculture while stimulating the rural economy.

This is Why Chipotle is Closing ALL Stores Feb 8 (Temporarily)

Chipotle announced that it will be temporary shutting down all of its restaurant on February 8th for a food safety meeting due to a slew of E. coli outbreaks.

Are New Dietary Guidelines Based on Science or Politics?

Are the new dietary guidelines based on science, or are they based more on politics and the almighty dollar?

Greenpeace Finds Illegal GMO Corn Crops in China

Greenpeace said in a report released last Wednesday that farmers in northeast China are illegally growing genetically modified corn.