Former President Jimmy Carter Visits 10-Year-Old Cancer Survivor

Ten-year-old cancer survivor Carter Beckhard-Suozzi’s dream was fulfilled when former president came to pay the boy a visit.

Cancer Study Halted After 3 People Die

A cancer therapy trial involving genetically engineered immune cells and a chemotherapy drug was halted after 3 patients died from brain swelling.

Strangers Rally for Superhero Sketches for Boy with Cancer

Three-year-old Ben Austin is battling cancer, and loves superheros. So his cousin had people send sketches of superheroes to help him through the hard times.

Trials Show Promise with New Breast Cancer Drugs

New drug trials have shown that new drugs may work to give women with advanced breast cancer a chance at survival and a life after treatment.

Simon Cowell Donates $33,000 for Child’s Cancer Treatment

Simon Cowell has donated £25,000 ($33,100 USD) to little Kian Musgrove to help him receive specialist cancer treatment in the United States.

Colorado Boy Knits Hats for Cancer Patients

While some kids play video games in their spare time, 11-year-old Garrett Lowry has a unique after-school activity: he knits hats for kids with cancer.

Analysis: Eating These Foods Could Extend Your Life

Harvard researchers analyzed 12 studies and found that consuming ample amounts of whole grains can help people live longer.

British Man Says He Diagnosed His Own Cancer

A British engineer, located in Hull, United Kingdom, has said that he had to diagnose himself with cancer after his GPs failed to do so on nine separate occasions.

Dad Gets Matching Tattoo of Son’s Cancer Scar

Josh Marshall won St. Baldrick’s Foundation #BestBaldDad Contest for childhood cancer for going bald and getting a tattoo resembling his son’s brain surgery scar.

Patients can Decide their Method of Colon Cancer Screening

Experts say that there is no one screening method that is superior to another for colorectal cancer. leaving it up to the individual to decide the method.

Turmeric for Cancer? Study Says the Spice Shows Promise

Combined with chemotherapy, curcumin (turmeric extract) is effective in fighting cancer; but studies suggest that curcumin works better when used alone.

Drug Companies to Pay $67 Million for ‘Exaggerating Claims, Misleading Doctors’

Two drug companies must pay $67 million to settle allegations that they deceptively marketed a cancer drug and gave doctors illegal kickbacks.

Double Stem Cell Transplant Improves Childhood Cancer Survival Rate

Children receiving double autologous stem cell transplants are more likely to survive neuroblastoma, a deadly strain of cancer, than those receiving a single stem cell transplant.

Monsanto Must Pay $46.5 Million in Damages in PCB-Lymphoma Case

Last week, a St. Louis Circuit Court jury awarded $46.5 million to 3 plaintiffs who alleged that PCBs made by Monsanto caused cancer.

New Rat Study Finds Link Between Cell Phones and Cancer

Many scientists don’t think cell phones emit enough radiation to cause cancer, but a new study may make believers out of the biggest skeptics.

Farmers Sue Monsanto over Allegations of Cancer

Four Nebraska farmers are now suing the agricultural giant Monsanto because they believe the herbicide Roundup has caused them to develop cancer.

Study: This Activity may Cut Your Risk of 13 Types of Cancer!

A new study of more than 1 million people shows that physical exercise cuts your risk of 13 types of cancer. Time to get moving!