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A new study from Europe shows how food packaging materials contain as many as 175 dangerous chemicals. Things are not looking much better in the U.S.

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Could the Plastic Chemical BPA be Making People Obese?

Research suggests that the presence of bisphenol-A, a toxin found in plastic drink and food containers, could be contributing to the obesity phenomena.

Goji Berries Could Mend BPA Damage in Male Reproductive Organs

In a 2013 study, the unassuming goji berry showed promising results in protecting and potentially reversing BPA damage to male reproductive organs.

French Gov’t Insists EU Raise Awareness About Toxic Chemicals in Foods

Experts in France are putting pressure on the European Union to define the list of growing toxic chemicals, endocrine disruptors, in foods and products.

FDA Claims Once Again that BPA is Safe with “Flawed” Study

Despite countless studies showing BPA dangers, the FDA has released a study that supposedly confirms the safety of BPA. Critics say the study is worthless.

Toxic: Study Issues Warning on Food Packaging Dangers

A new paper indicates the synthetic chemicals in our food packages, such as BPA and known carcinogens, could be doing long-term damage to our health.

6 Toxic Products to Eliminate in Your Home

To be totally healthy, you should be savvy when it comes to toxic food AND household toxins. Here are 6 toxins to replace in your home.

Bottled Water Leeches 24,000 Chemicals into Your Body, Study Finds

Recent research out of Germany indicates there are more than 24,000 chemicals in bottled water. Many are causing serious hormone-disrupting effects.

Two Chemicals in Processed Food Packaging Linked to Childhood Obesity

Research shows that two common food packaging substancs – BPA and phthalates – are causing numerous health problems, including obesity and diabetes.

4 Simple Ways to Limit Your BPA Exposure

How do you avoid health-damaging bisphenol-a? Choosing BPA-free labels is an easy start, but here are 4 other ways to limit your BPA exposure.

Research Finds Majority of BPA Exposure Comes from our Food

New research from the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) affirms that the majority of the BPA found within us is coming from the foods we eat.