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Scurvy, Depression, Slow Healing – Over 7 Signs You’re Vitamin C Deficient

Susan Patterson
March 19th, 2013
Updated 05/08/2014 at 5:05 pm
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vitamincoranges 322x201 Scurvy, Depression, Slow Healing Over 7 Signs Youre Vitamin C DeficientFrom the 15th to 17th century sailors set forth on long and onerous journeys across the ocean not knowing if they would ever see dry land again. They came face to face with raging storms, were challenged mentally and physically and often ended up stranded or shipwrecked. However, more than anything, these sailors were impacted by a vitamin C deficiency known as scurvy. Scurvy would ravage sailors, leaving their gums rotten, their body full of pain, and their body covered in red spots.

There was no shortage of proposed cures for scurvy, all of them turning up unsuccessful as more and more sailor’s lives were taken. Finally, after much wasted time, it was determined that citrus would keep sailors healthy while on long sea voyages.

Scurvy all but disappeared after the late 18th century, but surprisingly it is still seen. Teens who struggle with eating disorders, older people and alcoholics who have lost their ability to absorb vitamin C are prone to this deficiency-related disease.

Unlike most animals, humans do not have the ability to manufacture vitamin C making us dependent on outside sources. The only way to keep this nasty disease at bay is to eat enough vitamin C rich foods or take a supplement.

Neurological Stress

A recent study conducted at the Vanderbilt University Medical Center found that mice who were deprived of their ability to make vitamin C, exhibited interesting behavioral patterns. Depressive and submissive behavior, as well as a drive for glucose laden food were observed. After a subsequent deprivation period, it was noted that the mice had decreased blood glucose levels and neurological damage caused by oxidative stress.

It should be noted that orthomolecular doctors have used mega-dose minerals and vitamins including vitamin C to resolve major psychological and physiological problems.

Other Signs of Dangerously Low Levels of Vitamin C

The body gives several warning signs when vitamin C deficiency has reached dangerous levels. Paying attention to these sings could save your life.

  • Bleeding gums, gingivitis or loose teeth. Vitamin C is necessary for collagen which builds and maintains tissue.
  • Lack of energy or depression. People with vitamin C deficiency may lose weight and suffer extreme fatigue. Depression is common.
  • Mood swings. Irritability and rapid changes in mood may indicate a severe deficiency.
  • Chronic joint pain. Serious deficiencies will lead to bleeding in the joints causing constant pain.
  • Suppressed immune system. People who seem to be sick all the time are often lacking in immune-boosting vitamin C.
  • Slow wound healing and bruising. Without adequate vitamin C bruising occurs easily and wounds take a long time to heal.

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  • James

    What is the daily intake of vitamin c?

  • ant

    look at any of Dr, Weston A Price's work

  • Lorraine

    Yes, there are vitamins out there, patented, and have been clinically proven to be absorbed 10 to 1 against the leading brand name multivitamin.

  • Joy

    what is a person to believe? How do we get organic vitamin c into our diets with out subjecting ourselves to toxins????/

    • Kathi

      Eat organic celery leaves.
      Most people tgrow the leaves away and the truth is the Vit C values are far above eating citrus.
      Add them to your salads, salsa etc…Broccoli has tons of Vit C. read and Google Vit C rich foods.
      Go out and "safe tan" 20 minutes in the sun each day on at least 40-50% of your body expose, good Vit C rich foods will build your immune system.

  • Sophie

    Synthetic vitamins and nutrients block the real ones and majes our system unable to absorb real ones even after we stop taking it.

  • Carole

    If you do this , Buy organic oranges. Peels are soaked with pesticides with regular bought oranges.

  • Ann

    Are there any vitamine C supplements that are organic?

    • CmdrSoCal

      Eat fruit and vegetables. Supplements are for suckers.

  • horsemom78

    did you know most vitamin c supplements are made from GMO corn? you can make your own vitamin c by air/sun drieing your organic citrus peels and then grinding it up in a coffee grinder or magic bullet, use the powder in shake's or capsules, or even to flavor a citrusy dish! silly of us to throw away the main vitamin source of the friut!

    • CmdrSocal

      I have heard orange oil is toxic to humans. Oranges are not a good food in general.

    • Victor

      I am the owner of Health Plus Nutrition Centre in Ajax, ON. I checked with 3 of our suppliers so far. Health First uses certified non-GMO ingredients including non-GMO corn in the making of both their Calcium Ascorbate in their Berry-C Supreme and in the Ascorbic Acid Vitamin C. Sisu also uses non-GMO ingredients in their vitamin C products including Ester-C. Although another supplier said that they are looking at sourcing all their raw materials as GMO-free, they did say that there is none of the protein left in the final product so that even if GMO Corn was use none of the GMO parts would be in the Vitamin C. I hope this helps. At our store we are very Anti-GMO so even if a supplier says their is no GMO portion left in the final Vit-C we think that they need not to support the GMO market with their purchases. At least they are conscious of this and are moving in the right direction. I will be checking with other suppliers in the upcoming CHFA Vancouver trade show in 2nd week of April. We are striving to make our store a GMO-free zone.