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Scientists to Add Spider Genes to Human Genome to Create ‘Bulletproof Skin’

Anthony Gucciardi
February 1st, 2012
Updated 11/06/2012 at 12:40 pm
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spidergoatsilk 210x131 Scientists to Add Spider Genes to Human Genome to Create Bulletproof Skin

Scientists are now discussing the possibility of adding silk-producing spider genes into the human genome to produce ‘bulletproof’ skin. The news comes after testing was done on bioengineered human skin that was grown in a laboratory and mixed with ‘milk’ created from a genetically engineered ‘spider goat‘. This is a goat that has been genetically tweaked to produce the same protein found in spider silk. Spider goats are transgenic creations that have two key spider genes embedded into their genetic code that enable them to weave extremely strong silk.

Spider silk is much stronger than Kevlar (the material used in traditional bulletproof vests), and scientists are now saying that it could actually be used to create an internal bulletproof skin vest. The silk is actually 5 times stronger than steel, and is one of the strongest fibers known to man. While the fibers involved with the creation of the bulletproof skin are not as strong, they are still extremely powerful. It sounds like something out of a science fiction novel, but Dutch scientist Jalila Essaidi says it will soon be a reality. While she performed tests involving the silk-embedded bulletproof skin vest created in the lab, she discussed the very real possibility of actually replacing human skin proteins with that of a spider. She said:

“Why bother with a vest: imagine replacing keratin, the protein responsible for the toughness of the human skin, with this spidersilk protein. This is possible by adding the silk producing genes of a spider to the gnome of a human: creating a bulletproof human.”

The lab-grown skin fused with the ‘silk’ is currently capable of withstanding a direct impact from a bullet fired below full speed. Researchers say that the ‘transhumanistic’ idea of the silk vest could make science fiction a reality. View the video of the testing:

About Anthony Gucciardi:
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  • veronique2

    Totally against nature. Scientists playing God as usual. When you mess with nature, sooner or later, you pay the price for it. Once example is GMOs. I find this very disturbing.

  • John Kallark

    I guess that's one way to put a bug to good use. That is, of course, as long as we don't start growing extra arms or eyes.

  • Christiaan

    It would be horrible if they would officially do this in real life. It's messing with nature. Why aren't people satisfied with everything Mother Earth has given us? -_-

    • Danny

      Mother Earth gave us nothing; Jesus Christ did #

  • nishant

    it's not a stupid thinkingness

  • brittany anderson

    This really cant be i think its a bunch of crap, there no such think about stuff. You people crazy you may think its real but its not trust me and maybe you have seen it in a movie.And if I myself was a testtube baby and was injected with genetic DNA id go insane, and there no way you can inject spider DNA into a human being you would have series of expiments to do me i'm a scence geek. now i sigjust that you get your heads out your butts and dont beleve this crap.

    • peter parker


  • hanspy

    And a bullit proof skin wil NOT safe your life.It wil stop the bullit , but you still wil die .Maybe a small 22 can be stopped safe but with a 9mm or rifle bullit with some mass you wil die from internal bleeding.The kinetic energy must go somewhere.Hit somebody with a baseball bat on his chest hard, and he wil have bad injuries,as broken ribs,colabse lungs etc and over 50% die.So we need also stronger bones,tisue and shockabsorbent organs.Wonder what happend when a bullit hit the head.Brain damage,bleeding in the brain and 90% dont live long.With other words,nice but i had espected a bit more from my fellow country men.

  • R Andrew Ohge

    The upsides of this development:

    1. "Spidey Sense."

    2. Being able to hang upside down by your own defecation…

    3. Being able to survive by consuming flies.

    4. Never ever having to worry about a prenuptial again.

    5. Hunt with Dick Cheney in perfect confidence.

    6. Vampires break fangs attempting to bite you.

  • Georgia

    Are ALL scientists on drugs?This bizzare scientist is REALLY exposing her ignorance.

    Our SKIN allows us to recieve vitamin "D"from the sun.

    Our skin allows us to absorb moisture,ointments,and ability for emergency surgery,& the loving touch of friends,family,children,and the touch of the pets.

    With out the ability of skin "feelings",this cold creature would have the same feelings as that of a metalic robot.

    • K

      Scientists have gone over the top. Why not work on global warming, ways to feed the starving with out genetically altered food. Bullet proof skin……….what about necessary surgeries. If tax payers are funding this we should be in an uproar.

    • Alex

      Keratin has nothing to do with any of those things, do your homework. NOWHERE was it stated that modifying human skin with this would take away ANY of those properties. Do you have any idea how much of a fool you're making out of yourself? People like you who overreact to amazing advances of science like this one are an insult to humanity. Do you even comprehend how many lives could be saved by this? Do you even realize how far we've come? Constantly, progress is being halted by idiotic moralities like yours that claim skin is to "absorb [...] the loving touch of friends,family,children,and the touch of the pets." without even knowing what the fuck they're talking about.

      • Kev_C

        Do you even consider how many people will die because of the wars that will be fought with bullet proof soldiers? How about you consider the implications of your so called love affair with these amazing advances of modern science which gives us more ways to kill each other….whether it is with keratin or not.

        I reckon it is you that needs stop overreacting and stop insulting our intelligence.

        Maybe you have never been touched by another human? Maybe that is why you have overreacted so violently to the very idea of humans loving touch.

        Have a nice day and go find something to hug. :)

    • hanspy

      He is dutch.99% chanse he is on weed:)

  • Defendfreedom

    :-) These Damn people have got to be OUT of their 456hwvb45iu MIND, Do they think they ate diong the world a big favor,, Don't they understand that if you screw around with Nature, it will turn around and bite them on the ass :-) 5/4/12

  • Anonymous

    For all those who suggest that this would damage the body's organs, you are all quite correct, I think. The only positive thought that I can think of is that there would be little or no blood loss of the injured party, therefor, less to clean up! Would this spell the end for CSI???

  • Anonymous

    it cant kill u it no as bulletproof n i check it on the net

  • really concerned

    Everything that is created needs a safeguard. If we can create anything at all with the creation of the safeguards needed then we have created something wonderful.

  • Becky Lidle

    Still gonna kill! It will mess up organ's on impact.

    • Christopher Briggs

      It will mess up the organ's what? You have not said what is attached to the organ.

      • Shadow

        The hydrostatic damage from stopping a bullet would still destroy the heart, lungs, liver and pretty much everything else in the chest, depending on the caliber used. You’d have a pretty sack to store the gel in though but the person would still be dead. However that poses another problem. Surgeries. How do you cut these enhanced humans to work on them?

        • Alex

          Spider silk can still be cut; as stated it's not indestructible, we'd just need to upgrade the medical technology we have to be able to intervene should such an incident happen.

          Yes, people would still die by the damage caused by the bullet's impact, but even if that new skin only lowers the casualties by not even 1%, it's still thousands of lives saved.

      • MikeyC

        Your mom is what is attached to the organ!

  • Becky Lidle

    It will mess up organ's and kill anyway.

    • Christopher Briggs

      organ's WHAT?!

    • julesbell

      christopher is trying to say she used her apostrophe incorrectly, as almost flipping everybody does, arghhh. plural = more than one- NO APOSTROPHE!

      just add an 's' to make it plural.

      add an apostrophe 's' to make it possessive, as in, the organ's pain…the organ's longevity. organs are damaged, organ's health needs to be taken into consideration. p.s. apostrophe also for conjunction as in 'it's' = it is or 'she's' as in she is. attend to your punctuation education or vote for rick santorum, tyvm.

  • Becky Lidle

    Looks like "it will still mess up organ's!"

    • Christopher Briggs


      • Anonymous

        Let it go!

      • FacePalm


        That make it better?

        …organ's structure…

        • Mike Walsh

          The difference between a possessive S and a plural S is important, isn't it?

          I'm not an english major myself, but I nailed a few in college.

          • julesbell

            thank god for education and clearer heads prevailing. yes it's important. organs. plural. no apostrophe.

  • Werner Bock

    And what protects the 95% of us,who dont have the bulletprove skin, when the idiots are duking it out? I guess, we will be just Colateral Damage. Got a better suggestion, get rid of the Hounds of War, their Masters, Mad scientists and all their cheerleaders, the Media Whores, before they succeed in making Planet Earth the Greatest Hellhole of this Universe. As I see it, Werner Bock

    • Anonymous

      To do that you have to kill the federal reserver, which is the engine for financing *all* major wars, that are based on political reasons in the background

    • FacePalm

      But we love our Mad Scientists! …and whores of all kinds and types.

    • Dana

      couldn't have said it better myself!

    • Alex

      You're a funny guy, Werner. You seem to be unaware that Earth is already the "Greatest Hellhole of this Universe" or at least what portion of it we do know. Nice try, though. Oh, and the 5% with the upgrade? They're the ones who work their asses off every day in the very bottom of this hellhole to protect you so you won't need to become some sort of spider hybrid.

      • Kev_C

        You aren't trying to tell us you are one of these 5% are you? Trying to save us? Oh dear. I think I'll pass on your help thanks very much.

        After all your a liability working for the dark side by shouting the praises for this 'product in development.' With the sort of support you are giving to this new aberration called progress the world will become more than a hell hole. Mad scientists they be one and all.

  • Patrick

    The internal organs would be destroyed by the shockwave. They would die without immediate transplants. The skull would still crack and the brain be shaken to mush.. who cares. This is just a justification for further sicko development.

  • Jonnie

    I wonder how you could operate on someone with "bulletproof" skin. People are much more likely to need surgery than to need to be bulletproof. Would the internal organs also be bulletproof? Because then I wonder how the amniotic sac is supposed to break during child birth. I question the science of this research if these questions aren't addressed up front.

    And for all of the commenters worried about the "Antichrist.". If you are really worried about every single advancement in science, then why are you on the Internet? Why aren't you living like the Amish? I bet you think that Aboriginal tribes are silly for thinking that pictures steal your soul. Your hypocrisy is frustratingly idiotic. I really hope that revelations are true and that all of you morons get raptured. It would be the greatest time on Earth for the rest of us, minus all of the pestilence and such. And I tell you, hell would be a paradox, because the only hell I know is having to listen to your thoughtless nonsense.

    • tron

      The problem with genetics and the other associated fields is complex and the ramifications of the research and applications is unknown. Job justification and a paycheck are the prime motivators for this kind of work.

      The group of people who try to reengineer the enviornment and the life forms are dangerous . Period! You can rationalize and justify anything you want to. The problem is that the thought process of eugenics and basic research cannot honestly include the moral and ethical judgement required to formulate a honest judgement.

      The bottom line is that everything in the world (except humans) has developed an intricately wovenplace and purpose developed over time. To think that you can change that or manipulate the natural order of things and play god is rediculous. Hint most of the expereiments die.

      I would like to read your reply. Please think about this honestly

  • Moselaine Elan

    I think that for people who are deeply concerned about their lives such as whose who works in areas where their lives are constantly placed on the line, in dangerous situations such as army men and women ect…who can get injured or killed on duty, such a design could be of great benefit.

    Science has created great things and has the ability to do so due to the products that is available from nature, scientific breakthroughs and the natural world goes hand in hand. No scientists has ever created anything out of nothing that isn't already in existence.

    The thing that I fear about these breakthroughs that had came from human manipulations than through a natural occurrence rather it would have occurred through accidental or natural, is that the body may not operate as it should, such as a person might get a reaction to this new parts that is out of the ordinary, and more diversity and segregated our human species will become. We are simply creatures that finds it hard to tolerate each other based on our "color" differences, and to find other traits that differentiate us from others, would be a gamble.

    Many obstacles might arise from such drastic changes. If a "bullet proof" skin is safe and provides just that one quality, I say to people who are working in lines of such weaponry, here is more protection offered for your safety if such an extreme protective barrier is needed. But I feel that we already have a great sophisticated body that has so many marvelous areas that keeps us-us, so to add anymore features would be if such things are for safe and for the "greater good".

  • JC Denton

    I didn't realize how terrified a whole generation of people are by transhumanism. Depressing. No matter.

    • GreenMtnBoy

      Not the thought itself. Think about how much evil has been caused by people "Playing God". H5N1, for example, was not a great danger to humans until a scientist decided to do a little "experiment" and modified it to a highly-contagious form. The powers that be, currently, are highly malicious and war mongering. We need a serious regime change before we can start thinking about "The greater good". Because right now, all we're looking at is "For the good of the greatest"

      • hanspy

        Was from the Dutch to.Its all selfdevence for us:)The USA is doing everything BIG. We are smal so we do things small.You have carryers we have viruses.You have drones, we have bullitproof skins.

  • Michael

    Kinda makes you wonder if the anti-Christ will be created in a lab rather than a womb. Think about it. The prophets had to write metaphorically because they probably didn't completely understand what they were being shown and told. Metaphoric messages have the ability to retain their meaning across great spans of time. They would not have understood DNA or genetic engineering enough to tell us exactly what to expect; just as such with so many other prophecies and warnings that have been metaphorically written. The heads of the beast are the nations or societies that will fund the science and the creation. Just a thought.

    • Jack Carver

      Yes, created in a lab, a clone of the original. The clone will be assassinated, the original will emerge as if resurrected. The ultimate deception! Just my opinion…

  • Joshua

    And they thought themselves to be God

    • JC Denton

      And it was good.

  • Beenexperimented on

    If you don't think there is a dr.mengele try going to dental works…that's true pain…they screw your mouth up and try to charge for fixing it! Spidermen armies and locusts armies oh the hell why not! You guys have a great sense o wit! Abiniajab has got nukes and plans on using them, get your laughs in now because of all leaders are f'ing crazy and I am just about there watching the insanity of all these idiots in power…and the crazy mad freaking mad scientists and perverts and serial killers…Dear God help us before we all crack!

  • Tyler

    They can make man have spidery skin but we can't feed and clothe our fellow humans. Wtf has gone wrong.

  • MAN1F357

    I'm sure the tough leathery skin look will appeal to all the ladies.

  • Alex

    That's rediculous. The bullent went all the way into the mass of jelly which was "protected" by the silk, but really the only thing that wasn't "torn" was the skin itself (presumably). If I could hit you as hard as that bullet then you are going to have some major internal damage even IF your skin is not torn open. You can see penetration power and you can see shock waves of force going not only laterally, but into the mass, and those were some BIG shock waves. This is just utter prolefeed. Enjoy the mmm mmm distractions from Ron Paul.

  • Anonymous

    Genetic chaos.

  • Capt Blargh

    Once this can be put into a vaccine we can all throw away our guns,

    • Anonymous

      Or in the mosquitoes! Which will all be GM by then.

    • tomalock

      Laugh and believe that or not but there are MANY guns that can go right thru that crap and I own one so do many in my area and we use them for hunting large game. The sock waves emitted by the force of the bullet striking such an object weather or not it goes thru the skin will still kill the subject. The laws of physics will see to that.

      The Creator designed all life on this planet to work together and each has it own job to do in the grand scheme of things, when you "tinker" with it you upset the balance we enjoy of nature.

  • AgreeToDisagree

    North east Asia has been experimenting with Spidersilk in the last century or few after getting the Silkworm silk thing down pat. They knew the value of Spider Silk but didn't have tech fine enough to weave the stuff till now.

  • SuperLuminal Man

    Besides being an abomination before the Divine Eternal, the thinking behind this development is utterly stupid. It is known that the kinetic energy delivered by a high-speed, armour-piercing, mil-grade projectile generates a ballistic shockwave that can easily shatter bone and rupture organs: instant incapacity and or death in it's wake. I wonder what this is REALLY for?

    • GladI'mnotThem

      I don't think these mad scientists care about the outcome, whether or not it's death and destruction of the human body. All they care about in their twisted minds is to completely 'create' their own version of a human being. This way they really do think they are God and thus equal to Him in power. Seems like we learned about a similar story in Genesis…..His name was Lucifer.

      • Lightseeker

        I agree. This is why our creator YHWH said:


        13:11 And I will punish the world for their evil, and the wicked for their iniquity; and I will cause the arrogancy of the proud to cease, and will lay low the haughtiness of the terrible.

        13:12 I will make a man more precious than fine gold; even a man than the golden wedge of Ophir.

        Man more precious (rare) than fine gold? Wow!

        There wont be many TRUE man/"humans" left. All cyborg things without a soul and easily possessed by evil beings.

        This is the kind of world that

        those who despise our creator and us are seeking.

  • Mike Walsh

    Fire dangerous! Fire Bad! Thog daddy-daddy eat meat raw, Thog daddy eat meat raw, and THOG EAT MEAT RAW.

    Someday we burn ourselves with this 'Fire.' Spirit of Cave Bear coming soon to give love and warmth to eaters of raw meat. Woe unto fire users! WOE.

    • JA

      What? You know posts like yours serve only to distract. Take your nonsense someplace else.

      • Mike again

        Just mocking the bible thumpers who feel that every advance is an affront to God…I imagine they existed even before christianity.

        • sc

          Not every advance, just the ones that align with end time Bible prophecy.

        • Jack Carver

          Mike, you are crossing barrier species; even evolution, "natural selection", doesn't allow for that.

  • jimmy

    When the monsters casually decide that this is not creepy and have no problem suggesting this because it is, in their eyes, perfectly logical, we know that the covert experiments have got to be the sickest an most cruel perversions of life. This is disgusting beyond belief. Humans are so screwed up now that we need a big can of raid aimed at us. How vile and ugly can we get? Stay tuned. At least we aint got long now, thank god. Fukushima will make sure we have the legs of spiders too.

    • Mike Walsh

      Yes. Let's just stagnate and never improve on any of our skills or sciences ever again. The current world is perfect and needs no more innovation.

      (that was sarcasm)

      Seriously, go bury your head in the sand and leave living to those of us who are willing to sometimes GET hurt/burned/cancer.

      • jimmy

        Mike, you consider this an advance in our skills? How about we maybe change some of the sources that produce the symptoms that we suffer. Like maybe getting rid of the corruption that drives this insanity? When we get around to solving some of our basic faults and eliminating them, which will take a lot of work, then we can worry about scientific advance that wont be quickly snatched up for the purposes of inflicting harm on others for monetary gain. This is evil in it's naked form.

        • Chris

          Hi Jim,

          Agree with you totally-

          instead of using their intelligence to help create a better world-these bozos are all about creating better ways to kill!

          Another example of the great divide between science and religion(I prefer my own form of spirituality personally).

          Goodness of one's heart reflected in the goodness of one's work.

          Throw them all out I say,they're all corrupt.evil and unable to see the change coming.

    • SuperLuminal Man

      And this is the stuff we are allowed to KNOW about .. can you imagine the unspeakable HORRORS being developed in the completely Black Budget/Top Secret world as I type this?? —We're waaay past scifi now.

      • sc

        Wow…so true, considering that they are 30 years ahead of what they tell us in technology, etc.

  • WendyWasp

    Well, so much for the origin of Morgellons

  • amicus curiae

    ah, but we will need this to survive their self guided, up to one mile deadly bullets…well the Military will.

    sure wont be for the common herd..

    which is a good thing as long as they trial it on themselves and leave us alone.

  • vvv

    it's the alchemy and holy grail search of the 2012's, still believing that original mesmerizing lie: ye shall be as gods. people can't you see the clock stop ticking now it's already ringing loud, but most are deep asleep in dreamland.

    The Lord God Yashuah soon comes!

    • Mike Walsh

      Wouldn't it be awesome if we saved our own bacon and didn't have to rely on Sky-daddy to do it for us?

      • JA

        Your sarcasm is disgusting. Obviously you believe in the scientific god, which in the end, equates to Satan. Any other god besides the TRUE GOD, is nothing but an emissary for Satan and his demons.

        I suggest you wake up, and grow up. You have a very rude awakening coming your way if you don´t. Fool.

        • Mike again

          Got any proof? I mean beyond a book of myths or writings by authors on the church's docket? No. You have blind faith. I have faith in humanity.

          Kindly keep God at church where he belongs and OUT OF MY LAB!

          • JA

            I have my faith, you have nothing. People like you will be cowering with fear and doubt when TSHTF. I will be watching out for the likes of you in an effort to give a helping hand, pick you up off of the floor. I might also slap you silly so you can snap out of your mindless babble, much like your mindless slumber right now.

            You have obviously chosen to be a scoffer. Ignorance may be bliss, but it is certainly easier to swallow than the truth!

            • Voltaire

              "If God did not exist, it would be necessary to invent him"

          • sc

            And this is what you are going to stand on when you are before the throne of God? "but the book was written by men, so my faith is in humanity."

            "Only when you believe is the proof given and when you believe the proof is everywhere."

            • olk

              So what about a tribe in africa who live and die without ever seeing anything outside of the jungle? Does this person burn in hell?

          • Chris

            It is truly amazing reading all of these replies on this topic and the one subject keeps coming up, God, Jesus, and Satan,…Mike I am with you. Most wars are over religion and state. To not rise above this level of thinking will doom humanity and all living things on this planet. Pathetic how all of these religious people call upon there God when they are about to be killed. Pathetic how they Call upon there god when the people they believe in the most deceive them and beg for forgiveness. I say wake the hell up…..They all believe in Forensic evidence when they convict people and call it undeniable proof. Yet when there is absolute forensic proof to evolution in all species and Zero proof in any way shape and form of a God they will not accept it. NO PROOF PEOPLE!!!! NONE!!!! WAKE UP!! AND BE ACCOUNTABLE FOR YOUR LIVES!!!! To those who have created this Spider skin….You are clearly intelligent individuals, Please use this knowledge that you have been given to help make this world a Healthier and Happier place to live…….To all of us that think with a higher perception than those that have been so influenced by the greatest book of fiction ever written. I mean really REALLY….I dare any of you bible bangers to stand upon a hill and start yelling up to the sky!!!! Keep doing this until you get a reply… A VERBAL REPLY!!! Don't quit until you here one. I mean he is your GOD!!!! He will answer right?? According to Moses he talked upon a hill. So since you believe in that stuff with all your heart well I guess then your GOD talks back to people. Please I insist that you Engage GOD In a convo…I can most certainly guarantee you that your next trip will not be to the Red Sea it will be to your local psych ward!!!! TIME TO WAKE UP PEOPLE….Time to realize that everything that happens in your life…YOU MADE IT HAPPEN YOURSELF!!!!!……MIKE….keep living the higher life to bad these fools will be the end to all that is living on this planet!!!

            • Chris

              Are you not suppose to give up all of your worldly possessions. Perfect well start giving them up. Give all of them up and you will be rewarded. Your reward will be a nice box on a street corner…Then you look up and say GOD why has this happened to me? You get no answer. Day after day after day keep asking and trying to seek that answer. I can guarantee that you will never get a reply and I guarantee that from that point on you will do what you have to do to survive. You will learn that there is no GOD just you!!!….Once again Talk to your God out loud on that street corner and you will be in a psych ward by the same people who believe in him as well……Pretty Ironic isn't it!!!!

  • Wolff

    Oh, me, me, me! Pick me! Pick me!

  • Norman L

    This I call frankenstein Science. Man does not have the wisdom or integrity to start playing with the human genome. We will be eventually destroyed if this tampering is allowed to happen. Scientists focus on the short term. They cannot predict the long term effects of their genome modifications. They can however calculate very well how much profit their folly will generate. It's all about money and it's making me sick!

  • Raymond Way

    And what happens when you need an operation?

    • isnamthere

      They'll have to start genetically crossing human jeans with blue jeans so that our skin produces zippers.

      • Anonymous

        Very good!

      • Moselaine Elan

        lol. I love this comment. Genuinely funny :)

    • Moselaine Elan

      Very true. This question is very important and should have been presented with the introduction of this new technology or "product". What happens to the skin under such condition?…what has been researched other than it becoming bulletproof.

  • matt

    This is twisted, sick and an abomination to God. Just because you can do something does not mean you should; why go against what nature has produced? Are there any studies being done to see how mixing different species will effect the rest of the human race? Bacteria and parasites are all over so what effect will the introduction of a new type of species have?

    • JC Denton

      Vaccination, haircuts, soap, cotton-polyester shirts, sneakers, cooked food, aspirin.

      I think we've been doing the whole "nature is trying to kill us, let's adapt using our intellect" thing (and two of the above are "an abomination") since we became behaviorally modern some (possibly too long of an estimate, but definitely near the neighborhood of) 50,000 years ago.

    • olk

      Spider man is bad ass end of story

  • Andy

    Stupid people, will do everything for money.

    • isnamthere

      …and to make the most indestructible war machine possible. I agree, stupidity!

  • Annie Linux

    There just has to be some serious downside to this since we don't actually see any of God's other creations walking about the place with bullet proof skin. Rather the idiot than me who would want to try this sort of monstrosity out.

    • Mike Walsh

      There was no NEED for bullet-proof skin prior to our arrival on the scene. My worry is this:

      How do you kill the bullet-proof people that need killed? Choke holds? Poison gas… I suppose there's always a way.

      • jimmy

        That's easy! You just put some T-rex genes in humans and bite their heads off.