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Russian Scientist Says ‘Immortality’ Possible for Wealthy Elite by 2045

Anthony Gucciardi
August 1st, 2012
Updated 11/02/2012 at 3:44 pm
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immortality 235x147 Russian Scientist Says Immortality Possible for Wealthy Elite by 2045

Ruling families and the wealthy elite have long dreamed of immortality to preserve their ability to rule for all of eternity, with heads of dynasties historically offering abundant prizes and gifts to those with secrets to everlasting life on Earth. One prominent Russian scientist now says that such an achievement will be possible for the wealthy elite by roughly 2045 through a concept deeply studied and publicized by researchers like Steve Quayle and Stan Deyo.

Often criticized as ‘conspiracy theory’ or bizarre science fiction back when analysts were blowing the whistle over this ‘privileged’ technology, the process involves generating fully functional holographic human avatars and transporting one’s ‘consciousness’ into an artificial brain. While the overall ‘immortality’ process is intended to be completed by 2045, the scientist states on his website that the act of transplanting a human brain into an artificial body will be available in as little as seven years.

The rest of the project would extend all the way to 2045, ran by a ‘team of the world’s leading scientists’ working on the initiative.

On the website of Dmitry Itskov, the scientist behind the idea, the 31-year-old asks for contributions from the world’s wealthiest members of society in order to accelerate his plan. These wealthy contributors will then be rewarded with the use of this technology upon completion, allowing them to ‘live’ in an artificial brain and body throughout the course of history. On the website is also an image which outlines the projected process of completion, with the holographic body avatars actually available by 2015:

 holographicbodyimmortality Russian Scientist Says Immortality Possible for Wealthy Elite by 2045

Following the creation of a remotely controlled robotic copy of one’s body in 2015, 2020 then brings a body in which a human brain can be transplanted after death. In 2030, human personality is set to be transferred directly to the ‘borg’ brain and implanted. In 2040-2045, the plan is set to complete with a full-fledged hologram-like avatar in which the artificial brain and body will ‘store’ the consciousness of the subject. In a more detailed description, Dmitry Itskov explains on his website how these new borg-like bodies feature a ‘artificial brain linked to a robot’ complete with a consciousness link to an internet-esque system. Once again, this was spoken of verbatim more than three decades ago by analysts like Steve Quayle and Stan Deyo.

2015-2020 Plan

This phase of the plan includes the emergence of android ‘avatar’ bodies controlled with a ‘brain-computer’ chip interface (likely of RFID nature). This chip would be systematically established to issue ‘orders’ to the artificial body and eventually interlink with the artificial brain.


This time frame involves the linking of the human brain and robot with an ‘autonomous life-support system’, giving way to a new field of transhumanistic developments and further turning the human body into a bio-electronic ‘avatar’.


In this near-final stage, human consciousness is to be transplanted onto an artificial carrier or ‘brain’ creating ‘cybernetic immortality’. Artificial intelligence will emerge with robots likely taking the role of all military, police, and others. These robots will have their own form of artificial ‘consciousness’.


The artificial brain turns into something that has no substance, linking into an ‘internet’ of sorts in which the ‘global consciousness’ network is established. Humanity is set to “become a new species” and forfeit any form of physical materialization.

About Anthony Gucciardi:
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  • Admiral America

    This seems like it should be several centuries away. I thought the hope for 21st century immortality lies in nanobots repairing all the cells in the body to reverse aging, and maintain cells in a youthful state for eternity.

  • benji

    well………. what is consciousness???? What is energy????? energy you would say is all things? consciousness then thus is energy because chemical reactions are energy transfers and releases. So……. consciousness is all things… So when you die and you dissipate you go to all things!!!!! where do you want to go????????? and which part of the brain do you want to be your portal of escape?? god and the light? Occipital and parietal lobes…. something else…. cerebral cortex and other parts. sooooo religious lunatics no more!!!! now on what level? i don’t know if you can remain completely aware and alive after you die and retain your ability to learn and think unless you had some ability like being a particle or a part of a energy source, which is like the sun…. and the light…….. but…… still. a photon….. electromagnetic and energy…. Boom….. 5 bucks

  • Kenji Makoto

    You should watch Only Lovers Left Alive by Jim Jarmusch, you might enjoy it.

  • mwood13

    never underestimate the power of evil

  • Rich Pea

    ugh……..just ….ugh……

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  • Anenome Ofglobalgov

    Agreeing with JOERUN2. Those of us (and there are many) who have had out of body experiences are well aware that consciousness (our ‘amness’) is apart from the brain but uses the brain to experience physicality via the 5 senses. Check out (RIP) Robert Monroe’s 3 classic books (and The Monroe Institute) in which he, having a natural aptitude for ‘slipping out of the physical body’, experienced anxiety of this ‘gift’ but, once assured of his normality by psychiatric friends, was overcome by curiosity so became an explorer of the non-physical worlds. We are made in God’s image, not as a physical body (God is not an object!) but our consciousness. These Elites are elite only in their madness. By the way, my out of body experiences were spontaneous and a true gift, for death no longer has the negative connotations, it is just a transition to non-physical reality (and in my Father’s house are many mansions – like attracts like over there, it is not a mixedbag, so psychopathic mass murderers will congregate, apart from those of a more noble persuasion – thank God.

  • Chris Punches

    Forfeit? Forfeit is right. Who would run the servers?

  • Durtyoleman

    I say we use it on the Russians first.

  • Nina Widlund

    Be careful what you wish for. To live eternally can be a blessing or a curse. You will see loved ones live and die, civilizations rise and fall. No attachments will endure with you. Eventually the immortal will either live in his own hell or work to find agape love and wisdom.

  • jeremy

    god save us the world is going to hell well the majority

  • John B

    I guess that biological immortality exists already and we don’t have to stay in line to year 2040 technical excellence.
    Immortality is normal past, presence and future of living humans, and it is based on personal skills and energy. New generation is also welcome to increase the population. Only immortal people will be able to survive in the future. You can find details on internet site and blog . Company publishes not only theoretical study, but also practical recommendations for people who are not planning changes in the life, but looking for online help.

    John B.

  • Gordon

    Impossibility – they'd be nothing but elaborate puppets. Facsimiles. Pinocchios. What is true is, the dumb rich and easy wealth are soon parted.


    Transferring the brain or brain contents will do nothing because the brain is only an instrument ..not who we are. We are infinitely more than any brain could comprehend.

  • M Schultz

    On the one and this could be a giant con to suck money out of the wealthy for fundraising for research which will never go anywhere but provide a good living for the researchers.

    Whether it will work or not, the idea that it could work will encourage these psychopaths who plunder our would indiscriminately, destroying our food system, environment etc., because this will give them, they think, a way of surviving the destructive effects of their greed and lust for power.

  • FrankNorman

    Artificial brain? That's not immortality, that's replacing the living person with a robot copy. The copy is not the original. Its not even like it, just designed to behave like it.

    Anyone who confuses that with personal immortality need only consider: in principle they could make the cyber-copy of you while you were still alive. Meet your new twin – he's going to live for centuries. While you, on the other hand…

  • Debbi

    This is absolutely ridiculous! Consciousness is INDEPENDENT of the physical brain, the brain is merely a computer storage area for consciousness. There is no way to transfer one's consciousness (a vast spiritual energy) into an artificial brain. Consciousness is already immortal, and not dependent on anything or anyone physical. The ignorance of some so-called scientists is unbelievable.

    • Alan

      Do you have any proof for anything you just said?

    • Matty

      Religious types always have to add their two cents of nonsense. I get a kick out of it every time

  • Anonymous

    Jesus is coming soon.repent!!!

  • Info

    Please … Singlularity, NGR, Ray Kurtzweil. Done.

  • HAM

    OH NO!!! You mean we will have Arnie Rimmer Holograms running around quoting space corpse directives? WE ARE DOOMED!!!

  • AuroraCouture

    I guess my question is, when someone's brain is downloaded into another brain, how do we know it is still that person and not just a cloned copy?

    When I download a file onto my hard-drive, all that has happened is an exact copy has been put on my desktop, but not the true original. I'm not sure how what is being planned in this article will answer this paradox.

    • Anonymous

      This sounds alot like Johnny Mnemonic right now.

  • Realist

    My cats breath smells like cats breath……….

    But seriously, better hope that god does'nt take offence and stop this sort of research in its tracks. I applaud the efforts of these scientists and would love the thought of my future offsprings children's children possibly living forever and therefore my name carrying on forever. But, this sort of research does create a lot of questions and I'm more afraid that it will create more problems than it solves for my childrens children……

    • david

      your children's children will laugh at your religious beliefs.

  • D-Rob

    Before I go let me leave you with this thought:

    If the technology is currently in the developmental stages for the 2045 project then what does that say about more sophisticated EMP Devices? Perhaps, there will even be some capable of drilling underground to hit a power grid there?

    I like to state that most of the EMP data that I see around has been conducted on the older systems. I do believe there will be newer technology which exploits the current EMP prototypes available. The newer systems put in place will harness the capabilities and technology of the predecessor. The technological advances of this “EMP Star Wars Device” once deployed would effectively demolish that power grid and any such systems.

    Moreover, any devices which depend on the utilization of renewable energy such as solar, wind, or otherwise are not exempt from a direct attack either. I don’t believe that a nuclear defense system will protect the sensitivity of a computational information hub based upon man-made technology deployed on ground. That system would still subject to some sort of threat via a strategic ground attack.

    *Consider what a turbulent lightening storm would do to any on ground based or exposed recipient device (HAARP 3.6 megawatts) Some say that HAARP (seabased) has 21.6 megawatts capability. Perhaps that's just a rumor?

  • D-Rob

    I don't care how redundant any backup system is it's non-operational without power:

    "The EMP Commission was established pursuant to title XIV of the Floyd D. Spence National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2001 (as enacted into law by Public Law 106-398; 114 Stat. 1654A-345). Duties of the EMP Commission include assessing:

    the nature and magnitude of potential high-altitude EMP threats to the United States from all potentially hostile states or non-state actors that have or could acquire nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles enabling them to perform a high-altitude EMP attack against the United States within the next 15 years;

    the vulnerability of United States military and especially civilian systems to an EMP attack, giving special attention to vulnerability of the civilian infrastructure as a matter of emergency preparedness;

    the capability of the United States to repair and recover from damage inflicted on United States military and civilian systems by an EMP attack; and

    the feasibility and cost of hardening select military and civilian systems against EMP attack.

    The Commission is charged with identifying any steps it believes should be taken by the United States to better protect its military and civilian systems from EMP attack.

    Multiple reports and briefings associated with this effort have been produced by the EMP Commission including an Executive Report (PDF, 578KB) and a Critical National Infrastructures Report (PDF, 7MB) describing findings and recommendations.

    The EMP Commission was reestablished via the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2006 to continue its efforts to monitor, investigate, make recommendations, and report to Congress on the evolving threat to the United States from electromagnetic pulse attack resulting from the detonation of a nuclear weapon or weapons at high altitude.

  • Rock em Sock em

    Sounds like they'll have all sorts of amazing abilities.. but geomancy won't be one of them.

  • Noah

    What part of these avatars will contain our soul? will there be an artificial pinel gland which connects us to our higher being, our mind/soul? ("mind" not to be confused with our brain)

    • Jonas

      Can you please explain to me this soul thing you speak of? I am not being a troll here, I would just like a definitive explanation of what the soul is, and where it resides.

  • Lion

    What a load of rubbish!

    We probably won't be here in 2045.

    Everything is going down the loo!

    • Jonas

      Speak for yourself my friend. We will most definitely be here; and the loos will be nicer to boot.

  • Theodore Baskind

    I just wrote an article about this and posted it on my site along with a little video I put together. I used the promo video right from All I did was add an old movie effect over and peppered it with my opinion and other little tidbits to get you thinking:

  • jerkoff

    i dont understand why these articles always pretend that uploading a copy of yourself onto a computer is the same thing as immortality. Its just a copy, when your brain dies, you die. end of story.

    • Craig

      That's not an accurate statement. Essentially all we are is structured information. Scan it, replicate it, and you exist twice. Just because you aren't able to visualize it doesn't mean it's not possible.

    • Jonas

      I'm curious. What gives you this idea? Maybe your extensive research in neurological science?

  • Edward

    Well, considering this is their personality:

    I am sure they will usher in a rather dark period for mankind.

  • pete

    Ruling Elite?..arent men who meet in secret, to create wars, stop herbs and natural rememdies, push toxic drugs, create propaganda to keep it all going through media that they have bribed….isnt that..Organised Crime?..

    why do we call these men..elite?..

    Elite is someone who creates an amazing future with incredible freedoms that create amazing tech, and amazing food,and a society based on natures laws not corporate laws for munney that doesnt exist..or is created out of nothing..

    Elite? who hide in the shadows and are surrounded by the poor, with guns to protect them from other poor people who are trying to kill them..because they have caused so much death and destruction…me thinks not..more like ..the SAD…[Seasonal Affected Disoerder..permanently]..and the SAD are running[literally] out of time..

  • Turner

    Well , if the usual reasons for death are illiminated, bordom will will certainly get them !

  • concerned citizen

    This kind of junk information makes the case difficult for us to convince others that there is a point to discuss other topics of concern. Sensationalism is not going to aid our cause.

  • steve

    well this is just stupid… most of the ruling elite are so fucking short sighted that when an EMP or solar wave hits, they'll be fuckin dead in the water… so I say more power to them! put them in an electronic body!

    • chuck

      @ steve…here! here!

    • Mark

      That is absolutely right, I vote them in the robotic bodies.

    • Jonas

      You guys ever here of redundant backups? Also, your idea about EMPs is equally ludicrous. Although movies have given the impression that EMPs will take us back to the dark ages, there is NO VERIFIABLE PROOF that actual EMP weapons are even possible under the misconceptions you probably harbor. Do more homework before you spout nonsense.

    • D-Rob

      I agree if an EMP were to hit a major power grid all systems would be down. Thus, this would render any bio-human or should we say "Trans-humanoid" helpless against this sort of attack. Besides the EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse) I've noticed how this plan doesn't seem to include any commoners. This appears to be a plan only for the upper crust and as such it will be funded via the upper crust.

      Not unless they are suggesting worker drones which is what this appears to be. So tell me is this the plan to enslave society ("the worthless feeders")? Is this the way to get society which already has an inability to think for themselves because they've been inundated with a blitz of subliminal programming to comply with this agenda? Yes, this is how they will live as self sustainable beings.

      Who says anyone wishes to live life in this manner? Life's not worth living if you can't enjoy humanity as it was intended. However, that's the goal right "The Matrix"? How about we work on the eradication of things such as Cancer, Aids, MS, and any other physical aliment there is before we jump the gun here with some alchemist view?

      I believe this entertainer is one of these 2045 people. They must be acquaintances with her in some capacity. It appears that she supports the same agenda evidently. Notice the tear which falls from her eye when the animal which she's crossbred with sprints from the sight of her as some freakish trans-humanoid!

    • ahem

      i was looking forward to my flying car and robot maids by now oh and a push button job science failed me boo hoo hoo lol