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Massive: Russia Considers Complete Ban on GM Food Production

Christina Sarich
February 8th, 2014
Updated 05/06/2014 at 9:33 pm
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gmo no field 263x165 Massive: Russia Considers Complete Ban on GM Food Production

Photo: EPA

While the Grocery Manufacturer’s Association, along with Monsanto and other poison makers try to slip a labeling-by-choice campaign past citizens in the US, Russia is preparing a bill that would heavily restrict the import of genetically modified agricultural produce, as well as stop it altogether from being produced domestically.

The initiative is backed by the parliamentary majority, and is an amendment to the existing law “On Safety and Quality of Alimentary Products,” which sets norms for the maximum content of transgenic and genetically modified components in Russia’s food. The author of the bill is Evgeny Fyodorov, a member of the United Russia party. A group called Russian Sovereignty also supports the initiative. Some are calling this a long shot, but if it were to pass, it could be another nail in the Biotech industry’s coffin.

The innovative draft law does not suppose a total ban, says Mr. Fyodorov, but it does put imports under the government’s control and keeps it from being grown locally. Imported products that were tested with high levels of transgenic and genetically modified ingredients would be subject to refusal.

Russia already banned some GMO imports such as Monsanto’s GMO corn, and Russia already has a labeling law. Anything that contains more than 0.9 percent GMO has to have a label and warn consumers. Last year a resolution was passed which requires a listing of all genetically modified plants in the state, but it doesn’t go into effect until this July. Fyodorov wants to make that a zero tolerance policy for all foodstuffs produced in country. The draft includes a ban on GMO plants, animals, or anything of microbial origin, which is good thinking since AquaBounty’s GMO salmon almost made it into our food supply already.

The specific measure of banning GMO food within the country is to prevent Monsanto and other companies from trying to set up shop within Russia.

Yakov Lyubovedsky, the head of Russia’s Organic Farming Union thinks that if Duma (the Russian State) can pass the bill, it would defend the entire country’s population from genetically modified foods and represent the overwhelming interests of the people at large – not the Biotech corporations.

Lyubovedsky points out that GMO is just an experiment on humanity, and many scientists might add, one that hasn’t gone very well. Over 800 scientists have already demanded that this game end.

Arkady Zlochevsky, president of the Grain Producers’ Union, thinks that GMO crops are just what Russia needs. He thinks the draft bill, should it come to pass, would be detrimental to farmers, but apparently he hasn’t heard about the farmers going into debt from sewing suicide seeds. As NaturalSociety’s Anthony Gucciardi has pointed out, a farmer in India commits suicide every 30 minutes due to overwhelming debt caused by Monsanto’s ineffective seeds. The Center for Global Research has said:

“Control over seed is the first link in the food chain because seed is the source of life. When a corporation controls seed, it controls life, especially the life of farmers.”

If GMO seed is allowed to be planted, Russia, or anywhere, Monsanto and friends will eventually be the ‘Lords’ over all Life on planet earth. A chilling thought. Farmers shouldn’t just be worried about short term economic gains, though, evidence keeps mounting that suicide seeds are wrecking mother nature altogether. Farmers might find themselves out of work completely if GMO is allowed to continue unchecked.

If legislators decide on a ban, it should be complete, including consumption, but this is currently not possible, Zlochevsky noted. In the meantime, we’re all rooting for you Russia. Show the world the way.

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  • Reality of Truth

    Wow even Russia, of all places, is going against GMO now?

    This really puts the US to shame; but after all, why would the US ban or label it? We’re the ones making it and wanting to distribute it! The US only cares to attempt to profit from it, not about doing what is right.

    The US wants to poison people and they don’t want you to know you’re being poisoned, and thus that makes it, in my opinion, The Absolute Evil of the World.

    Russia is not all good though, After all, they are supporting, helping, and refusing to disassociate from the Civilian Genocide in Syria. Not happy with them there, not happy with them at all.

    As for the Olympics; The olympics can suck one I don’t give a single toss about the stupid olympics, I will never watch their civilian genocide supporting garbage ever again; Besides, There are more important things in the world than watching a bunch of cretins try to be the best human automatons that they can be.
    Sports are Utterly Meaningless in an era of Government and Corporate corruption/evil; Sports are just a distraction for the plebeian slaves to pay attention to while the government poisons what you eat, drink, and breathe.

  • Kathy

    Putin may be a thug but I like his thuggery in this stance. Bravo Russia!
    Also, if our state of Vermont banned Fracking why can’t the rest of our states catch up?
    weirdness abounds. A thug doing right by his people and one lone state bans the destructive force of fracking in their backyard as the rest the states look on.

  • Bradley James

    Bill Gates spent billions with his elite friends to stock the underground Norway seed bank . Now they promote deadly GMO seeds for us. .

    We know Elite Banker jews killed traditional jews and Christians in the holocaust = NAZI’s. Same crowd same story playing out again. Different methods.

    Putin knows all about the Bolshevik jew killing machine.

    • Kathy

      Bill Gates is dark. Watch his deeds NOT his words. That goes for every politician. They’re all crooks and evil doers.

    • Reality of Truth

      Seeing you speak about nazi’s reminded me of the comparison I made about the “United States”.

      I wholeheartedly declare the “United States” to be Worse than Nazi Germany; As “Nazi Germany” may have murdered millions of people, but the “United States” is attempting to poison All Life on the Entire Earth.

      Which is worse? A few million people or the entire existence on a planet, wait, don’t even answer that, it’s blatantly obvious.

      US = Worst Country in the Entire Universe.

  • dave

    Russia is one of the countries that saw first hand what GM corn can do to lab rats in one study. Tumors, with sterility, and still born in second and third generations.

  • mymydorothy

    I like Russia, I like Putin and I dislike US wanting to sabotage Olympics and its propaganda against Russia. Russia can’t be bought off to do as US says like other countries and this is why maybe.

    • derekwardlies

      i like russia and putin also.sure wish he was our president.the usa has become a corrupt hell