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Rocket Fuel Chemical Contaminating Your Food and Water

Lisa Garber
July 13th, 2012
Updated 11/02/2012 at 4:26 pm
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waterdripping 235x147 Rocket Fuel Chemical Contaminating Your Food and Water

There’s nothing quite like an ice-cold glass of rocket fuel on a summer afternoon. Perchlorate, a key ingredient in rocket fuel, can be found in almost everybody in America. Perchlorate in drinking water has been an issue for quite some time, and has been contaminates our ground and drinking water and everything quenched by it—people, lettuce, cows.

Perchlorate in Drinking Water – Rocket Fuel Contaminating Food and Water

This environmental pollutant and toxin is even changing the meaning of “organic.”  The Journal of Environmental Science and Technology says that perchlorate contaminates 32 percent of organically grown produce—twice the number attributed to conventional produce!

That an ingredient used by the pyrotechnics industry ends up in your refreshing beverage (and your burger, and your salad) is no accident. Exxon Valdez was an accident. Perchlorate in our bodies is a result of negligence.

In most cases, perchlorate in drinking water occurs due to improper disposal at military bases, chemical plants, and rocket testing sites.  Concerned citizens and representatives have rallied and pressured the Environmental Protection Agency to regulate the toxin, but it took them almost 10 years to announce its first federal drinking water standard for perchlorate.  One might guess that the EPA dragged its feet due to pressures from big businesses and the military, reluctant to spend more money on public health and being held fiscally respsonible for damages to organic farmers and the population in general.

A Cause of Hypothyroidism

Why should we worry about perchlorate in drinking water and subsequently, our bodies?  Aside from the sheer insult of paying extra money for organic produce only to get a little extra rocket fuel in our suppers, perchlorate has been linked to hypothyroidism.

Perchlorate impedes iodide uptake, which is why doctors in the 1950s used it to treat hyperthyroidism.  (While hyperthyroidism is gets its name from an overactive thyroid, hypothyroidism is the condition of the thyroid gland making insufficient amounts of thyroid hormones.)  It may not be a coincidence that diagnoses of this condition is on the rise in our military-industrial nation.

Research your region’s perchlorate contamination to stay in the know.  If you regularly drink from well water, consider testing it for perchlorate contamination.

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  • Adams

    This is really a matter of concern. Disposing these military wastes to water bodies are something which couldn’t be accepted especially when it is life threatening. Sometimes I wonder, whether we are in the verge of extinction because we are consuming that much toxins one day. Only god knows!
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  • yankee phil

    It should be obvious to everyone by now that you can do nothing to change this direction in government policy. You've lost control of your electoral system and no one will fight the silent government(NSA)that's been running things for the last thirty years. Hows life in america now , more free , more money , more leisure time? You trusted the intelligence community to make your life better so you cooperated with them, well how'd that work out for ya? Your pensions are now being given to the super rich as payments for screwing up the economy, like it was their job to do, and the excuse now is there's no money to clean up poison in our food supply, catch 22 I'd guess, if that ain't a crime against humanity then I guess its just life in the big city. Back in the US…..SRRrrR.

  • anonM

    Years ago I heard of Perchlorate in Orange juice; I'm not surprised it's contaminated most everything else as well. It's pretty funny what's happened to organic produce now… and the Perchlorate is just ONE thing we're aware of, just imagine what we DON'T know. So I can either buy regular, less costly veggies slathered in toxic pesticides OR, organic veggies slathered in (equally if not more toxic) rocket fuel. Hmmm, decisions decisions. lol.

    Is human civilization circling the drain yet?