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Suppressed: Using Oxygen to Recover and Wipe out All Disease

Paul Fassa
November 24th, 2013
Updated 05/07/2014 at 1:24 pm
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oxygen therapy 263x164 Suppressed: Using Oxygen to Recover and Wipe out All Disease

Below is an ignored method of treating and preventing most diseases. It is so potent that it threatens the medical establishment’s tyrannical monopoly. All bacterial pathogens, viruses, and parasites are anaerobic and thrive in the absence of oxygen. In fact, they are poisoned by oxygen. Even cancer cells perish with abundant oxygen.

The most common and effective therapy for oxygenating is ozone therapy, which was practiced in the USA from the late 19th Century through the 1940s. But since the 1940s, the FDA and AMA have come down hard on ozone therapy in the USA, while much of Europe, Russia, Cuba, the Caribbean, and Mexico use ozone therapy now. Actually, the FDA recently warned against using hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Ozone Therapy

But, if oxygenating is so great, then why aren’t emphysema patients able to walk out of their wheelchairs?

The O2 oxygen supplied by those canisters helps people breathe, but doesn’t create the process of internally manufacturing detoxifying enzymes. The O3 ozone has an unstable atom that breaks away as O1, which penetrates tissue and serum cells more rapidly than O2. This ozone initiates unique metabolic processes. Both healing and detoxification occur rapidly as a result.

Ozone therapy is currently used successfully in Germany, Spain, Russia, the Caribbean, Mexico, Cuba and other nations. The results are astounding, and there are usually no adverse effects. Ozone is normally administered as a liquid by IV or injection and as a gas though a tube placed in the anus.

Because of potential Herxheimer reactions (“healing crisis”) that can discourage one from continuing, full percentage dosages are usually not administered until the fourth session. Oxygenation techniques can be used simply to improve health with intense detoxification and blood cleansing.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is often effective by placing the patient in a highly pressurized chamber of pure oxygen. It has been used successfully for autism, AIDS, and Lyme Disease. This more expensive method requires specially trained personnel as well as special bulky equipment. (Here is a list of facilities.)

Oxygenating at Home

Less expensive portable hyperbaric chambers without oxygen are available for home use, though they may be less effective. Non IV use ozone generators for home use are available, but the manufacturers of these devices are often harassed or shut down by the FDA.

Food grade H2O2 or hydrogen peroxide can be mixed with water and consumed as a method of oxygenating serum and tissue cells. Food grade means it’s pure and without stabilizers, making it safe for consumption if properly diluted. The over-the-counter is H2O2 3.5% non-food grade and stabilized with toxins. The 35% food grade H2O2 has to be properly diluted.

But handling 35% hydrogen peroxide is dangerously caustic if not properly diluted. Now there are lower percentage and safer food grade hydrogen peroxides available, as low as 12%.

Since “Mr. Oxygen” McCabe’s book Flood Your Body With Oxygen and his videos, audios, and live lecture tours, several “designer supplements” that create oxygen in the body have emerged for health conscious consumers.

Caveats: Having professional help is advised with oxygenating lung cancers because lung tissues are so sensitive. AND, beware of aerobic bacterial pathogens, which will worsen one’s condition with oxygenating therapies.

Here are a few sources for more information:

Ed McCabe (Mr. Oxygen) video lecture page: Detoxing and Cleansing with Oxygenating Supplements

The Truth About Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide

List of Scientific And Medical References Proving Ozone’s Validity As A Medical Treatment

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  • lindajoyadams

    Ozone is deadly for me. Back in the olden days when those with lung problems set in ionizing salt caves was before the day of modern chemicals and toxins that can burn off one mucous membranes leaving one vulnerable to parts per billion of irritants. This is medically established facts. So, many may be helped, but the upwatds of 10 million like me. are not. Before starting ozone theraphy please make sure your doctor knows you do not hyper reactive airways, etc or other adverse reactions to irritants. Accepted test for that is the Methacholine challenge tests as well as IGE blood tests to determine diagnosis. Always ask your doctor and pray they are allowed to still determine diagnisis especially before you get an ozone emitting oxygen concentrator which is one way to suck in ozone. Check the material data sheet on them and manuals which legally has to inform you. I had posted a longer comment but not on here .I am concerned for all out there that you need to know your correct diagnosis as lung condition tratments can be exact opposites depending on diagnosis and modern health plans often won’t permit testing to determine which one is leaving some patients at grave risk. Exacerbations of asthma, severe inflammation and lung bacterial infections and pnemonitis which this irritant gas and other chemical irritants has caused and does causes in me is gravely serious and I got the needed tests run before the ‘death panelists” rationing started about 15 years ago. so my current doctors know that modern science has no cures for this, yet. Oxygen without ozone in the mix helps prolong life and its no longer what one gets for three years before death, I was injured 1/10/89 with life expectancy then of five years which means treatment can result in much longer lives, now/ being on compressed or liquid oxygen for 18 years and death should not be soon if medical care is allowed to continue,. Linda Joy Adams

  • AnActualScientist

    So pretty much everything here is false. The majority of bacterial pathogens are aerobic, requiring oxygen to live, or at least facultative aerobes, meaning they can survive oxygen. Viruses are unaffected by oxygen. All parasites require or at least can survive oxygen. Cancer cells are just like regular cells, except they have a faster metabolism (along with a few other things). That means they are not poisoned by oxygen, and in fact require more of it than regular cells.
    Ozone does indeed have 1 unstable atom, but when it breaks away it is called a free radical, and is highly reactive, actually quite poisonous, and our bodies have many systems in place to soak them up (they arise naturally from our metabolism). Mixing H2O2 with water and drinking it will do nothing good for you, and may in fact be poisonous. And you let me know how it goes inserting ozone up your anus with a tube.

  • Janet

    I have had a lot of amazing results just using Oxygen tablets, so I can imagine this would be good. Obviously ‘they’ are feeling threatened by something safe and effective, compared to conventional treatments.