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Breaking: Major Nuclear Base Running ‘Containment Exercise’ Amid Censored Radiation Spikes

Anthony Gucciardi
June 8th, 2012
Updated 11/02/2012 at 6:00 pm
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trainingexercise 235x147 Breaking: Major Nuclear Base Running Containment Exercise Amid Censored Radiation Spikes

Amid a number of reports of massive and bizarre radiation readouts coming from experts, eyewitnesses, radiation facilities, and a key choice news outlet, it has now come out that one of the largest nuclear bases is currently running a ‘nuclear containment exercise’. The Minot Airforce Base exercise, running in North Dakota, reportedly involves the use of B-52 aircrafts. The news comes after a developing story arose over the potential cover-up of a nuclear situation stemming from near the border of Indiana and Michigan.

Sources from near where the elevated levels of radiation were observed say that a Department of Homeland Security ‘hazmat’ fleet has been dispatched after ‘years’ of inactivity. The story first erupted after online geiger readings showed an unprecedented radiation spike in the area, with levels reaching as high as 7.139 counts per minute (CPM) over the average of between 5 and 6. While there has been no official reported cause of the spike, there has been quite a bit of foul play regarding the information being put forth by many media outlets, the EPA, and even radiation measurement centers.  After the readings shocked viewers, the EPA quickly censored the ability to view the levels online.

Thankfully, the readings were captured in a screenshot, which show the elevated levels far exceeding normal limits.

Measurements were recorded by a number of sources, though the growing publicity over the event has caused denial and censorship from not only the EPA but private organizations as well. The Radiation Network originally released an image showing an outburst in radiation levels stemming from the location, but later issued a special message on their home page stating that the readings were the result of an ‘error’. This, of course, is virtually impossible as the readings were confirmed by two entirely different locations. BlackCat and the Radiation Network both recorded the levels, meaning that the likelihood both of their systems failed at the exact same time and produced the exact same result would be dismal.

As the story develops, more information will undoubtedly come out on the subject. It appears that the EPA’s incognito takedown of the measurement results indicates that the agency, perhaps along with other government organizations, will vehemently deny that there was any real spike in radiation levels. The ‘failure’ message issued by the Radiation Network also shows that it is very possible that an organized level of non-disclosure may ultimately be the result until alternative media organizations continue to pry into the situation.

About Anthony Gucciardi:
1.thumbnail Breaking: Major Nuclear Base Running Containment Exercise Amid Censored Radiation SpikesGoogle Plus ProfileAnthony is the Editor of NaturalSociety whose work has been read by millions worldwide and is routinely featured on major alternative and mainstream news website alike, including the powerful Drudge Report, NaturalNews, Daily Mail, and many others. Anthony has appeared on programs like Russia Today (RT), Savage Nation, The Alex Jones Show, Coast to Coast AM, and many others. Anthony is also dedicated to aiding various non-profit organizations focused around health and rehabilitation as well as the creator of the independent political website Storyleak

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  • Jessie

    You goofy conspiracy laden idiots need to take a chill pill.

    • Anonymous

      You need to take a chill pill!!!

    • Tammy

      You need to wake up.

  • ECS

    I live in Northwest Indiana and I haven't seen/heard anything out of the ordinary. I drove to and back from our Michigan office yesterday and saw absolutely nothing out of the ordinary. My trip took me from Gary IN to Detroit MI and traffic, roads, etc,. were the same as the hundred other times I've driven ( I no longer fly it because with security it's actually faster to drive it than fly) the same route. The only government vehicles I saw were state cops.

    • Iglarno

      I got off my Ass and took my counter on a tour of the area. I'm getting very high readings near the center, they taper off about 20 miles out.

      I hope you guys appreciate it, it scares the crap out of me, even 15 miles out the levels are fucking unhealthy!

      • Iglarno
        • Tammy

          Thanks for the leg work. I am central/eastern Michigan here.

      • Bob Powell

        Can you get ahold of me on Youtube? OldCorpBLT13. I'm coming down that way to investigate and I need someone with a Geiger counter to go with me.


        • Iglarno

          Hi Bob,

          I guess you didn't Read my post. I'm in a Safe Place now. I went to Canada.

          Hope you have Fun down there.

        • Tammy

          Hey Bob, I am GodlyWomanOfTruth on YouTube <3

      • Scott

        We live in Sturgis, which is basically the border of Indiana/Michigan and I can at least confirm the helicopters as we've had an unusual amount of them lately that are not air rescue copters. However as for the rest of this, all I'm seeing is the article(s) state 'somewhere near the Michigan/Indiana border', but no where does it say exactly where. Iglarno above commented he toured the area with a gieger counter, but never said 'what' area. I live here, I would like to know this!

  • ynnek swehttam

    I live between a nation guard air base and the gulf of mexico. There were multiple flights over me per month in years past now only 2-3 times a year for fast movers in SAR operations. The military activity should be what you focus on. The exercise is demonstration of just how inept the dhs Haz-Mat team is if that much radiation escaped the training site. Military doesn't move that many fast and slow movers into an area just to play table top response.Now days it is simulation to save $$$$. If the Haz Mat vehicles sat that long at the sight, they would need maintenance and resupply before deployment for a training exercise. To cut and run can mean only one thing, Urgency now!

    • Iglarno

      No Kenny. It probably just means it was time for that maintenance you were talking about. Once the maintenance is done, they'll be back.

      Or not. They might be placed at another location.

      Of course if someone were really intestested, they would actually find out who was resposible for the vehicles and ASK what happened to them.

      That would mean getting off your Ass.

  • Frank

    You folks will see more military attacks like this in the USA.

  • Anonymous
  • Not An Idiot

    Fucking idiots. What pictures? What proof?

    All you morons run around making all these claims without any evidence of anything. Some jerk-bait starts a rumor and off all of you go.

    You're destroying any possible credibility you might have ever had.

    • Frank

      Get lost, you DHS/TSA troll.

    • Constitution

      I guess you cant read, Plenty of proof.

    • Bob Powell

      Here's your proof. I was arrested by the Air Force while I was investigating this story.

  • Darrell

    I have news for you. This is very real. I have been in that exact area the past 6-7 days. There are Gov. agents everywhere in that area. I have seen them, I have pictures. Many Pictures. Of the helicopter the emergency crews the road blocks, all of it. I am not any of this. Believe me they were all there. I got pics. This is a VERY remote out of the way place. We were repaving a rule farm road when this all happened. There were 28 belly dump trucks out there, going back n forth all day for 3 days. We all seen um there. THEY WERE ALL OUT THERE. This is a true story!

    • Anonymous

      Remember when nasa/military boombed the moon couple years ago, for water? Makes me wonder whats really up. I pray this is not the end game for USA/humanity. I saw road baracades all over in WI, and even military people(red star on truck) digging a whole next to a freeway overpass outside Las Vegas. And yes I called the police and they did nothing, not even call me back?

    • Frank

      Post your pics!

  • eric in chicago

    The EPA site worked for me (not the graphics but the data links. It's not censored. And as for the folks going on about a cloud over the area,just do some research!

    it took me a minute to find the source of that radar feed, and like so many radar images, there's crazy interference at the center. go ahead and click around:

  • William Chandler

    I believe THAT like I believe in the Tooth Fairy and Santa. Better start taking your Potassium Iodide.

    • Milt

      Better safe than sorry… too many witnesses and photos for this to be fake.

  • Banderman

    Let's see, the U.S. government, the media, and our alleged 'leaders' completely ignore and then let the Fukushima situation get so bad they have an 'excuse' to declare an 'emergency' and declare martial law. As much as democRATS and liberals yammer and pontificate about the environment, ad nauseam, all they really do is expose themselves as abject hypocrites and complete evil.

  • Seymour Butts

    Government denial of any event is all the confirmation that's needed. I know, I know…it's an Orwellian world we're living in.

    • Vivek

      Want to DO something?

      Help here then:

      All talk is no good.

      Thanks NN for the coverage and for the courage to report this.


      • Not An Idiot

        Uh, I don't think so. One read of that page you posted and it screams "BULLSHIT" loud and clear.

        Why would you post such nonsense? Aren't you able to discern the scam artists from the truth?

        Prototype my ass — more like "profit".

        Oh, I see. "Home" link takes me back to YOUR page. So you're promoting yourself…

        Nothing wrong with that — except your peddling absolute bullshit and asking people to send you money.

        You must think people are really, really stupid. Well, some people are. But your false promises do nothing whatsoever to help the rest of us. You are obviously doing this to help yourself to the money in people's pockets, relying upon their desire and good faith to make you rich.

        I've now read through your site, your "updated plan" as it were says nothing but garbage. Same with your videos.

        You obviously don't know at damned thing. You're actually quite ignorant, emulating many others of the past that have tried to pull this same type of scam upon the rest of us, dangling the promises of "truth" and "revelation" and "keys" as tokens to come.

        You sir, are a total fraud.

        • Dean Moriarity

          To "Not an Idiot"

          Other than name calling – where is your evidence ??

          • Vivek

            I wonder at that myself.

            Because I have two years of output on that self-same blog AND art and music to boot. Loaded with truth, but people are so jaded.

            Such is how it is and yet it is time to act together.

            Very interesting.


  • Jack

    here more proof

    After being idled for repairs for two weeks, the Fermi 2 reactor of the Enrico Fermi Nuclear Generating Station was restarted Thursday night and then shut down again Saturday due to discovery that condenser tubes were leaking, the Monroe Evening News of Michigan Reported.

    Andrei Ozharovsky, Charles Digges, 12/02-2011

    “There are thousands of tubes that cooling water runs through, so we have to shut down to determine exactly where that’s coming from,” said Guy Cerullo, a spokesman for DTE Energy told the newspaper.

    Unplanned reactor scrams and prolonged repairs are not only a feature of Russian NPPs.

    After two weeks of repairs at the Fermi 2 plant, on the shore of Lake Erie near Monroe in Frenchtown Charter Township, Michigan, the reactor was launched on Thursday evening only to be shut down again on Saturday due to a leak in the condenser tubes.

    Cerullo said the second shutdown was not related to the repairs the reactor had been undergoing over the previous two weeks.

    Further comment sought by Bellona Web from DTE on Saturday was unavailable as no one picked up the telephone at its press office over the course of several calls.

    Incident largely underreported in US

    DTE Energy’s website has yet to publicly report the incident at its reactor. And although the story appeared in the small local Monroe Evening News, it has yet to be picked up by any large circulation US newspapers or television news programs.

    The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission Current Power Reactor Status Report for February 11, 2011, however, listed the reactor as operating at 2 percent of 100 percent capacity. No one reached at the NRC by Bellona Web on Saturday, however, had any direct knowledge of the event, and responsible parties could not return telephone calls by press time.

    Still unknown if radiation is leaking

    The Fermi 2 reactor was built by General Electric and is of the boiling water type, with a generating capacity of 1098 Megawatts. It is located 40 miles from Detroit, and went online in 1988. The only previous incident at the reactor occurred on June 6, 2010 when it was hit by a small Tornado, damaging the reactor’s building and automatically shutting it down.

    Reactors of the boiling water type have only one boiling loop which is radioactive. Water is boiled directly in the active zone of the reactor. Radioactive steam rises to turn the turbines after which the reactor is cooled by the blanket heat exchange.

    If the tubes of radioactive circuit are damaged, then there is a danger of radioactive contamination.

    • Chet Lemon

      You know this is from December, right?

  • USNcorpsman

    I live in ND and Minot AFB is not running any exercises or planning any…just day to day activities for a base that holds the nations nukes and yes B-52's do land there but it would be a B-1 Lancer or the B-2 Spirits as the B-52's have been basically retired. Get your facts straight before you post on bases and planes used. ND is a military state us citizens fight yearly to keep our bases open and jobs in ND

    • john639

      Yea, we know, nothing going on here, nothing to see, move along…

      we've all heard that one before.

      • kiwikris

        And don't forget that Minot was the base back in 2006 (?),where a B52 landed with 5 NUCLEAR armed cruise missiles after flying from Barksdale AFB with 6 !!! And then the crew involved started having fatal car, motorcycle accidents not too long after the story broke on

        • kiwikris

          ment to mention, the info above was originally (well that's where I saw it) on "ah mephistophelis" blog

    • Eric


      Perhaps before you tell others to get their facts straight you should get yours straight first. Your statement of "B-52's have been basically retired" is far from the truth. The B-52's are still the number one mode of transport for Nuclear Bombs. They have been reconfigured and even new one's built. Their cockpits are still under orders of NATIONAL SECURITY and you never see anyone up in there at air shows. Just this last year at Selfridge Air National Guard base I was inside the cockpit of a B1 lancer. What I'm saying is the B-52 is NOT retired and there are no plans for that for at least another 25 years. If it even happens then.

      • Joe

        That's exactly right. In fact, they've been commissioned to fly for 50 more years with retrofits ongoing. Humm. How do I know? Because I redesigned a part of the pilot's monitor so they can run them until they can retrofit "glass cockpits". Old CRT technology, but still, it's gotta fly at 70k feet and -55C.

      • Frank

        That's right.

  • Mela

    Ok so now both sites were working from the same geiger counter then why werent the numbers for both sites identicle? If i remember correctly they werent. It would be nice to get sum of the people that were in the area with their geiger counter readings as well… and yes there were a couple.. Im not buying this excuse.

  • Xanadu

    that cloud has been over south bend since the spike.

    and the weather has been sunny and clear.

    • Miguel

      What exactly are we looking at here on this radar?

      • Xanadu

        I don't know. I haven't been able to find anyone able to explain it. If you click on it now, you can see weather moving thru to the right, but the circle over South Bend is still there…(It is supposed to be weather radar, but it is picking up something other than weather…..there has been a *circle* over South Bend since the incident.

  • a female faust

    can you provide a corroborative link for present Minot AFB activities?

  • Anonymous

    If it was an error in the equipment, then the EPA and homeland security would not be trying to hide it! The levels would drop back to normal and they would go about there business!

    • johnkulaya

      When is a drill not really a drill?

      • TranceAm

        When a Drill is not really a Drill?

        911 anyone?

  • Joachim

    Explanation from Rad Net:

    The same counter was feeding both Radiation Network and Black Cat, which explains the simultaneous malfunctions. As for the readings from the EPA: they are not abnormal. Check them out for yourself:

    All of the data is still available, and if you compare it to historical data you'll see that the readings of 182 CPM aren't that abnormal. And it goes without saying that they're nowhere near the >7000 levels of the malfunctioning meter.

    • Rasputin

      What about the screen shot of a radar map, which showed a lot of color in the affected area? Why was that?

    • Actually on the netw


      Thank you for some factual info in an ocean of "freakout". But please note that "Rad Net" is *not* the same as the The EPA's RadNet has absolutely nothing to do with, and the fact that people keep conflating the two is causing even more confusion. I appreciate your comment and just wanted to point out this one critical fact.

      To everyone else who keeps assuming that is the same as the US Government's EPA RadNet, it is not at all the same thing and is not a part of any government agency.

      EPA RadNet is the EPA's network of professional grade, very expensive, complicated monitors, with stations all over the country. People can go to the EPA site if they want to look up info but they have a complicated and not very user-friendly website because there is so much data there and it is broken down into many different sub-types of radiation.

      The that some people have incorrectly been calling "Rad Net"is a "private network" of citizen geiger counter users who use their own counters at their location, and the software for the network sends their home readings to a central server. It is "private" in that customers can join the network by buying the software, which is very reasonably priced. The map showing the high reading that people keep posting with regard to this story is from the "public" map, as can be seen at the website. Members who are logged into the network can see much more detailed information from their own computers and also can chat with other users online.

      Blackcat Systems is the same general type of setup as, except that they report in different units of measurement than does. I don't know much more about their network because I chose to join only the

      But yes, people CAN be members of both of these networks as once. Most of the people on these networks run commercially available geiger counters, but some users build their own counters from scratch. Home built stuff does not always work perfectly, if you get my drift…

      If people want to NOT have to rely only on the government to get environmental radiation readings, they can join one of these private networks. I don't know the details about BlackCat Systems and if you have to have a geiger counter to join. But at you can join the network even if you don't have a geiger counter and you just want to be able to have access to all the features of the network.

      The is a commercial products ie "capitalism", so that's why you need to pay something to actually join the full featured networked version and get more than just the public map.

      All of what I have said about these networks can be pretty easily confirmed by just doing a little bit of research. If people want to know more about radiation levels, they could consider buying a geiger counter and/or joining one of the "private networks" that are really open to the public if they want to buy the product, much like many other groups for people who share a particular interest. The more people who have their own detectors, the harder it will be to cover things up.

      I won't be hanging around just to go back and forth with people claiming I am from the DOE or DoD or whatever. This is just some info for people who care about major errors in the story that people keep reporting about the radiation alert that happened the other night.

      • Anonymous

        87% of the public base their opinions on other peoples findings, statements, or opinions. Only 13% actually do their own research to base their opinions on. This is when the majority fails.

  • ivan

    Perhaps, they are testing new weapons and it got out of control? However, I would suggest people "go around the us government" and its media to employ the Swiss or some other scientific forensics investigators. The Us government is a Criminal organization and cannot be trusted. Soil samples … ETC?

    • Anonymous

      Their are test sites for those types of tests, the area in question is not near any of them. You might want to read the "Patriot Act" before making such statements about the gov. On the other hand making you own conclusion from your own research would be the wisest thing to do before adding to the ocean of panic.

  • amicus curiae

    seeing as "exersises" are always well publicised to prevent public panic..seems a lot odd to me.

  • Anonymous

    In the "7.139" should it be 7139?

    • Amy

      I agree it was 7,139 not 7.139 CPM and it was one geiger counter's readings being published on two sites; Blackcat and Radiation Watch. Cover up or malfunction of individual's geiger.

      • Anonymous

        the counters were from separate networks and corroborate each others' data

        • karlos detreaux

          Wrong. One guy, one geiger…two sites via a virtual serial port interface. I am a member, monitor for Kauai and spoke to him personally.

          • Thomas Miller

            He's had this problem before. It's a problem when using an adapter to convert from RS-232 to a USB port… USB is a 3 volt signal with a transition around a volt, far less noise-immune than the 12 volt signal it was designed to use.