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Naturally Lower Blood Pressure with Papaya

Lisa Garber
July 17th, 2012
Updated 11/02/2012 at 4:20 pm
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“Let thy food be thy medicine.”  If Hippocrates could see us popping pills made in a laboratory for treating the high blood pressure we get from a poor diet, hope would likely be lost. These drugs—like many allopathic remedies—come with side effects, safety hazards, and lighter pocketbooks. Meanwhile, there are numerous ways to naturally lower blood pressure, with food and dietary changes being the most beneficial. One such food that has been shown to be a fantastic hypertension aid is papaya.

Papayas are High in Potassium

We’ve already extolled the natural benefits of papaya leaf extract. It’s anti-inflammatory, breaks down proteins and aids digestion, and strengthens the immune system. An article in an issue of Phytotherapy Research also says that a compound in papayas can also naturally lower blood pressure, and may have a future in an anti-hypertension treatment plan.

About 1 in 3 American adults experience high blood pressure today due to smoking, obesity, salty diets, and other poor lifestyle choices.  Hypertension is a major risk factor for stroke, congestive heart failure, kidney disease, and heart disease, which is responsible for 1 in 4 deaths in America. The outlook seems bleak.

There are easy (and cheap) solutions, however, for treating high blood pressure. One papaya contains 781 mg of potassium, a mineral and electrolyte that helps control blood pressure. In fact, the American Heart Association recommends we each get 4,700 mg of potassium a day to regulate our blood pressure.

The authors of the article in question studied the effects of papaya extract on the blood pressure of laboratory animals. Author A. E. Eno declared the fruit contained anti-hypertensive properties and more research was necessary to determine if the effect would be seen in humans. Luckily, the Food and Drug Administration hasn’t approved papaya extract as a pharmaceutical product yet, as a number of questionable products would likely cloud the market. Instead, they’re too busy making money off of pharmaceutical drugs while chastising natural solutions.

Naturally Lower Blood Pressure with Papaya and Other Foods

Papayas are easy fruit to incorporate into your diet. Try eating or juicing it like any other fruit or adding it to salsas, smoothies, and parfaits. If you want a potent papaya leaf extract supplement, there are certainly some available. Consuming the fruit is a great way to experience the benefits papayas have to offer, but taking a supplement can be much simpler and oftentimes more effective.

Needless to say, papayas aren’t the only home remedies for high blood pressure. Coconut water, black tea, watermelon extract, and hibiscus tea are all great foods that help lower blood pressure. Instead of turning to questionable pharmaceuticals, naturally lower blood pressure simply by eating.

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  • athirah

    hi, i'm a final year student.this article is almost related to my final year project. somehow, i need the review from real article made by AE Eno. i couldn't get his email or downloading his article. do you mind to send me his email if you have it? i really appreciate it if you could help me.

  • Margaretjohnson

    Thanks so much for this timely article. I could not find out how much potassium to take for instance. Since starting it this week, my b.p. dropped from 184/104 on Mon. (the doc. wanted to hospitalise me) to 123/74 today. Can you believe it? Three days. I have been suffering with low potassium now for 5 years after a kidney op.and all the doctor wanted was to give me more and more pills, including Statins – just in case. Now I have a $4 bottle of potass. pills and take 400mgm a day and I see I am well within the limits. Thank you.